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M6 (TV channel)

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Launched  1 March 1987
Country  France
Owner  M6 Group
Owned by  M6 Group
Founded  1 March 1987, France
Headquarters  Neuilly-sur-Seine
M6 (TV channel) httpslh3googleusercontentcomV8jqeDJOsw8AAA
Picture format  576i (SDTV) 1080i (HDTV)
Audience share  10.2% (2016, Médiamétrie)
Slogan  La vie en mieux (Making life better)
CEO  Nicolas de Tavernost (26 May 2000–)
Motto  La vie en mieux (Making life better)
TV shows  Le Meilleur Pâtissier, La France a un incroyabl, Enquête exclusive, Zone Interdite, Nouvelle Star
Films produced  From Paris with Love, Taken 2, Taken, Up for Love, Belle & Sebastian

M6 ([ɛm sis]), also known as Metropole Television, is the most profitable private national French TV channel and the third most watched television network in the French-speaking world. M6 is the head channel of the M6 Group media empire that owns several TV channels, magazines, publications, movie production and media-related firms etc. It is owned by RTL Group.


Other TV channels in the M6 portfolio include digital terrestrial channels W9, 6ter, Paris Première, and digital cable channels Téva, TF6, Série Club, M6 Music, M6 Music Black, M6 Music Club, Girondins TV and M6 Boutique & Co.


M6 launched on 1 March 1987 at 11:15 am CET taking the place of TV6.

M6's current on-air brand image suggests that it tailors its service to teenagers and young-adult demographics. Its current programs lineup include:

  • French TV shows: Les Bleus, Scènes de Ménages, Vous les femmes
  • French TV programs : Capital, Zone Interdite, Enquête Exclusive, Top Chef, Un dîner presque parfait, 100% Mag, 66 Minutes, Recherche Appartement ou Maison, L'amour est dans le pré, Maison à vendre, On ne choisit pas ses voisins, Belle toute nue, Nouveau Look pour une nouvelle vie, Hits Machines, M6 Boutique, LE 1945 and LE 1245 (news), Top tendance, Le meilleur patissier de france, Danse avec les stars, Morning Live, ...
  • American TV shows: Once Upon A Time ; Terra Nova ; Desperate Housewives ; NCIS (NCIS: enquêtes spéciales) ; NCIS: Los Angeles ; Lie to Me ; Prison Break ;Medium (Médium) ; My Name Is Earl (Earl) ; NUMB3RS ; Bones ; Scrubs ; The Unit (The Unit : commando d'élite) ; Stargate Atlantis ; Nip/Tuck ; Californication ; Kyle XY ; Everybody Hates Chris (Tout le monde déteste Chris) ; Supernatural and Secrets and Lies (Secrets and Lies : l'affaire Tom Murphy).
  • These American TV Shows were previously shown on M6: Smallville ; Charmed ; The 4400 (Les 4 400) ; Jericho ; The Dead Zone (Dead Zone) ; Stargate SG-1 ; Malcolm in the Middle (Malcolm) ; Friends ; Alias ; Sex and the City ; Veronica Mars ; Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Buffy contre les vampires) ; The X-Files (X-Files, aux frontières du réel) ; Ally McBeal ; Roswell ; Profiler ; The Pretender (Le Caméléon) ; The Sentinel ; Sliders (Sliders, les mondes parallèles) ; Hope & Faith (La Star de la famille) ; 8 Simple Rules (Touche pas à mes filles) ; My Wife and Kids (Ma famille d'abord) ; Still Standing (Une famille presque parfaite) ; Early Edition (Demain à la Une) ; Wildfire ; Once and Again (Deuxième chance) ; Relic Hunter (Sydney Fox, l'aventurière) ; Medical Investigation (NIH : alertes médicales) ; Tru Calling (Tru Calling : compte à rebours) ; Commander in Chief ; 1-800-Missing (Missing : disparus sans laisser de trace) ; Dark Skies (Dark Skies : l'impossible vérité) ; The Inside (The Inside : dans la tête des tueurs) ; Killer Instinct ; Vanished ; John Doe ; LAX ; Jake 2.0 ; Blind Justice ; Threshold (Threshold : premier contact) ;Summerland ; Beautiful People ; Young Americans ; Special Unit 2 ; The Evidence (The Evidence : les preuves du crime) ; South Beach ; L.A. Heat (Los Angeles Heat) ; Married... with Children (Mariés, deux enfants) ; The Cosby Show (Cosby Show) ; Who's the Boss? (Madame est servie) ; The Nanny (Une nounou d'enfer) ; Little House on the Prairie (La Petite Maison dans la prairie); The Simpsons (Les Simpson) ; Bewitched (Ma sorcière bien-aimée) ; The Wonder Years (Les annees coup de coeur) and Family Affair (Cher Oncle Bill) .
  • American programs: High School Musical ; Camp Rock ; America's Got Talent (with its own version : La France a un incroyable talent), American Idol (La Nouvelle Star), KaBlam! (KarToon (M6 version))
  • British TV shows: Primeval ; Secret Diary of a Call Girl (Journal intime d'une call girl).
  • British TV programs: Britain's Got Talent (with its own version : La France a un incroyable talent), Pop Idol (with its own version : Nouvelle Star), The X-Factor (with its own version), Wife Swap
  • These British TV shows were previously shown on M6:Footballers' Wives (Femme$ de footballeurs) ;Queer as Folk ; Totally Frank ; Bugs ; and Hex (Hex : la malédiction).
  • These Canadian TV shows were shown on M6: Sue Thomas: F.B.Eye (Sue Thomas, l'œil du FBI) and Falcon Beach.
  • Investigative journalism shows, such as Capital, Zone interdite and Enquête Exclusive.
  • Long-lasting short programs, such as Turbo, CinéSix, and E=M6, as well as numerous music videos.
  • In 2001, M6 became the first national French television network to broadcast reality programming. Its first program of this genre was Loft Story, and was highly watched. The president of TF1 at the time, Étienne Mougeotte, promised that TF1 would never air any reality programming. However, several months later, TF1 signed a contract with Endemol to air such programming. Endemol is the same company that created Loft Story for M6.

    M6 is one of the only television services in France to have science-fiction programming as part of its regular schedule. Most supernatural dramas were shown on Saturday nights in what M6 called "la Trilogie du Samedi" (The Saturday Trilogy)


  • Le 12:45 (national edition) and 19:45 (national edition), afternoon and evening news.
  • Zone Interdite, France's most influential Newsmagazine
  • 66 Minutes weekly news magazine.
  • Capital, Economy-oriented newsmagazine.
  • Enquête Exclusive, Investigation magazine.
  • Show and reality show

  • Les reines du shopping
  • X Factor
  • Ice show
  • Nouvelle star, (French adaptation of Pop Idol) reality television (until 2011, then it moved on D8)
  • L'amour est dans le pré, French adaptation of Farmer Wants a Wife
  • D&CO , homestyle show.
  • E=M6, science magazine.
  • Top Chef, French adaptation of Top Chef
  • Belle toute nue, the French equivalent of Channel 4's How to Look Good Naked.
  • Turbo, motor magazine.
  • Chef, la recette, culinary magazine
  • Vocation Medecin, health magazine
  • Hit Machine, musical show.
  • M6 Kid, program for children.
  • Pekin Express, French adaptation of Dutch show Peking Express.
  • Off Prime
  • Accès Privé, entertainment news magazine
  • Un dîner presque parfait, the French adaptation of Come Dine With Me
  • Nouveau look pour une nouvelle vie, fashion magazine
  • On ne choisit pas ses voisins, family magazine
  • La France a un incroyable talent, the French adaptation of Britain's Got Talent
  • Le meilleur pâtissier de France, the French adaptation of The Great British Bake Off
  • Le choix, the French adaptation of The Taste.
  • Cauchemar en cuisine, the French adaptation of Kitchen Nightmares.
  • Series

  • 90210 Beverly Hills : Nouvelle Génération
  • Blue Bloods
  • Body of Proof
  • Bones
  • Burn Notice
  • Californication
  • Desperate Housewives
  • Drop Dead Diva
  • Earl
  • En Famille (French creation)
  • FBI : Duo très spécial
  • Glee
  • Hawaii 5-0
  • Journal intime d'une call girl
  • Justified
  • Kaamelott (french creation)
  • L'Homme de la situation (French creation)
  • La Méthode Claire (French creation)
  • Le Transporteur (French-Canadian creation)
  • Lie to Me
  • Ma famille d'abord
  • Ma femme, ma fille, deux bébés (French creation)
  • Médium
  • Modern Family
  • NCIS : Enquêtes spéciales
  • NCIS Los Angeles
  • New Girl
  • Numb3rs
  • Once Upon a Time
  • Ringer
  • Scènes de ménages (French creation)
  • Scrubs
  • Soda (French creation)
  • Sons of Anarchy
  • Supernatural
  • Terra Nova
  • The Finder
  • The Glades
  • The Good Wife
  • un gars une fille
  • Un, dos, tres
  • Under the Dome
  • Victoire Bonnot (French creation)
  • Wes et Travis
  • Future programs

  • J'ai décidé d'être heureux, coaching magazine
  • Top Chef : masters
  • Les Nannys, coaching magazine
  • Le transporteur, french serie (new season)
  • Cynical Cops !, new french serie
  • Past programs

  • Super Nanny
  • Culture Pub, a TV advertisements analysing show
  • Graines de star, a talents contests show
  • Loft Story (French adaptation of Big Brother), M6 and the first French reality show
  • Les colocataires (Roommates)a show similar to Loft Story.
  • Les Bleus (2006-2010) Police series about five rookies learning the ropes.
  • Morning Live, Morning show
  • Caméra Café, Comedy
  • Nouvelle Star (French adaptation of American Idol)
  • Êtes-vous plus fort qu'un élève de 10 ans ?, French adaptation of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?
  • Rubí rebelde, Venezuelan telenovela
  • Total Wipeout (French adaptation of Wipeout)
  • Stargate SG-1 The series has been fully aired between 18 September 1998 and 8 December 2007.
  • Stargate Atlantis The first two seasons aired between 15 April 2005 and 29 July 2006.
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