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MLiss (1936 film)

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Director  George Nichols Jr.
Music director  Alberto Colombo
Language  English
6/10 IMDb

Genre  Drama, Western
Cinematography  Robert De Grasse
Country  United States
MLiss (1936 film) movie scenes

Cast  Anne Shirley (M'Liss Smith), John Beal (Stephen Thorne), Guy Kibbee (Washoe Smith), Douglass Dumbrille (Lou Ellis), Moroni Olsen (Jake), Frank M. Thomas (Alf Edwards)
Writer  Bret Harte, Dorothy Yost
Release date  August 7, 1936 (1936-08-07)
Similar movies  Tremors, The Last Stand, Tremors II: Aftershocks, Tremors 3: Back to Perfection, Rio Bravo, Edward Scissorhands

1 of 2 scenes from m liss starring anne shirley

M'Liss is a 1936 drama film starring Anne Shirley. The film was directed by George Nicholls, Jr. and based upon a Bret Harte novel. It is a remake of the 1918 version starring Mary Pickford in the title role.



M'Liss is an innocent but rambunctious 17-year-old girl who was born and raised in the small town of Smith's Pocket. Her father Washoe Smith, whose briefly productive mining claim was both the source of the town's name and the reason for its existence, is now known among the people as the town drunk. M'Liss has to take care of him and works in a saloon washing glasses. They lose their home when Mayor Morpher demands it as the location of the new school. New school master Stephen Thorne encourages M'Liss to leave the saloon and go to school.

Her father is shot and killed intervening in a saloon brawl. The now orphaned M'Liss is left in the guardianship of her father's friends, gambler Lou Ellis and the town barber Alf Edwards. When the mayor's wife Delia disapproves of M'Liss and tries to have her placed in an orphanage, M'Liss decides to leave Smith's Pocket. Stephen kisses M'Liss to persuade her not to run away. Told that a kiss is tantamount to a proposal of marriage, M'Liss is confused about what marriage is and asks for advice from heart-of-gold saloon girl Rose.

The Morphers' ne'er-do-well city cousin, Jack Farlan, drunkenly tries to take advantage of M'Liss but is rescued by Stephen. When he refuses to duel Farlan with pistols, because he is a crack shot and would have the advantage over the intoxicated Farlan, Stephen is accused by the townspeople of cowardice. Late that night Farlan is shot and Stephen is accused, although in fact it is Lou who shot him. Assuming that Farlan will die, the town prepares to lynch Stephen, but Farlan will recover and Lou admits shooting him. Stephen proposes marriage to M'Liss and her guardians happily give their blessing.


  • Anne Shirley - M'Liss Smith
  • John Beal - Stephen Thorne
  • Guy Kibbee - Washoe Smith
  • Douglass Dumbrille - Lou Ellis
  • Moroni Olsen - Jake
  • Frank M. Thomas - Alf Edwards
  • Ray Mayer - Whitey
  • Barbara Pepper - Clytie Morpher
  • William 'Billy' Benedict - Archer Morpher
  • Arthur Hoyt - Mayor James Morpher
  • Margaret Armstrong – Mrs. Delia Morpher
  • James Bush – Jack Farlan
  • Esther Howard – Rose
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