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Area  150 km2
Language spoken  Swahili

Kindu in the past, History of Kindu

Country  Democratic Republic of the Congo

Map of Kindu

Kindu is a city in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the capital of Maniema province. It has a population of about 200,000 and is situated on the Lualaba River at an altitude of about 500 metres, and is about 400 km west of Bukavu.


Kindu in the past, History of Kindu

Kindu is linked by rail to the mining areas of Kalemie, Kamina and Kananga to the south. It also has an airport with a 2,200 metre runway and has historically been an important port along the Congo River system.

Kindu Beautiful Landscapes of Kindu

Train kindu kalemie

Kindu democratic republic of the congo enano school girls


The town was an important centre for the ivory, gold and the slave trade during the nineteenth century. Arab-Swahili slave traders were based here from about 1860 and sent caravans overland to Zanzibar.

Henry Morton Stanley came upon "this remarkable town" on 5 Dec. 1876, describing it as "remarkably long" with a "broad street, thirty feet wide, and two miles in length" and "behind the village were the banana and the palm groves."

In November 1961, during the Congo Crisis, the Kindu atrocity took place in Kindu. During the rule of Mobutu Sese Seko Kindu was also the former capital of Nord-Kivu subregion of Kivu region.


Kindu is located 2°57′S, 25°55′E at an elevation of approximately 1500 ft (450 m) above sea level.


The city's population is estimated at between 140,000 and 200,000 residents. As with the rest of Congo, the vast majority adhere to a Christian denomination or sect. Just under half of the population is Catholic. Slightly under 10% of the population are Anglican and there is also a small Muslim community in the city.


The main economic activity in Maniema Province is mining. diamonds, copper, gold and cobalt are mined outside of Kindu. There is also a market in Kindu as well as shops throughout the town.

Government and Politics

Kindu is the provincial capital and is home to the provincial assembly and ministries.


Kindu is served by Kindu Airport. Most of the goods coming to town come from Goma, Bukavu and Kinshasa by air.

It is also served by the Congo Railway which connects it to Lubumbashi among other destinations.

There is also a port in Kindu which is located on the western bank of the Lualaba River.

Roads in Maniema Province are unsurfaced and in a generally poor condition.


The town has primary and secondary education facilities. The University of Kindu is also located in the city.


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