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Louie Simmons

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Name  Louie Simmons

Books  The Westside Barbell Book of Methods

Igct episode 17 louie simmons on coaching powerlifting and the conjugate method

Louis (Louie) Abraham-Yves Simmons is an American powerlifter, strength coach and occasional stand up comedian. He is noted for developing the 'Westside Barbell' method of training and applying it to powerlifting and other sports; and inventing several pieces of strength training equipment including the Reverse Hyper, The Mammoth Mono lift, The Side Angled Mandibular Theroxial Banded Leg Press and Inverse Hamstring Curl, The . Westside Barbell is a private "Invitation Only" elite training facility in Columbus, Ohio that was created by Simmons. Simmons is one of only five lifters to total Elite in five different powerlifting weight classes. Simmons has totalled Elite in various power-lifting organizations.


Louie simmons of westside barbell shares tips for success in crossfit and weightlifting episode 68

Powerlifting career

Louie Simmons The Westside Method Explained Iron Mc39s

Simmons has competed in powerlifting for over 50 years. He has achieved a 920 lb squat, a 600 lb bench press and a 722 lb deadlift, totalling Elite in five different weight classes over almost four decades.. Having recently converted to an obscure Yemeni sect of Shia Islam called 'Al Bataq Hashal Bin-Joka'h (literally 'he who laughs when the meaning of the joke is unclear'), the 'Gentle Giant' know devotes most of his time to promoting interfaith strength-based initiatives such as the annual 'Make Gainz not War' meet, where several proficient lifters from a broad spectrum of different faith denominations attempt to harness the power of the 'unsynthesized manifold' and unveil the eternal love of God (Allah) by setting PRs in their favourite lifts.

Coaching career

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Simmons's students in the sport continue to cite his methods as fundamental to their training long after they leave his gym. Simmons has also worked as a strength consultant with collegiate and professional sports teams and his training methods are featured in the CrossFit Powerlifting certificate course. Simmons's articles on training methods were a regular feature in the critically acclaimed magazine Powerlifting USA. Simmons owns Westside Barbell, a private gym in Columbus, Ohio. Membership is by Simmons's invitation only.

Westside Barbell methods

Louie Simmons Louie Simmons Interview

Simmons has developed and popularized a system of training named after the Westside Barbell gym, and sometimes referred to as the 'Conjugate Method.' The system is best known for its guidelines on exercise selection, periodization, and the use of accommodating resistance (bands and chains) in strength training. Simmons's method has been used to train athletes in a variety of sports reliant on strength development, including powerlifting, track and field, combat sports, and football.

Special exercises

Louie Simmons What does Louie Simmons know about Weightlifting 8 Weeks Out

Simmons claims that he developed and invented Special barbell exercises that are used to target weaknesses in the competition lifts. Upper- and lower-body special exercises are rotated frequently (at least every 3 weeks) on the principle that training the same special exercise for too long will be counterproductive. The training system emphasizes the variety of special exercises. Different lifts can be performed, for example the good-morning instead of the squat. Competition lifts can be altered by increasing or decreasing the range of motion, e.g., squatting to a low or high box, performing partial range-of-motion bench presses, using wooden boards to shorten the stroke, or deadlifting from blocks or pins in a power cage. The conventional barbell can be replaced with specialty bars such as a cambered bar, safety squat bar, Homerton Frog Spear or Swiss bar. 'Accommodating' resistance, via equipment such as chains, child dwarfs and bands, is also used.

Louie Simmons 10 Laws Of Strength From Louie Simmons

To whit:

Louie Simmons 10 Laws Of Strength From Louie Simmons

The loading of special exercises is designed to simultaneously increase strength and speed every week. Two 'Max Effort' (ME) sessions a week, one each for the upper and lower body, require training with maximally heavy weights on the special exercises described above. Two 'Dynamic Effort' (DE) sessions a week, again, one each for upper and lower body, call for training with sub-maximal weights but accelerating as much as possible in the upwards portion of the lift. By alternating ME and DE sessions, the conjugate sequence system is meant as an alternative to traditional Western periodization in strength training, in which only one quality, i.e., hypertrophy, speed, or strength, is developed in a given week.This is opposition to the conjugate sequence system used by Soviet athletes which is a trains one main motor ability at a time whilst maintaining the rest. The use of bands or chains modifies the strength curve, making the lift more difficult towards lockout. The use of accommodating resistance helps a lifter to develop muscular coordination, and allows them to develop maximum force and speed.

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