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Kewang(Chinese: 渴望) is a TV series released in 1990 which once made great effect around the country and moved thousands of people in China. "Kewang" in Chinese means "aspiration", so through the title we can generally know that this series talkes about the human nature. "Kewang" hit the society by combining human nature with the era's background, revealing people's eager desire for love, friendship and good life.



This series talked about the story that happened in the age of "Wenge" (the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution), concerning the love experience of two couples of young men. The main character is called Liu Huifang whose fate is complicated and deeply affects audience's emotion.

Reputation and Awards

Here are some awards this series owned:

  • "Excellent Drama Series" of Golden Eagle Award, 1991
  • "Best actor" of Golden Eagle Award——Li Xuejian, 1991
  • "Best actress" of Golden Eagle Award——Zhang Kaili, 1991
  • "Excellent long TV series" of Flying Apsaras Award, 1991
  • Assessment

    This series was well known as a historic turning point or milepost in the development of Chinese TV series. The real feelings, life lines and the excellent performance of actors all make this series be regarded as of great value and owned it high reputation. It shows the Chinese audience the power of the "truth" for the first time.


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