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Directed by
V. N. Reddy

Written by
Duraiyur K. Moorthy

Distributed by
R. R. Pictures

V. N. Reddy

Produced by
T. R. Ramanna

R. R. Pictures

Initial release
10 February 1961

Music director
K. V. Mahadevan

Manapanthal httpsiytimgcomviiCO5KVhGQwmaxresdefaultjpg

S. S. RajendranS. A. AshokanB. SarojadeviE. V. SarojaP. KannambaK. A. ThangaveluM. Saroja

S S Rajendran, S A Ashokan, E V Saroja, K A Thangavelu, M Saroja

Veerathirumagan, Bhale Ramudu, Pasamalar

Manapanthal (தமிழ்:மணப்பந்தல்) is 1961 Indian Tamil drama film was directed by V. N. Reddy and produced by T. R. Ramanna with distributor by R. R. Pictures. The film was written by Duraivur K. Moorthy, with music by M. S. Viswanathan and T. K. Ramamoorthy. The film stars S. S. Rajendran , S. A. Ashokan B. Sarojadevi and E. V. Saroja in the lead roles with P. Kannamba, Chittor V. Nagaiah, Rama Rao, K. A. Thangavelu and M. Saroja in supporting roles.



Two brothers hailing a wealthy family with the elder on Rajasekaran(S. A. Ashokan) being an alcoholic, while the younger one Gunasekaran(S. S. Rajendran) is successful medial practitioner. The widowed mother Kannamba(P. Kannamba) showers her love and affection on her two sons and tries to her elder alcoholic son, with little success. The younder son Gunasekaran stayed in another town with a widowed mother Dharuvamma(K. Malathi) and her springhtly daughter Malathy(E. V. Saroja), who falls in love with him, he too seems to shows some interest in her.

However, on a rail journey to his hometown, he meets elderly man Dharmalingam(Chittor V. Nagaiah) with an attractive daughter Suguna(B. Sarojadevi) and both falls in love, hope to marry soon. Mean while, the drunkard sons mother hopes marriage will reform him and fixed him marriage with an attractive girl suguna without realising that her younger son is love with her.

The wedding happens, and the younger brother Gunasekaran, due to an accident, is unable to attend it and has no knowledge that the bride is hiis sweet heart Suguna. Later, when he meets her, he is shocked . The husband suspects his wife and brother when he comes to known she was her sweet heart earlier. He decides to kill them. Meanwhile, the Kannamba dies, leaving behing all the property to her daughter-in-law.

Now, the Gunasekaran puts on an act of having become on alcoholic and makes overtures to his sister-in-law Suguna, who slaps him. Watching, this her husband realise the truth and a apologises to her. The family is reunited. While a train journey, Gunasekar notice a young women dressed as bride lying on the railway track to commit suicide. The train stops in time and the gunasekar find that the women is Malathy, who is still in love with him. The two marry and live happily.

The comedy is well-handled by ace comedian K. A. Thangavelu with M. Saroja as his sweet heart and noted comedian Rama Rao as her Astrologer- father. This doctor Navadeenal shudders if anyone mentions the Word Operation in his presence and that is part of the comedy.


  • S. S. Rajendran as Dr. Gunasekaran
  • S. A. Ashokan as Rajasekaran
  • B. Sarojadevi as Suguna
  • E. V. Saroja as Malathi
  • P. Kannamba as Kannamba (Guna and Raja's mother)
  • Chittor V. Nagaiah as Dharmalingam (Suguna's father)
  • K. A. Thangavelu as Dr. Navadeenal (Guna's friend)
  • M. Saroja as Navami (Navadeenal Finacee)
  • Rama Rao as Ashtami (Astrologer and Navami's father)
  • K. Malathi as Dharuvamma (Malathi Mother).
  • Crew

  • Director = V. N. Reddy
  • Producer = T. R. Ramanna
  • Script = Duraivur K. Moorthy
  • Music = M. S. Viswanathan - T. K. Ramamoorthy
  • Lyrics = Kannadasan
  • Audiography(song) = Mukkal Boss, Sivaram ,and Rangasamy
  • Audiography(dialog) = P. M. Pazhanisamy Babu
  • Choreography = Heeralal and Gopalakrishnan
  • Stills = Nagai. Peter Johns
  • Background Music = V. Sivram.
  • Soundtrack

    The music was composed by Viswanathan-Ramamoorthy, while the lyrics were written by Kannadasan.Playback singers are P. B. Srinivas, S. C. Krishnan, P. Suseela, T. S. Bagavathi, S. Janaki & L. R. Eswari.

    The songs were well received, and contributed to the success of the film. Two songs - "Unakkum Matttum Unakkum", sung by P. Suseela, and "Udalukku Uyir Kaaval", sung by P. B. Srinivas - became hits.


    Randor Guy of The Hindu stated that the film would be "Remembered for the performances of Rajendran, Asokan, Saroja Devi, Saroja and Kannamba, the melodious music, deft direction and impressive cinematography."


    1Unakkumattum UnakkumattumP Susheela3:20
    2Paarththu PaarththuP Susheela - P B Sreenivas3:40
    3Udalukku UyirkaavalP B Sreenivas3:48


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