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Mafia (1993 film)

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Director  Shaji Kailas
Cinematography  Ravi K. Chandran
Language  Malayalam
6/10 IMDb

Screenplay  Renji Panicker
Country  India
Writer  Ranji Panikkar (screenplay)
Release date  12 November 1993
Genres  Action Film, Malayalam Cinema
Cast  Suresh Gopi (Ravi Shankar), Vikram (Harishankar), Geetha (Sandra), Babu Antony (Chandra Gowda), Janardhanan (Jayashankar)
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Mafia is a 1993 Malayalam film directed by Shaji Kailas. Scripted by Renji Panicker.The Film Lead Roles are Suresh Gopi, Vikram, Janardhanan, Tiger Prabhakar, Babu Antony, Vijayaraghavan and Geetha in lead roles, this film revolved around Bangalore underworld.



Jayashankar (Janardhanan), a sincere senior officer with Bangalore police is in direct fight with Surya Devaraja Gowda (Tiger Prabhakar), an underworld don who rules the city along with Chandra Gowda (Babu Antony), his younger brother. His family is too worried about his safety and younger brother Harishankar (Vikram Kennedy)always reminds him of it. Shivappa (Vijayaraghavan), an ex-mafia leader, now leads a retired life in the city suburbs running a stable. Though, retired, he has deep vengeance against Gowda, who had broken his leg, making him permanently disabled. Jayshankar longs his brother Ravishankar to join police. Ravi, currently working for Deccan Chronicle, a leading Bangalore daily, is also attempting for IPS. One day Jayashankar receives an information that a consignment belonging to Gowda is arriving the city. Along with Inspector Narayanan (Maniyan Pillai Raju), he tries to seize the trucks, but is shot killed by the goons. Ravishankar, who has just got a letter confirming his selection for IPS, reaches Jayashankar to inform the news, witnesses the brutal murder of his brother. Ravi reaches out the office of city police commissioner, but is shocked to find the killers there having a small talk with Govindan (M. G. Soman), the city deputy police commissioner. Ravi reacts violently and raise his hands at Govindan, accusing him of siding with Gowda. Govindan orders arrest of Ravi. The court sentences Ravi to 2 years in jail for assaulting a senior police officer on duty. Ravi loses his IPS selection because of his jail term. Upon release he decides to avenge his brother's death. Harishankar introduces Ravi to Felixa Alexandra alias Sandra (Geetha), the daughter of an ex-mafiosi, who was killed by Gowda. Sandra is now running a few business offices of which Harishankar is the manager. Sandra agrees to help Ravi in his mission. She introduces him to Shivappa. Though initially reluctant, he agrees to provide money and weapons in the war against Gowda. The central government nominates confers IPS for Govindan, who is also promoted as the city commissioner. At a function organized to felicitate Govindan, Ravi intrudes along with Hari and insults him publicly. The sudden and violent reaction or Govindan is recorded and passed over to higher authorities, causing the suspension of Govindan. Ravi targets the establishments of Gowda. He along with Shivappa blackmails Nanjappa (Renji Panicker), the home minister and gets Gowda raided. The loss of finance enrages Gowda, who sends Chandra, his brother to finish out Ravishankar. But Chandra is killed by Ravi. Gowda kidnaps Hari and offers deal. Upon the demand of Gowda, Ravi arrives, but along with Shivappa and his mercenary power. Ravishankar successfully saves his brother and finishes off Surya Devaraja Gowda by overrunning cars over him.


  • Suresh Gopi as Ravi Shankar
  • Chiyaan Vikram as Harishankar
  • Janardhanan as Jayashankar
  • Tiger Prabhakar as Surya Devaraja Gowda
  • Babu Antony as Chandra Devaraja Gowda
  • Vijayaraghavan as Shivappa
  • Geetha as Sandra
  • M. G. Soman as Govindan
  • Prathapachandran as Commissioner Warrier
  • Rajan P. Dev as Moosa
  • Ganesh Kumar as Murukan
  • Augustine as Anwar
  • Maniyan Pillai Raju as Inspector Narayanan
  • Sathaar as Krishnan
  • Ranjitha as Rekha
  • Renuka as Uma Jayasanker's wife
  • Keerthi gopinath as Sudha
  • T.K.Krishnan as Gowda's Henchman
  • Renji Panicker as Excise/Home Minister
  • Yuvarani
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