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Malacothamnus jonesii

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Malvaceae
Genus  Malacothamnus
Higher classification  Malacothamnus
Order  Malvales
Subfamily  Malvoideae
Scientific name  Malacothamnus jonesii
Rank  Species
Malacothamnus jonesii
Similar  Malacothamnus, Mallows, Malacothamnus davidsonii, Malacothamnus palmeri, Malacothamnus densiflorus

Malacothamnus jonesii is a species of flowering plant in the mallow family known by the common names Jones' bushmallow and slender bushmallow.



Malacothamnus jonesii is an erect shrub with a slender branching stem reaching two meters or more in height. It is coated densely in velvety white hairs, appearing feltlike. The thin, gray-green leaves are several centimeters long. The inflorescence is a loose cluster of a few pale pink flowers with narrow petals each under a centimeter long.


Malacothamnus jonesii is endemic to California, where it grows in the chaparral and woodland of the California Coast Ranges in Monterey and San Luis Obispo Counties.


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