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Country  Austria
District  Korneuburg
Vehicle registration  KO
Area  9.71 km²
Local time  Friday 2:01 PM
Area code  02262
State  Lower Austria
Time zone  CET (UTC+1)
Elevation  168 m
Population  12,173 (1 Apr 2009)
Postal code  2100
Website  Stadt Korneuburg (German)
Weather  19°C, Wind SW at 16 km/h, 31% Humidity

Korneuburg ( [kɔʁˈnɔʏbʊʁk]) is a town in Austria. It is located in the state Lower Austria and is the administrative center of the district of Korneuburg. Korneuburg is situated on the left bank of the Danube, opposite the city of Klosterneuburg, and is 12 km northwest of Vienna. It covers an area of 9.71 square km and as of 2001 there were 11,032 inhabitants.


Map of 2100 Korneuburg, Austria

Korneuburg was originally a bank settlement associated with Klosterneuburg under the name Nivenburg. It was first mentioned in 1136, and in 1298 received the right to formal separation from Klosterneuburg.

In 1938, the shipyard Korneuburg was integrated into the Hermann-Göring-Werke, and significantly enlarged. In 1941, 16 barracks for Germans, forced laborers and prisoners of war were added. In 1945, the Red Army captured the shipyard.

Military campaigns involving the city include the Battle of Vienna, the Thirty Years' War, the French Revolutionary Wars, and the Oil Campaign of World War II.

The Korneuburg Shipyard is now the site of a branch of the Museum of Military History, Vienna comprising two patrol boats, Niederösterreich and Oberst Brecht. These were the Austrian Army's last patrol ships on the Danube, and the successors of the KuK Kriegsmarine .

Population development

  • 1900: 8.292
  • 1939: 9.893
  • 1971: 9.023
  • 2012: 12.267
  • People

  • Johann Georg Lickl (1769–1843), Austrian composer
  • Rudolph Philip Waagner (1827–1888), civil engineer
  • Max Burckhard (1854–1912), director of the k.k. Hofburg Theater (Viennese Burgtheater)
  • Nikolaus "Nico" (Josef Michael) Dostal (1895–1981), Austrian Operetta and film music composer
  • Viktor Matejka (1901–1993), Austrian writer, politician
  • Kurt Binder (born 1944), Austrian physicist
  • Helmuth Lehner (born 1968), singer and guitarist of the blackened death metal band Belphegor
  • Mario Majstorović (born 1977), footballer
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