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Malacothamnus davidsonii

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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Malvaceae
Genus  Malacothamnus
Rank  Species
Order  Malvales
Subfamily  Malvoideae
Scientific name  Malacothamnus davidsonii
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Similar  Malacothamnus palmeri, Malacothamnus densiflorus, Malacothamnus fremontii, Malacothamnus clementinus, Malacothamnus

Malacothamnus davidsonii, also known by the common names Davidson's bushmallow and Davidson's bush mallow, is a species of flowering plant in the mallow family.



Malacothamnus davidsonii is endemic to California, where it grows in chaparral, oak woodland, and other habitats on slopes.
It is known from three California regions:

  • the southern San Francisco Bay Area in and around San Mateo County.
  • the Santa Lucia Mountains of the Outer South California Coast Ranges, Monterey Ranger District of Los Padres National Forest, in southern Monterey County.
  • the Transverse Ranges including the San Gabriel Mountains, and the eastern San Fernando Valley, in Los Angeles County.
  • Description

    Malacothamnus davidsonii is an erect shrub with a thick, multibranched stem reaching 3–5 metres (9.8–16.4 ft) in maximum height. It is coated densely in short, woolly fibers, appearing feltlike.

    The thick, hairy leaves are rounded, divided into several dull lobes, and wavy along the edges. The largest leaves may approach 20 centimeters long.

    The inflorescence is an elongated cluster of many pale pink, hairy flowers with oval or somewhat triangular petals about half a centimeter long.


    Malacothamnus davidsonii Wikipedia

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