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Madam Cutie On Duty

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Also known as  Housewife Madam
First episode date  12 January 2015
Number of episodes  20
Language  Standard Cantonese
Directed by  Cheung Wing Ho 張永豪
Final episode date  6 February 2015
Program creator  TVB
Madam Cutie On Duty Madam Cutie On Duty Wikipedia
Created by  Hong Kong Television Broadcasts Limited
Written by  Ma Ting Man 馬靜雯 Gu Yi Lai 顧依麗 Yung Si Ying 翁善瑩 Lui Ting Ching 呂正清 Lee Man Yun 李敏媛
Starring  Priscilla Wong 黃翠如 Edwin Siu 蕭正楠 Raymond Cho 曹永廉 Mandy Wong 黃智雯 Kaki Leung 梁嘉琪 Rachel Kan 簡慕華 Junior Anderson 安德尊
Opening theme  I'll Always Be Yours by Edwin Siu 蕭正楠
Genres  Comedy, Romance, Action fiction
Similar  Noblesse Oblige, Eye in the Sky, Raising the Bar, My "Spiritual" Ex‑Lover, Young Charioteers

Madam Cutie On Duty (Chinese: 師奶MADAM; Jyutping: Si1 Naai1 MADAM; Cantonese Yale: Sī Nāai MADAM; literally "Housewife Madam") is a 2015 Hong Kong modern comedy romance action drama produced by TVB. Starring Priscilla Wong and Edwin Siu as the main leads with Raymond Cho, Mandy Wong, Kaki Leung, Rachel Kan and Junior Anderson as the main supporting cast. Filming of the series took place from November 2013 till January 2014. The series began airing January 12, 2015 and will be broadcast weekly from Monday to Friday on TVB Jade channel 9:30-10:30 pm timeslot.


Madam Cutie On Duty Madam Cutie On Duty MADAM 20 Episodes tofuCube


Madam Cutie On Duty Madam Cutie on Dutyquot Synopsis

Apple Fa Ping (Priscilla Wong) was born into a wealthy family but unfortunate for her she has unflattering looks and was made fun of when she was younger. An accident forced her to undergo cosmetic surgery that made her appearance more attractive. Ever since then her former appearance has given her nightmares making her believe being beautiful is the way of life. Even though she is a materialistic person she still choose to become a police officer for the excitement. When she accidentally volunteers to go undercover, she is partnered with Law Dai Shu (Edwin Siu), a former high school classmate of hers who she had a crush on but broke her heart when he made fun of her looks. The two must pretend to be husband and wife in order to infiltrate housewives that might have been victims of a notorious public housing pimp/loan shark living in the same complex as them. However Fa Ping and Dai Shu can't stand each other but are forced to pretend to be a loving couple in order to gain the trust of the housewives they suspect worked as prostitutes on the side and borrowed money from the pimp/loan shark.

Main cast

  • Priscilla Wong 黃翠如 as Apple Fa Ping 花蘋

  • Madam Cutie On Duty Madam Cutie on Duty episode 10 recap Noonas Over ForksA rich girl who is superficial and materialistic. She cares deeply about her appearance due to her unattractive appearance when she was younger. After an accident involving the stairs and a bicycle, she underwent plastic surgery to improve her appearance. Even with her attitude she choose to be a police officer because of the excitement, which her mother highly objects to. She volunteers to go undercover because her crush Ying Sir was originally supposed to be her partner but due to a leg injury, Law Dai Shu from another squad unit is reassigned as her undercover partner. Fa Ping had a crush on Dai Shu when they were in high school and was going to confess to him but she overheard him making fun of her appearance. From that day on she hated him and vowed to make him eat his words. She starts off on the wrong foot with the entire housing village because of an argument she had with the village "big sis" Dan Dan, but later gains their trust when she acts as a friend in need.
  • Edwin Siu 蕭正楠 as Law Dai Shu 羅大樹

  • Madam Cutie On Duty Madam Cutie on Duty episode 1 recap Noonas Over ForksA crass CID sergeant who starts off on the wrong foot with Fa Ping when she unexpectedly foils a prostitution/loan shark case he was working on. He and Fa Ping accidentally puts their suspect, a notorious pimp and loan shark operating at a public housing village, in a coma while trying to capture him. The two are forced to partner up and go undercover as pretend husband and wife in order to find victims of the pimp as witnesses to charge and prosecute him. However he doesn't know that Fa Ping is the same unattractive girl that he made fun of in High School. Once undercover his occupation to mask his real identity is a building maintenance person in charge of clearing the building sewer drain pipes. He also becomes popular with all the older housewives in the building because they think he looks like Hong Kong actor/singer Edwin Siu, who he thinks is super ugly. The housewives call him "Paul" because they say it is not modern to not have a English name.
  • Raymond Cho 曹永廉 as Tong Hon Si 湯漢斯

  • Madam Cutie On Duty httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediaenffaMadHung Dan Dan's husband and Tong Ling Lei's father. General Manager at a office supply company. He has issues when his wife wants to get intimate with him which leads her to suspect that he might be straying. When his wife hears him speaking English and in the company of a foreign woman she suspects he is having an affair but he was only taking English lessons to improve himself. He feels inferior to his wife because she handles everything for him. Unhappy with his job at the office supply company he quits and gets a new job.
  • Mandy Wong 黃智雯 as Hung Dan Dan 熊丹丹

  • Madam Cutie On Duty Ycrox Drama Review MADAM Madam Cutie on DutyTong Hon Si's wife and Tong Ling Lei's mother. She borrowed money from Wan Bun in order to help pay for her father-in-law's medical bills. Wan Ban blackmails her and tries to push her into prostituting herself to pay off her loan with scandalous pictures he has of her. She is the "big sis" running the housewives cliche in the building and uses her power to get all the housewives and staff from the building to turn against Fa Ping when Fa Ping confronts her about rummaging through her suitcase and taking her pillow, which she denies.
  • Kaki Leung 梁嘉琪 as So Fung Nei 蘇鳳妮
  • Chu Yung Chung's wife and Lee Ho Choi's daughter-in-law. Her husband works in mainland China and only comes home once in awhile. Her mother-in-law treats her badly and doesn't trust her even though she is a filial daughter-in-law to her. She borrowed money from Wan Bun in order to buy her own facial spa business from her former boss. She and Mak Ga Lun are childhood friends from the same village in China.
  • Rachel Kan 簡慕華 as Lau Lin Heung 劉憐香
  • Dung Dai Zit's mother. A divorcee with a teenage son who she raises on her own. She works part-time as a stock clerk at the village supermarket. She is highly superstitious and a self proclaimed fortune teller who gives feng-shui advice and fortune readings to the village residents. Not wanting to be an inconvenience to her ex-husband, she borrows money from Wan Bun in order to register her son for university overseas, but she doesn't bother to ask her son if he wants to study abroad causing them to have arguments and misunderstandings.

    Law family

  • Li Shing-cheong 李成昌 as Law Bak 羅帛
  • Law Dai Shu's father and Ga May Yung's estranged husband. He works as a building security guard. He holds a grudge against his estranged wife for stealing the home down payment fund and running out on the family. Later he is promoted and transferred to the same housing village Dai Shu is working undercover at. Desperate for a daughter-in-law he quickly gets over Dai Shu's break up with his girlfriend when he finds out Dai Shu and Fa Ping are pretending to be husband and wife in an undercover assignment, and starts seeing Fa Ping as his actual daughter-in-law.
  • Mary Hon 韓馬利 as Ga May Yung 賈美蓉
  • Law Dai Shu's mother and Law Bak's estranged wife. She became over obsessed with plastic surgery because she feels her husband does not find her attractive anymore. She stole the family home down payment money in order to have plastic surgery and then left her young son and husband when a botched surgery left her face disfigured and too embarrassed for her family to see her. She has been living in Japan with the doctor who saved her from suicide all these years and recently returned to Hong Kong.

    Fa family

  • Henry Yu 于洋 as Fa Sum 花琛
  • Fa Ping's father and Wu Dip's husband. An understanding father who spoils his daughter because he wants her to be happy. He is also a very supportive husband who helps his wife with her troubles. When he and his wife run into Fa Ping at the housing village they think their daughter really married a plumber, but unlike his wife he is willing to accept Dai Shu for his daughter's sake.
  • Susan Tse 謝雪心 as Wu Dip 胡蝶
  • Fa Ping's mother and Fa Sum's wife. An overly protective but loving mother who doesn't approve of her daughter being a police officer because of both the dangers associated with the job but also that it is a "rough" job. She sings Hong Kong opera as a hobby and for her charity club. She actively seeks "Piu Hung" to be her duet partner because her partner assigned by the charity is arrogant and terrible at singing.
  • Lok Yan Ming 駱胤鳴 as Fai Fai 菲菲
  • Fa Ping's younger cousin.
  • Chan Dik Hak 陳狄克 as Duk 德
  • The Fa family chauffeur.

    Housing village residence

  • Rosanne Lui 呂珊 as Mother Chu 朱媽 (Lee Ho Choi 李好彩)
  • So Fung Nei's mother-in-law and Chu Yung Chung's mother. Everyone at the housing village calls her "Mother Chu". She does not appreciate her daughter-in-law nor trust her. Always thinking Fung Nei will cheat on her son because he works up in mainland China. She feels neglected by her son because he pays more attention to his wife. She was a former Hong Kong opera singer under the stage name "Piu Hung", but gave it up to raise her son when her husband died.
  • Ronald Law 羅鈞滿 as Chu Yung Chung 朱潤祥
  • So Fung Nei's husband and Lee Ho Choi's son. He works in mainland China as a factory supervisor and is hardly ever home due to his job. When he returns home his mother constantly via for his attention with his wife which causes him to have conflict on who to side with.
  • Hero Yuen 阮政峰 as Dung Dai Zit 鄧大喆
  • Lau Lin Hoeng's teenage son. He does not appreciate his mother making his life decisions for him, because of this mother and son do not get along and he hardly comes home for dinner. Though he sternly talks to his mother, he still loves and cares for his mother very much which causes him to worry about her when he sees her spend so much money on him.
  • Audrey Yue 余之之 as Tong Ling Lei 湯伶俐
  • Tong Hon Si and Hung Dan Dan's young daughter. She steals Fa Ping's precious pillow when both she and her mother rummage through Fa Ping's suitcase. Later when Fa Ping babysits her she returns the pillow. She is actually a very caring and filial daughter who does well in school.
  • Shally Tsang 曾慧雲 as Mimi Mui 梅
  • A housewife that is gossipy and becomes friendly with Law Dai Shu because she thinks he looks like Hong Kong actor/singer Edwin Siu. She is one of the "Four beautiful Maiden's" in the housing village, a nickname she and her friends gave themselves.
  • Kitty Lau 劉桂芳 as Lily Lan 蘭
  • A housewife that is gossipy and becomes friendly with Law Dai Shu because she thinks he looks like Hong Kong actor/singer Edwin Siu. She is one of the "Four beautiful Maiden's" in the housing village, a nickname she and her friends gave themselves.
  • Jenny Wong 黃梓瑋 as Kiki Guk 谷
  • A housewife that is gossipy and becomes friendly with Law Dai Shu because she thinks he looks like Hong Kong actor/singer Edwin Siu. She is one of the "Four beautiful Maiden's" in the housing village, a nickname she and her friends gave themselves.
  • Samantha Chuk 祝文君 as Gigi Zuk 祝
  • A housewife that is gossipy and becomes friendly with Law Dai Shu because she thinks he looks like Hong Kong actor/singer Edwin Siu. She is one of the "Four beautiful Maiden's" in the housing village, a nickname she and her friends gave themselves.
  • Melanie Wong 黃可盈 as Siu Yun Zi 小丸子
  • A little girl left home alone while her single mother has to go to work. Law Dai Shu becomes friends with her. After almost being kidnapped by a deranged child pedophile, the housewives in the housing village band together and offered to look after her while her mother is at work.
  • Sam Tsang 曾航生 as Wan Bun 溫斌
  • A pimp/loan shark that forces housewives into prostituting themselves when they are unable to repay their loan. While fleeing Dai Shu and Fa Ping from being arrested he gets involve in a traffic accident and becomes comatose.
  • Lee Yee-man 李綺雯 as Wan Cing 溫晴
  • Wan Bun's younger sister from the mainland. She acts innocent and nice but like her brother she is also shady and a con artist. She uses So Fung Nei and her facial spa as a cover up to collect her brother's unpaid loans.

    Housing village staff

  • Lily Li 李麗麗 as Mang Po 孟婆
  • A cleaning lady at the housing village cafe and the garbage lady in charge of the housing village grounds. She is also a residence at the housing village.
  • Vincent Cheung 張漢斌 as Bing 炳
  • A cook at the housing village cafe.
  • Kate Tsang 曾琬莎 as Nun 銀
  • The cashier at the housing village cafe.
  • Hoffman Cheng 鄭世豪 as Ng Fat Shui 吳發水
  • A stock boy at the housing village supermarket. He likes to flirt with attractive female customers. He is later found involve in a baby formula smuggling scheme.
  • Eric Chung 鍾志光 as Mr. Wai 威叔
  • The security guard in charge of the building where the village residence live in. He is also a housing village resident.
  • Eddie Ho 何偉業 as Lik 力
  • A security guard at the housing village that is under Law Bak's supervision.
  • Man Yeung Ching Wah 楊證樺 as Henry
  • In charge of the building maintenance department and Law Dai Shu's supervisor when his undercover job is a plumber.
  • Joan Lee 利穎怡 as Mandy
  • A receptionist in the building maintenance department and Henry's assistant. She is attracted to Law Dai Shu at first sight because she thinks he is handsome.
  • Leung Pok Yan 梁博恩 as Dong 東
  • Owner of the housing village mall Chinese and western pharmacy. He helps building security nab the local racketeer.
  • Andy Lau Tin-lung 劉天龍 as Lung 龍
  • Owner of the housing village mall electronic and repair shop.

    Hong Kong Police

  • Junior Anderson 安德尊 as Wu Sir (Wu Ting Lung) 鄔正隆
  • Fa Ping's soft spoken and understanding supervisor. He becomes in charge of Fa Ping and Law Dai Shu's undercover case which he code names "Apple Tree". He likes to dress up in disguises and act out in different characters every time he meets up with Fa Ping and Law Dai Shu to secretly discuss their undercover assignment.
  • Stanley Cheung 張景淳 as Mak Ga Lun 麥家倫
  • Law Dai Shu's police partner. He has gastric issues that causes him to fart and digest when he becomes nervous causing him to have the nickname "Jinxed Lun". He is later switched to Wu Sir's squad unit and sent to go undercover as a building security guard in order to provide back up for Fa Ping and Law Dai Shu, also to trail Dai Shu's father. As a security guard he encounters and reconnects with his childhood friend So Fung Nei.
  • Hugo Wong 黃子恆 as Ying Sir (Valen"Tino") 邢藍
  • A police officer that Fa Ping has a flirtatious relationship with. He was originally Fa Ping's undercover partner but because he injured his leg Law Dai Shu took his place in the undercover operation. He is also a materialistic person like Fa Ping's former self. He becomes jealous after seeing how close Fa Ping and Dai Shu have become.
  • So Lai Ming 蘇麗明 as Ko Man 高敏
  • A tomboyish and butch female cop in the same squad unit as Fa Ping.
  • Gregory Lee 李泳豪 as Yue Chun 余春
  • A CID officer in Wu Sir's squad unit.
  • Dickson Wong 黃得生 as Chu Sing 朱星
  • A CID officer in Wu Sir's squad unit. He and fellow officer Law Gei On likes to take bets on what Fa Ping will wear to work.
  • Max Choi 蔡曜力 as Law Gei On 羅紀安
  • A CID officer in Wu Sir's squad unit. He and fellow officer Chu Sing likes to take bets on what Fa Ping will wear to work.
  • Eddie Li 李岡龍 as Pang Sir 彭Sir
  • Law Dai Shu and Mak Ga Lun's original police supervisor.
  • Dolby Kwan 關浩揚 as Luk Sir 陸Sir
  • A Police officer that Wu Sir hired to train Fa Ping and Dai Shu for their undercover assignment.

    Extended cast

  • Jacqueline Wong 黃心穎 as Liu Fong 呂芳
  • Law Dai Shu's girlfriend, later ex-girlfriend. Dai Shu's father Law Bak likes her a lot because she does household chores for him. She breaks up with Dai Shu because she feels she is more a mother to him than a girlfriend.
  • David Do 杜大偉 as Richard
  • Liu Fong's co-worker and later new boyfriend.
  • Mat Yeung 楊明 as Brother Chang Han 長恨哥
  • A triad boss who is also Wan Bun's loan shark boss.
  • Wong Wai Tong 黃煒溏 as Chang 昌
  • A racketeer trying to collect protection fees from So Fung Nei when she opens her facial spa.
  • Derek Wong 黃建東 as Real-estate agent Chan 經紀陳
  • Law Bak's real estate agent who tries to sell him an apartment next to the apartment he really wants.
  • Coffee Lam 林芊好 as Chin 千
  • Tong Hon Si's co-worker at the stationary company. She is gossipy and scantily dressed.
  • Yu Chi Ming 余子明 as Oldman Tong 湯伯
  • Tong Hon Si's father. He lives in a nursing home and is wheelchair bound because of a heart attack.
  • Akai Lee 李啟傑 as Deng Dai Si 鄧大時
  • Lau Lin Heung's ex-husband and Dung Dai Zit's father. He is remarried and has another family. He is a coward that lets his current wife bully his ex-wife unreasonably, which causes his son Dai Zit not wanting to have anything to do with him.
  • Janice Shum 沈可欣 as Deng Dai Si's wife 鄧大時時妻
  • Deng Dai Si's current wife who is pregnant with twins. She is a petty and bitter person who does not want her husband providing for and having any contact with his son Dung Dai Zit, by his ex-wife.
  • Ngai Wai Man 魏惠文 as Antique store owner 古董店老闆
  • Owner of an retro antique store that Fa Ping's mother Wu Dip frequents.
  • Chow Chung 周驄 as Ko Muk Wo Fai 高木和輝
  • Ga May Yung's Japanese doctor who talked her out of committing suicide when her face becomes disfigured after a botched surgery.


  • A promo image of Madam Cutie On Duty was featured in TVB's 2015 calendar for the month of April.
  • The costume fitting ceremony was held on November 14, 2013 12:30 p.m. at Tseung Kwan O TVB City Studio One.
  • The blessing ceremony was held on December 10, 2013 3:00 p.m. at Tseung Kwan O TVB City.
  • The shopping mall depicted in the drama is the "Sau Mau Ping Shopping Centre", located in Kowloon, Hong Kong.
  • Shortly after filming of the drama wrapped up Edwin Siu and Priscilla Wong began dating in real life.
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