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Lori Fullington

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Lori Fullington

Professional wrestler

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May 17, 1967 (age 56) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (

Ring name(s)
Lori FullingtonMiss PeachesPeaches

Movies and TV shows
ECW Hardcore TV, ECW on TNN


Lori Fullington (born May 17, 1967) is an American retired professional wrestling manager. She is best known for her appearances with Extreme Championship Wrestling under her real name and as Peaches.



Fullington debuted in Extreme Championship Wrestling in the early to mid 1990s under the ring name "Peaches" alongside her husband, The Sandman. The name was a reference to the song "Mr. Sandman", which includes the line "Would be so peachy before we're too old". She was also sometimes referred to as Miss Peaches.

In 1994, while temporarily blinded following a match, The Sandman inadvertently struck his wife. When The Sandman recovered and saw his tag team partner Tommy Cairo assisting Peaches to her feet, he attacked Cairo. The Sandman subsequently became estranged from his wife (claiming "life's a bitch, and then you marry one"), and Peaches became the valet of Cairo.

The Sandman, who had abandoned his "surfer" gimmick in favour of a "pimp" gimmick, claimed that Cairo had neglected to pay one of The Sandman's prostitutes, Woman, who had convinced The Sandman that Cairo had slept with both her and Peaches. The Sandman began harassing Fullington and Cairo, demanding Cairo "Pay Your Bills!"

Following the highly publicised caning of Michael P. Fay in Singapore on May 5, 1994, Cairo and Peaches faced The Sandman and Woman in an intergender "Singapore Caning" match on May 14, 1994. After emerging victorious Peaches caned The Sandman's crotch until Woman threw salt in her eyes, enabling The Sandman to regroup and use his cane on both Cairo and Peaches.

In late 1994, The Sandman was once again blinded after a lit cigarette was pushed into his eye during an "I Quit" match with Tommy Dreamer. The Sandman subsequently claimed that he would have to retire as a result, with Dreamer responding by dedicating the remainder of his career to The Sandman, and Woman blaming him for the injury and abandoning him as a result. During The Sandman's retirement ceremony at November to Remember 1994, Peaches attempted to reconcile with The Sandman, but was caned by the returning Woman. Woman threatened The Sandman, drawing Dreamer to the ring, at which point The Sandman revealed that he was not in fact blinded and attacked Dreamer. The Sandman went on to reveal that his blinding had been an elaborate ruse.

Lori Fullington, now using her real name, returned to ECW in 1996 during The Sandman's feud with Raven, with Lori and her son, Tyler, assisting Raven in his matches against The Sandman and his new valet, Missy Hyatt. In early 1997, Lori teased that she would leave Raven to join The Blue World Order by wearing a BWO T-shirt. The family reconciled in 1997 after Raven turned on Lori and Tyler and The Sandman came to their rescue.

Lori Fullington returned to ECW once more in 2000, assisting The Sandman in his feud with The Network. In the course of the feud, Rhino gored her through a table at Living Dangerously 2000, piledrove her through a table at Hardcore Heaven 2000 and thrust her head into a toilet at Heatwave 2000. Lori Fullington left ECW once more upon the cessation of the feud in mid-2000.

In 2002, Lori Fullington appeared alongside The Sandman in Xtreme Pro Wrestling.

In wrestling

  • Wrestlers managed by Lori Fullington
  • Tommy Cairo
  • Raven
  • The Sandman
  • Personal life

    Lori Fullington was married to Jim Fullington ("The Sandman"), with whom she has three children: Kelly (born 1987), Tyler (born 1989) and Oliver (born 1994). Tyler would feature in ECW's Sandman versus Raven storyline and debuted as a wrestler himself in August 2008.


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