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Laura Antonelli

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Full Name
Laura Antonaz

Film actress


Germano Randi

Years active

Claudio Antonaz

Laura Antonelli

Laura Antonelli (November 28, 1941-June 22, 2015) smiling with long wavy hair and bangs, is an actress. She is wearing a printed one-side puffed-sleeved top.

28 November 1941 (
Pola, Istria, Italy (now Pula, Istria, Croatia)

June 22, 2015, Ladispoli, Italy

Nastro d'Argento for Best Actress, David di Donatello for Best Supporting Actress


Jenny Tamburi, Gloria Guida, Edwige Fenech

Laura Antonelli in Malizia

Laura Antonelli (born Laura Antonaz; 28 November 1941 – 22 June 2015) was an Italian film actress, who appeared in 45 films between 1965 and 1991.


Italian actress laura antonelli dies at 73

Early years

Laura Antonelli is looking serious while holding into someone's leg with an open book on his lap and his hands are crossed. She has curly hair and wearing finger rings on her left finger in a black furry coat.

Laura Antonelli was born Laura Antonaz in Pola, Kingdom of Italy (now known as Pula, Croatia), former capital of Istria. She moved with her family first to Genoa and then to Venice, before they all eventually settled in Naples. She had a childhood interest in education, and as a teenager, she became proficient at gymnastics. In an interview for The New York Times, she recalled, "My parents had made me take hours of gym classes during my teens ... They felt I was ugly, clumsy, insignificant and they hoped I would at least develop some grace. I became very good, especially in rhythmical gym, which is a kind of dance."

Laura Antonelli is looking serious while looking afar in Luigi Comencini's film, "My God, how did I fall so low?"(1974) screenshot. She has short curly hair, wearing a black collared blouse.

Setting aside ambitions to make a career in mathematics, she graduated as a gymnastics instructor. She moved to Rome, where she became a secondary-school gym teacher and was able to meet people in the entertainment industry, who helped her find modelling jobs.


Laura Antonelli smiling while looking afar, wearing a pair of diamond earrings in a spaghetti knot-strap white-laced dress exposing her cleavage.

Antonelli's earliest engagements included Italian advertisements for Coca-Cola. In 1965, she made her first feature-film appearance in Le sedicenni, although her performance went uncredited. Her American debut came in 1966 in Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs. Other roles followed; her breakthrough came in 1973's Malizia. She appeared in a number of sex farces such as Till Marriage Do Us Part/Mio Dio come sono caduta in basso!.

Laura Antonelli looking serious with short curly hair, wearing a pendant necklace, a scarf over her shoulders, and a printed blouse.

She worked in more serious films, as well, including Luchino Visconti's last film, The Innocent (1976). In Wifemistress, a romance film of 1977, she played a repressed wife experiencing a sexual awakening. Later, she appeared in Passione d'Amore (1981). Antonelli's most recent role was in the sequel Malizia 2000 (1991). She won the Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists Award, Nastro d'Argento, in 1974 for Malizia.

Personal life

Laura Antonelli smiling while talking to someone having short perm-curl hair with a pair of hoop earrings and a curtain in the background. She is wearing earrings and a pearl-beaded necklace over a black inner blouse, and a striped coat.

From 1972 to 1980, Antonelli was the companion of actor Jean-Paul Belmondo. Before her relationship with Belmondo, Enrico Piacentini, a publisher, and she were divorced.

Laura Antonelli is smiling and looking at the back while sitting on the bed with striped linen pulling her black stocking on her left leg in a bedroom set-up with a lamp, a handkerchief, and a wall décor in the background. She has short curly hair wearing a necklace, a pair of black stockings, and shoes, in a checkered sleeved dress exposing her legs.

On 27 April 1991, cocaine was found during a police raid on Antonelli's home. She was subsequently convicted of possession and dealing and sentenced to house arrest. She spent 10 years appealing the conviction, which was eventually overturned. In 2006, the Italian court of appeals ruled in favor of Antonelli and ordered the Ministry of Justice to pay the actress 108,000 euros.


Laura Antonelli smiling while standing tiptoed, leaning her right elbow on a tree and her left hand on her waist has short hair with bushes and trees in the background. She is wearing a black printed two-piece bikini with visible cleavage.

Antonelli died on 22 June 2015, aged 73, from a heart attack.

TV appearances

  • Gli indifferenti (1988) (miniseries) as Lisa
  • Disperatamente Giulia (1989) (miniseries) as Carmen Milkovich
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