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Lee Carroll

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Nationality  American
Role  Author
Name  Lee Carroll
Citizenship  United States

Lee Carroll Kryon channel Lee Carroll returns to Minneapolis The Edge Magazine

Alma mater  California Western University
Education  Alliant International University
Books  The End Times: New Infor, The Recalibration of Human, Don't Think Like a Human, Alchemy of the Human Spirit: A G, Partnering with God: Practical I
Similar People  Geoffrey Hoppe, Doreen Virtue, Gregg Braden, Darryl Anka, Bruce Lipton

Lee carroll what kryon means for me

Lee Carroll is an American channeller, speaker and author. Carroll has authored thirteen books on channellings from an entity he calls "Kryon", and has co-authored three books on what he terms indigo children, a new generation of children he says represents an evolution in human consciousness.


Lee Carroll talks about 2012 - a time of change


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Originally an economics major who ran a technical audio business for 30 years, Carroll says in his books that he began to channel communication with an entity from "beyond the veil" called "Kryon" in 1989. In his early books Kryon is presented as an entity from the "magnetic service", who supposedly is responsible for reconstruction of the magnetic grid of the Earth, which reconstruction is necessary in view of the changing spirituality and new evolutionary tasks of humanity. In later books Lee Carroll describes Kryon as an angelic loving entity from the Source (or "Central Sun") who has been with the Earth "since the beginning" and belongs to the same "Family" of Archangel Michael. The context of using the words "angelic", "archangel" and others is, however, a New Age one, while traditional interpretations of these terms are reevaluated and some connotations are expanded to much metaphilosophical and pan-spiritual meaning. He claims the information he publishes, both printed and online, is intended to help humans "ascend to a higher vibrational level", which, according to his books, is synonymous to overall mental, spiritual and physical evolution.

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In his books Carroll provides descriptions of the nature of the channeling process (both his own and that of other channelers, mediums, and clairvoyants), according to which, no channeler is able to convey the received information perfectly, due to bias in individual background and the source being "beyond conventional reality". Carroll says the channeling converted into words or text should not be taken literally, but rather serve as a help to tune one's subtle perception to the original message (which transcends the limits of human perception). Based on the above, Carroll dismisses many logical inconsistencies spotted [by whom?] both in his and other mediums' messages.

Carroll's Kryon series elaborated a number of popular New Age concepts. Amongst them are co-creating, spiritual contracts, karmic imprints, karmic implants, magnetic layers (strands) of human DNA, karmic groups, synchronicity, ascension, helpers from other star systems etc.

Another topic touched in many of his books is the 2012 transition. According to Lee Carroll, Kryon's message was that the 2012 transition was going to happen on the level of sub-conscious, archetypal energy and open up new avenues to humanity's collective mind.

According to Carroll, Kryon's messages about Earth include, among others, the Earth being a living entity with an individual consciousness, who cooperates with humans. The relationship between the Earth and humans is elaborated based on the "magnetic field" interactions.

Throughout the whole Kryon series, the concept of reincarnation is often discussed. Many of Kryon's "messages" include subtle details of the mechanics of reincarnation, including the value and purpose of human life and death, which are philosophically consonant with the dharmic approaches. The books are written from a Western perspective, however, while Christian and Bible-based spiritual mysticism is present in the wording and expressive style.

His later channelings discuss the Intelligent design premise and directions of future evolution of science and spirituality.

Book sales and presentations

According to Hay House, Carroll's publisher, he has sold over half a million books translated into 14 languages. According to American journalist and filmmaker David Thomas's book Tuning In: A Journalist, 6 Trance Channelers and Messages from the Other Side, by 2011 Carroll's book sales were over one million, and he was the most famous channeler amongst those discussed in his book. According to the Edge Magazine article, by 2011 Lee Carroll's Kryon series consisting of 15 individual books had been translated into 24 different languages, and his presentations in over 24 countries "attract audiences in the thousands".

Coverage in other publications

A chapter is dedicated to Lee Carroll and his Kryon channelings in a book by American journalist and film director David Thomas and Matthiew Klinck titled Tuning In: A Journalist, 6 Trance Channelers and Messages from the Other Side. Carroll's Kryon channelings are also discussed in the 2008 documentary Tuning In.

A Spanish journalist, author, and Secretary of the Board of the humanitarian organization Fundación Ananta, Koldo Aldai, discusses Lee Carroll's work and Kryon's messages in his 2004 book Testigos de un nuevo tiempo: Conversaciones con Lee Carroll (Kryon), Miyo, José Argüelles..., where he speaks about the interviews and talks with visionaries, channelers and other representatives of new spiritual ideas of the New Time, as he calls it.

The German yogin and medium Aloka Nama Ba Hal discusses and analyzes Kryon's messages in much detail in his two German books.

Kryon's messages are discussed by several other authors publishing in German, including Denis Kolovrat, Barbara Bessen, Silvia Tara Glaser, Patrizia Pfister, Mara Ordemann, E. D. Donec, and others.

Authors publishing on the subject in other languages include Martine Vallée and others.

Throughout the Kryon series, repeated attention is paid to the role of Jews in evolution of humanity's consciousness. In an interview given in 1999 to the Israeli monthly magazine חיים אחרים (Chaim Acherim -- "Another Life"), Lee Carroll says Kryon's message is that Jews are a special group amongst humans, "a pure karmic group", the chosen people. They supposedly possess inborn particular attributes of consciousness, which are unique to them. That, according to him, is the reason why throughout history those belonging to other nations have often felt sub-conscious envy towards Jews and had tried to exterminate the Jewish people in different ways. In the interview Carroll also speaks of a special role of the land of Israel in the processes which influence the balance of energies (powers) in the world. "What happens with the Jews, that also happens with the world as a whole," Carroll says is one of Kryon's messages.


Starting from 2002, some of the French media, like Sud-Ouest, Le Monde de l'éducation, Le Canard enchaîné, Le Nouvel Observateur, M6, and France 2, have presented the activities of Lee Carroll in critical light. In an article in Le Canard Enchaîné, e.g., seeming logical contradictions are shown in the different messages attributed to Kryon by Lee Carroll: "Tout pétri d'amour et de paix qu'il est, Kryeon sait quand même se faire respecter : ainsi il a révélé à Lee Carrol qu'il était déjà intervenu deux fois sur Terre pour procéder à "un ajustement global" : à chaque fois l'humanité s'est éteinte et seuls quelques spécimens ont survécu pour assurer la continuité de l'espèce." Other publications criticize the EMF balancing technique merchandised by associates of Kryon movement, as well as the ideas expressed about the new generation of children, called indigo children.

In The Skeptic's Dictionary, Robert Todd Carroll mentions in an ironic way the Universal Calibration Lattice and EMF Balancing technique popularized by Kryon followers and presented in Lee Carroll's books, as well as critically discusses some of the indigo children ideas evolved in Lee Carroll's works.

The Kryon movement, Lee Carroll, and his books have been mentioned in several published official notes by CIAOSN ("Centre d'information et d'avis sur les organisations sectaires nuisibles", translated into English as "Centre for Information and Advice on Harmful Sectarian Organizations"), which was created following the recommendation of the Royal Commission (House of Representatives, session 1996-1997) of Belgium.

Richard A. Villa, Ed.D., in his book titled Creating an Inclusive School, mentions Carroll's 1999 work on indigo children, saying that "practices for promoting unity that have been proposed (by Carroll & Tober, 1999), like treating everyone with dignity and respect, valuing cooperation, and promoting mutual support and responsibility toward fellow community members, are beginning to gain attention in schools."


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