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Lifeu Ishtene

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Release date
September 9, 2011 (India)

Pawan Kumar





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Release date
9 September 2011 (2011-09-09)

Yaarige Healona

Sindhu Lokanath
Samyuktha Belawadi
Sathish Ninasam
Ramya Barna

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Lifeu Ishtene (Kannada: ಲೈಫು ಇಷ್ಟೇನೆ) is a 2011 Indian dark comedy-drama Kannada written and directed by Pawan Kumar. It stars Diganth, Sindhu Lokanath and Samyukta Hornad in the lead roles. Sathish Ninasam, Achyuth Kumar and Veena Sundar feature in supporting roles. The plot revolves around the adult life of a carefree youngster, who falls in love easily with multiple women, and observes the consequences, "realizing the meaning of life" and that it comes a "full circle". The title of the film which translates to "this is all life is", was taken from a track of the 2010 Kannada film Pancharangi.


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The film score and soundtrack was composed by Mano Murthy, with lyrics for the tracks penned by Yogaraj Bhat, Jayant Kaikini and Pawan Kumar. The cinematography was done by Sugnaan, and was edited by Sanath and Suresh. The film was released on 9 September 2011 to critical acclaim. Following a 9-week run at theatres, it emerged as a commercial success, and was declared one of the best Kannada films of 2011. Having been nominated in three categories, Chethan Sosca won the award for Best Male Playback Singer at the Filmfare Awards.

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Vishal (Diganth) is a carefree youngster who is only serious about pursuing a career in music. In contrast, his friend Shivakumar "Shivu" (Sathish Ninasam) is serious about life and advises him to reform. But Vishal, whose parents allow him a lot of freedom, finds his own way to deal with hook ups. He falls in love with his collegemate, Nandini (Sindhu Loknath), who also falls in love with him. After a brief period of courtship, they decide to get married. Nandini wants Vishal to take up a job as it will help her discuss the marriage proposal with her father. He thinks she is the one for him, but only till the point where he has to choose between his music career and her, at which point they break up.

Vishal then meets a journalism aspirant, Rashmi (Samyukta Hornad), who films him, for her academic project. Nandini, initially reluctant, gets married to Chandan, as arranged by her father. Vishal has an awkward confrontation with her at the wedding. Rashmi, however, falls in love with him instantly and is ready to marry him. Having spent some time together, Vishal also falls in love with her, who eventually parts with her, on witnessing her being approached by an old pursuer, who he connects to, in context of Nandini.

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Six months later, Shivu is diagnosed with cancer and is living his final days, and Vishal, working in Dubai, has been in touch with him. He returns to India to reconcile with Rashmi, now working as a television journalist, and finds her dating Pawan Kumar (Suraj). The film ends with Vishal's epilogue on how, in the context of love, life comes a full circle.


  • Diganth as Vishal
  • Sindhu Lokanath as Nandini
  • Sathish Ninasam as Shivakumar "Shivu"
  • Samyukta Hornad as Rashmi
  • Achyuth Kumar as Vishal's father
  • Veena Sundar as Vishal's mother
  • Srinivas Prakash as Raghu
  • Mimicry Dayanand as Pinky Lal
  • Pawan Kumar as Suraj
  • Raju Talikote as gatekeeper
  • Chandan Kumar as Chandan
  • Ramya Barna in a cameo appearance
  • Production

    Director Pawan Kumar had previously worked as an Assistant Director for Yograj Bhat's recent films like Manasaare and Pancharangi which were well received by critics. The title lifeu ishtene was taken from one of the most popular Kannada songs in 2010 from Pancharangi movie. Three weeks after the successful show of the film, Pawan Kumar said he is planning a sequel to the film which is tentatively titled Wifeu Ishtene which will "show how marriage is a bad idea for the character that Diganth played in Lifeu Ishtene."

    International release

    The film will be screened overseas in the countries of USA, UK, Australia, Singapore, among others from October 2011 onwards. In California's Bay Area, the screening is scheduled for 14, 15, 16, 22 and 23 October at Serra Theaters.

    Online Release

    The movie got released online to curb piracy and to reach out to NRI audience.The film released in two versions. While the high resolution one is priced at five dollars, the low resolution version for two dollars and fifty cents.


    Overall, the film garnered very good reviews from critics. Newspapers like Bangalore Mirror and Times of India both rated the film 4/5 stars. The film is noted for its story, screenplay and dialogues - all composed by the director Pawan Kumar.

    Magazine Just Femme has praised the film's just portrayal of feminine characters by saying that "the women in the film are real and they are not the usual whitened, straight-haired, fake-boobed, dolled-up women who constantly forgive the men around them." The Times of India summed it by calling it a 'film for the GenNext' which is a "brilliant directorial debut by Pawan Kumar who has infused freshness in the story combined with excellent script, lively narration and not a single dull moment in the story with punchy dialogues that reminds of a 'Yograjbhat touch.'"


    Lifeu Ishtene music album, composed by Mano Murthy, was released on 21 July 2011. He also scored the background music for the film. The rights for the album was purchased by Ashwini Audio House. Jayant Kaikini, Yogaraj Bhat and Pawan Kumar penned lyrics for the tracks. The album consists of seven tracks. The album featured tracks from two debutantes, Rengith Raghav and Ankita Pai.

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