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Legends of Tomorrow

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7.6/10 TV

Country of origin  United States
Network  The CW
7.1/10 IMDb

Composer(s)  Blake Neely
First episode date  21 January 2016
Predecessor  Arrow
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Genre  Superhero fiction Action Science fiction
Based on  The characters from DC Comics
Developed by  Greg Berlanti Marc Guggenheim Andrew Kreisberg Phil Klemmer
Starring  Victor Garber Brandon Routh Arthur Darvill Caity Lotz Franz Drameh Ciara Renée Falk Hentschel Amy Pemberton Dominic Purcell Wentworth Miller Matt Letscher Maisie Richardson-Sellers Nick Zano
Cast  Caity Lotz, Wentworth Miller, Brandon Routh, Arthur Darvill, Ciara Renée

Dc s legends of tomorrow official trailer 2016 wentworth miller brandon routh

DC's Legends of Tomorrow, or simply Legends of Tomorrow, is an American superhero action-adventure television series developed by Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, Andrew Kreisberg, and Phil Klemmer, who are also executive producers along with Sarah Schechter and Chris Fedak; Klemmer serves as showrunner. The series, based on the characters of DC Comics, airs on The CW and premiered on January 21, 2016. The show is a spin-off from Arrow and The Flash, existing in the same fictional universe. On March 11, 2016, The CW renewed the series for a second season, which debuted on October 13, 2016. On January 8, 2017, The CW renewed the show for a third season.


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When Vandal Savage murders his family, Time Master Rip Hunter goes rogue. Intending to stop him, he recruits a team consisting of Ray Palmer / The Atom, Sara Lance / White Canary, Martin Stein and Jefferson "Jax" Jackson, who together become the hero Firestorm, Kendra Saunders / Hawkgirl, Carter Hall / Hawkman, Leonard Snart / Captain Cold, and Mick Rory / Heat Wave. They discover that the Time Masters are backing Savage in his domination of the world in 2166 to facilitate a successful repulsion of a Thanagarian invasion. Due to Snart's sacrifice, the Time Masters are destroyed. Savage attempts to rewrite history with a temporal explosion, but is killed by the team when he is rendered mortal by the same meteor he used for his scheme. With Savage dead, Kendra and Carter leave the team.

Following the demise of the Time Masters, Rip decides to take their place guarding history with Ray, Sara, Stein, Jax and Mick. However, they are warned by Rex Tyler / Hourman that they will die in 1942 New York City. They ignore the warning, landing Mick in stasis and themselves scattered through time. Historian Nate Heywood, aided by Oliver Queen, finds Mick and rescues all but Rip, who remained lost for a short period of time, until found and rescued by his teammates. During their mission to protect the timeline, the team meets the Justice Society of America, led by Hourman. When Tyler is murdered by Eobard Thawne / Reverse-Flash, Amaya Jiwe / Vixen joins the Legends to find Tyler's killer. However, Reverse-Flash is gaining allies throughout time, including Damien Darhk, Malcolm Merlyn and Leonard Snart himself; their ultimate goal is finding the Spear of Destiny to rewrite their fates.

Cast and characters

  • Victor Garber as Martin Stein / Firestorm: A nuclear physicist focused on transmutation who is also half of the character Firestorm with Jefferson Jackson. Graeme McComb portrays a young Stein in the 1970s and 1980s. The character was first introduced on The Flash.
  • Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer / Atom: A scientist, inventor, businessman and former CEO of Palmer Technologies who developed a power-suit that is now capable of shrinking. The character was first introduced on Arrow.
  • Arthur Darvill as Rip Hunter: A roguish time traveler and leader of the team, who hides the strains of being responsible for history itself behind a façade of charm and wit. His goal is to defeat Vandal Savage in order to save the world and his family. He and Savage are archenemies throughout the timeline. Aiden Longworth portrays a young Rip Hunter. In the second season, Rip disappears and gives command of the Waverider to the Legends.
  • Caity Lotz as Sara Lance / White Canary: A Star City vigilante and former League of Assassins member suffering from rage issues after being resurrected by the mystical Lazarus Pit. The character is partially based on the Black Canary and was first introduced on Arrow. In the second season, Sara becomes the leader of the Legends and captain of the Waverider.
  • Franz Drameh as Jefferson "Jax" Jackson / Firestorm: A former high school athlete whose pro career was derailed by an injury who now works as an auto mechanic. He serves as the other half of the character Firestorm with Martin Stein. The producers decided to create Jax as the other half of Firestorm to have him be someone in his early 20s and different from Ronnie's Firestorm, bringing comedy and camaraderie with Stein. The character was first introduced on The Flash.
  • Ciara Renée as Kendra Saunders / Hawkgirl: A young woman who is just beginning to learn that she has been repeatedly reincarnated over the centuries. When provoked, her ancient warrior persona manifests itself along with wings that grow out of her back. She chooses to leave the team at the end of the first season. Saunders is also known by her Egyptian name Chay-Ara, and Edith Boardman in the series. The character was first introduced on The Flash. Anna Deavere Smith portrays an older Kendra in 1871, known as Cinnamon.
  • Falk Hentschel as Carter Hall / Hawkman: The latest reincarnation of the Egyptian prince Khufu who is fated to reincarnate throughout time along with his soulmate Kendra, with powers similar to hers. A reincarnated version is recruited by Vandal Savage where he is known as Scythian Torvil before remembering his life as Carter Hall. He chooses to leave the team at the end of the first season. Hall is also known by the name Joe Boardman in the series. The character was first introduced on The Flash. Hentschel received guest credit in his subsequent appearances in season one after the character's death in "Pilot, Part 2".
  • Amy Pemberton voices Gideon: The artificial intelligence of the Waverider. Pemberton portrayed the character in the second season episode, "Land of the Lost". An alternate version of Gideon was first introduced in The Flash.
  • Dominic Purcell as Mick Rory / Heat Wave: An arsonist, career criminal, and accomplice of Leonard Snart who, in contrast to his partner, uses a heat gun capable of burning almost anything. After being deserted in the past by Snart, he is recruited by the Time Masters and becomes the bounty hunter Chronos, who hunts the team, but he becomes again a member of the team. Mitchell Kummen portrays a young Rory. The character was first introduced on The Flash.
  • Wentworth Miller as Leonard Snart / Captain Cold: The son of a career criminal who turns to the quick and easy life of crime, and uses a cryonic gun to freeze objects and people on contact. Trestyn Zradicka portrays a young Leo. At the end of the first season, Snart sacrificed himself to save his team. In the second season, he will become a member of the Legion of Doom. The character was first introduced on The Flash.
  • Matt Letscher as Eobard Thawne / Reverse Flash: A supervillain speedster from the future and the archenemy of The Flash. He is a member of the Legion of Doom. The character was first introduced on The Flash.
  • Maisie Richardson-Sellers as Amaya Jiwe / Vixen: Able to magically channel the abilities of animal kingdom thanks to the mysterious Tantu Totem, Jiwe is a member of the Justice Society of America in the 1940s, and grandmother of the Vixen Mari McCabe, who is portrayed by Megalyn Echikunwoke in other Arrowverse series. It was originally intended for the McCabe version of Vixen to be used in Legends as well, but Echikunwoke was unable to reprise the role due to previous commitments.
  • Nick Zano as Nate Heywood / Steel: A historian from Star City who has the ability to transform himself into a steel-like form, and is the grandson of Commander Steel, a member of the Justice Society of America.
  • Season 1 (2016)

    The series premiere was prefaced with a special airing on January 19, 2016, titled "DC's Legends Of Tomorrow: Their Time Is Now". It featured the origin stories of the heroes and villains of the season, as well as show clips and interviews.


    In January 2015, co-creator Greg Berlanti stated that there were "very early" preliminary talks for an additional spin-off series centered on Ray Palmer / Atom (Brandon Routh), from Arrow and The Flash. In February 2015, it was reported that a spin-off series, described as a superhero team-up show, was in discussion by The CW for a possible 2015–16 midseason release. Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, Marc Guggenheim and Sarah Schechter would serve as executive producers. The potential series would be headlined by several recurring characters from both Arrow and The Flash, including Palmer, Leonard Snart (Wentworth Miller) and Dr. Martin Stein (Victor Garber). Caity Lotz was also mentioned to be among the main cast. There would be potential for other Arrow/Flash characters to cross over to the new series, and the series would be casting "three major DC Comics characters who have never appeared in a TV series".

    In March 2015, Stephen Amell, who portrays Oliver Queen / Green Arrow on Arrow, confirmed the series would air in the 2015–16 midseason. Additionally, Kreisberg stated more would be revealed about the nature of the series by the end of Arrow's third season, specifically why Lotz is slated to appear, given her previous character, Sara, was killed at the start of Arrow season three. Berlanti also stated there was a particular reason for the other half of Firestorm—Ronnie Raymond (Robbie Amell), as seen on The Flash—not being mentioned in the initial cast announcement. On the purpose of the series, Berlanti said it was designed to be "most similar to our crossover episodes, where you feel that 'event-iness', but all the time. For us, first and foremost, with all of [our shows], it's about 'how is it its own thing?' Because we don't just want to do it to do it." He also revealed the producers were focusing on "making sure that the villain that we have on [the] show is distinct too... another big character who hasn't been used yet." Also in March, Dominic Purcell was revealed to be reprising his role as Heat Wave in the series, and Blake Neely, composer of Arrow and The Flash, would serve as composer. At the end of the month, Arthur Darvill was cast as Rip Hunter, one of the "new to TV" DC characters, while Ciara Renée was cast as Kendra Saunders / Hawkgirl. In April 2015, in a Variety article on the recent MipTV event, it noted the title for the series would be Legends of Tomorrow, despite it still being unconfirmed by those involved with the series. Also in the month, Franz Drameh was cast as Jax Jackson.

    In May 2015, actor Victor Garber said that The CW was impressed with what was shown to them, giving the project a straight-to-series order. The network officially confirmed the order for the series on May 7, 2015, as well as the official title, DC's Legends of Tomorrow. Later in the month, it was confirmed that Lotz would reprise her role as Sara Lance, who would be taking the name White Canary, as well as revealing the antagonist as Vandal Savage. In June 2015, it was announced that Phil Klemmer had been made the series showrunner as well as executive producer. At the end of the month, Grant Gustin stated he would appear in the series as Barry Allen / Flash, though he ultimately did not appear in the first season. In August 2015, Casper Crump was cast as Vandal Savage.

    On March 11, 2016, the series was renewed for a second season, which debuted in October 2016. The producers have considered adjusting the Legends team for additional seasons, with Joseph David-Jones' Connor Hawke and Megalyn Echikunwoke's Vixen potential additions. For the second season, Klemmer revealed that Arrow writer Keto Shimizu and The Flash writer Grainne Godfree would be working on Legends in order to "make our stories work in concert" with Arrow and The Flash. Klemmer also noted the challenges of creating more crossover elements, since Amell and Gustin work full days for their respective shows. In terms of working within the Arrowverse, Klemmer said that the death of Laurel Lance on Arrow would "resonate into Season 2... [since] something that happens on Arrow can create ripples that appear on our show in a huge way. It fundamentally alters the DNA of our series." The second season initially consisted of 13 episodes, with four more ordered in November 2016 to bring the season total to 17.

    Teasing the premise of season two in April 2016, Klemmer stated, "We're coming at it from a completely different angle. We're determined to make every part of season two feel like its own show. [The first episode of season two] will very much be a new pilot with new good guys, new bad guys, new stakes, new dynamics, new goals. The team will basically have to find a new purpose. Once you save the world, what do you do then?... The fact that the world was in peril sort of forced our team to fall into its own dysfunctional version of lockstep. Season two, they're no longer going to be hunted by Time Masters. They're no longer going to be burdened with having to save the world. It's no longer going to be about saving Miranda and Jonas. The interesting thing about season two is I think it's going to have a much, much different tone because our Legends are going to have a totally different purpose. They're actually going to have a totally different constitution. There will be new faces and new everything." The season will also introduce members of the Justice Society of America. The Society will consist of Hourman, Vixen, Commander Steel, Obsidian, Stargirl and Dr. Mid-Nite. The season will also feature a version of the Legion of Doom, composed of the Reverse-Flash, Malcolm Merlyn, Damien Darhk and Captain Cold.


    In May 2015, Garber revealed filming would begin in August 2015, for a January 2016 premiere. The series shot a presentation for the network's upfront showcase, which was filmed over the course of one night, and directed by Arrow and The Flash veteran Dermott Downs. Filming of the series began on September 9, 2015, in Vancouver, British Columbia. Director/producer Glen Winter discussed in a January 2016 interview with Comic Book Resources the process of filming key elements of the series' Pilot,

    The new facet for Legends was that there's no #1 [actor] on the call sheet. There are seven or eight leads. For me, that was the intimidating part. I wasn't as worried about the action and tone as I was with wrangling all these personalities and finding out how they all work together. Or, how to shoot a scene with eight people in the Waverider, day after day.

    He stated of the series style of shooting on location as opposed to predominantly shooting on a soundstage,

    As is typical with any pilot, most of the time you are going to shoot more on location. Because you don't necessarily know if you are going to have a show that's been picked up, they don't want to invest a lot of money in the infrastructure, so you end up shooting more on location. The only set that was built was the Waverider. That being said, because we knew there was a pickup for the show, it wasn't a conventional pilot. All the resources of construction went into the Waverider. That's continuing into the series. I don't think they tend to build much. I think they tend to adapt locations because there's so much time travel and so many eras to create.


    Legends of Tomorrow premiered in the United States on January 21, 2016, and the first season consisted of sixteen episodes. The series premiere in Australia was originally announced as January 20, 2016, however it was pushed back until January 22. It started airing in the United Kingdom on March 3, 2016.

    Critical reception

    The pilot was well-reviewed for its potential. Russ Burlingame from ComicBook.com praised it saying, "The series delivers a sharp, enjoyable pilot that's arguably the most attention-grabbing and entertaining from any of the current crop of superhero shows." Jesse Schedeen of IGN gave the first part of the pilot episode a 7.7/10, praising the show's "epic scope", "fun character dynamics", and Arthur Darvill's performance; and gave the second part of the pilot a 8.4/10, saying it "improved in its sophomore episode thanks to great character dynamics and superhero action".

    However, review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes gave the complete first season an only 58% approval rating, with an average rating of 6/10 based on 36 reviews. The website's consensus reads: "Fancy effects, comic-book nostalgia, and an alluring cast help keep it afloat, but DC's Legends of Tomorrow suffers from an overloaded cast of characters that contribute to a distractingly crowded canvas." Metacritic, which uses a weighted average, assigned a score of 58 out of 100 based on reviews from 22 critics, indicating "mixed or average reviews".

    Rotten Tomatoes gave the second season a 75% approval rating, with an average rating of 6.1/10 based on 12 reviews. The website's consensus reads: "Though the narrative remains too ambitious, DC's Legends of Tomorrow enjoys a freer creative arc with the removal of problem characters."


    In May 2015, Renée made a cameo in the final episode of The Flash's first season, "Fast Enough", and later made appearances in the show's second season in November 2015. In July 2015, Guggenheim revealed that the resurrection of Sara Lance would be launched in the first few episodes of Arrow's fourth season, with the events of the eighth episodes of Arrow and The Flash—which were a crossover event—being used to set up the other characters of Legends of Tomorrow. Franz Drameh was introduced as the new other half of Firestorm in the fourth episode of the second season of The Flash. Crump, Hentschel and James debut in the crossover episodes for the second season of The Flash and the fourth season of Arrow. In November 2016, the cast of Legends of Tomorrow appeared on The Flash and Arrow as part of the three-part "Invasion!" crossover event; the crossover episodes also featured appearances by Melissa Benoist, reprising her role as Kara Danvers / Supergirl from the TV series Supergirl.


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