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Jacob Safra

Name  Jacob Safra

Children  Joseph Safra
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Grandchildren  Esther Safra, Alberto Safra, David J. Safra, Jacob J. Safra
Similar People  Joseph Safra, Moise Safra, Edmond Safra, Erling Lorentzen

Jacob Safra (Arabic: يعقوب صفرا‎‎) (1891 - 27 May 1963) was a Sephardi Jewish banker. The Safras were bankers and gold traders engaged in the financing of trade between Aleppo, Istanbul and Alexandria.

Jacob Safra German Authorities Launch Investigation Against Jacob Safra


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When the Ottoman Empire fell apart, Jacob Safra, the former partner in Safra Freres, set up a separate banking business under his own name in Beirut in the year 1920. With its base in the Lebanon, the Jacob E. Safra Bank became the bank of choice for many of Syria's and Lebanon's rich Sephardic Jewish families, who trusted the Safras to manage their business and personal financial interests with care and discretion. In 1952, he moved to Brazil with his four sons: Elie, Edmond, Joseph and Moise. They founded a Brazilian financial institution in 1955. However, in 1920 he founded Beirut, Lebanon, Banque de Credit National, one of the five oldest banks in Lebanon.

Personal life

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Safra married his cousin, Esther. They had four sons: Elie, Edmond, Joseph, and Moise; and four daughters: Evelyn, Gabi, Arlette, and Ughette. Safra Square in Jerusalem is named in honor of him and his wife.


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