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Karate (film)

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Director  Deb Mukherjee
Genres  Bollywood, World cinema
Language  Hindi
6.6/10 IMDb

Music director  Bappi Lahiri
Karate (film) movie poster
Release date  1983
Writer  Dinesh Thakkar (idea), S.H. Bihari (idea), S.H. Bihari (dialogue), Debanshu Mukherjee (story)
Cast  Deb Mukherjee (Desh), Mithun Chakraborty (Vijay / Danny), Yogeeta Bali (Aarti), Prema Narayan (Zora)
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Karate full indian move 1983 part 1

Karate is a 1983 Hindi-language Indian feature film directed by Deb Mukherjee, starring Mithun Chakraborty, Kaajal Kiran, Yogeeta Bali and Mazhar Khan



Karate full indian move 1983 part2


A scientist creates a diamond that can focus sun-rays to burn through anything. He hides the diamond in a necklace. Khan ( Kader Khan), in a bid to get the diamond, kills the scientist . The scientist's karate-learning sons, Desh (Deb) and Vijay (Mithun), are separated from each other and their mother. Vijay/Vijay grows up with his karate instructor while Desh is reared by a gypsy camp where he befriends Imran (Mazhar) . Khan tracks down the karate instructor who kills himself before Khan could torture him for information about the scientists missing sons and the necklace. The dying instructor gives the necklace to Vijay who later gives it to his girlfriend Aarti (Yogita) who is the instructor's daughter for safekeeping. Vijay and Aarti raid Khan's illegal go downs and kills many of his men. Desh and Imran have grown up to be master thieves and pickpockets. Khan goes to Aarti house to kill her and steal the necklace. Aarti jumps off the window using a rope ladder . However she loses the necklace which is found by Desh who is attempting a burglary in the same building. Desh realizes that it is his mother's necklace where his father has hidden the priceless diamond. Khan and his henchman see him stealing the necklace and raid his house while Vijay arrives to save Aarti . Khan and his henchmen and well as Vijay try to snatch the necklace from Desh, but he escapes and disguises himself as a groom and enters a wedding ceremony. By mistake Desh gets married to Geeta (Kajal), but refuses to acknowledge her as his wife and leaves before even looking at her face. While escaping with the necklace he is chased by the Police and Vijay who shoots him. Injured he seeks asylum at a house which happens to belong to his mother. Khan's henchman try to kill Desh, who is saved by Geeta . Geeta and Desh escape on a train .The villains also enter the train and Desh beats them up and escapes again. Desh takes Geeta to the gypsy camp where she fights with Zora who is also in love with Desh. Vijay attacks Desh at the gypsy camp but Imran saves him. Geeta tells Desh that she is the same girl he got married to and Desh acknowledges her as his wife. Khan comes to know that Desh is the lost elder son of the scientist. He learns that Desh loves Imran like his brother and kills Imran in circumstances where Vijay becomes the suspect. Khan also Kills Aarti and Vijay suspects Desh for the murder. Both brothers are after each other's lives. While fighting over the necklace they realize they are brothers and Khan has killed Imran and Aarti. Desh and Vijay join hands are decide to avenge their father by killing Khan. Khan organizes a Karate competition and invites the world's most renowned Karate fighters and pays them to kill the 2 brothers. During the competition the 2 brothers kill all the fighters & Khan and reunite with their mother'


  • Mithun Chakraborty as Vijay
  • Deb Mukherjee as Desh
  • Kaajal Kiran as Geeta
  • Yogeeta Bali as Aarti
  • Prema Narayan as Zora
  • Kader Khan as Khan
  • Mazhar Khan as Imran
  • Songs

    1. "Karate, Jag Sara Naache Dono Haatho Pe Jahan" - Amit Kumar, Bappi Lahiri
    2. "Do Deewane Pyar Ke, Pyar Me Marne Chale" - Kishore Kumar, Amit Kumar
    3. "Aaja Gale Tu Laga Le" - Kavita Krishnamurthy, Gurmeet Kaur
    4. "Marna Jisne Nahi Sikha , Jeena Usko Na Aaya" - Asha Bhosle
    5. "Tum Tum Tumba O Nacho Kahe Tumba, O Gao Kahe Tumba" - Bappi Lahiri
    6. "Maa Ae Maa, Ye Bhi Gale Ka Haar Hai, Hum Bhi Gale Ka Haar" - Kishore Kumar, Amit Kumar
    7. "Yeh Salam Aakhri" - Asha Bhosle


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