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Honar Sun Me Hya Gharchi

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Directed by
Mandar Devasthali

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Indian soap operaDrama, Romance

Shashank KetkarTejashree Pradhan Ketkar

Honar Soon Me Hya Gharchi (Marathi: होणार सून मी ह्या घरची) - a Marathi television series that airs on Zee Marathi since 2013. Final episode date 24 Jan 2016



Shrirang lives with his grandmother and five more women whom he equally treats as his mother. He owns a business "Gokhale Gruhaudyog" which his grandmother had set up. He falls in love with Janhavi, who lives a modest life with her father, brother and step-mother, and works in a bank. Initially Shri hides it from Janhavi that he belongs to a very rich family. But as they both fall in love with each other, he reveals it to her. Janhavi's step-mother creates several problems in the pair's wedding and extorts the Gokhale family on various occasions. Before marriage, Shri's grandmother has misunderstandings about Janhavi, especially given her mother's greedy nature. After marriage, Janhavi wins everyone's hearts with her caring nature. She also encourages all women in their home to take up various activities and businesses. Janhavi meets a road accident and in it she loses her partial memory, forgetting all about her marriage with Shri. But she still moves back to Shri's home upon knowing the fact.

Janhavi regains her memory after living with the Gokhale family for a while. Janhavi's brother - Pintya - gets in a pandemonium from Kishore (his boss). His boss threatens him to do as he says. If he doesn't listen, he would kill his dad and Shri. To save his loved ones' lives, he makes Shri face extreme humiliation in front of Social Media. Everyone blames Janhavi because of what Pintya did, claiming that she did not take responsibility and stop him. Janhavi, expecting a baby, sobbing over and over again. She is in the risk of losing her baby. No one except Geeta and Janhavi's parents know she is pregnant. Shri is about to give Janhavi a divorce due to misunderstandings. The women in house get worried about Shree and decide to do his second marriage leaving Janhavi as they do not know that Janhavi has not done anything and she is pregnant. They find a bride for Shree. Janhavi often tries to stop Shree to tell him truth but she can't. But Janhavi does not know. After some more incidents, Shri's grandmother and uncle too get to know about her pregnancy and finally it is revealed to Shri at a function at 'Narmada Yoga Centre'. There Shri and Janhavi come back together but they have yet to solve the misunderstandings baby aatya and all 5 other mothers have about Janhavi. And as a result of which Shri stops talking with his 6 mothers and then Jahnavi removes misunderstanding of his mothers by her tricks. Now it's a matter of Pintya's wedding which he's trying to deal with. His mother is trying to hook him up with a rich family, whereas he has fallen for a girl at his office. However, she lives in Dharawi (biggest slum in Asia). His mother demands him to chuck her out of his life. Shree advises him to run away and get married. On the other hand, Janhavi thinks she can try and explain the situation to her vicious step-mum. Pintya's dad agrees with Shree's opinion. Pintya has a little chat with his and comes to a conclusion that he is going to take responsibility for his own actions and going to leave his pregnant sister out of his problems.

Pintya gets married to Sunita against his mother's will. Initially, there is a heavy clash between Kala and Sunita, but Sadashiv resolves it forcibly. Saru gets married to a middle aged man named Pradyumna. Pradyumna's friend is revealed to be Devendra, Baby Aatya's estranged husband.

On their anniversary, Devendra tries to reconcile with his wife, but Baby insults him and tells him to leave. Devendra reveals the truth that the incident for which Baby left him had never really happened. Baby apologizes and returns to her husband. The other family members return. With some help from Jahnavi, Pintya buys a flat for his family. Jahnavi gives birth to a baby girl while Shree adopts another child from an orphanage. The serial ends with the entire family naming the baby "Krishnaa".


  • Tejashree Pradhan Ketkar as Janhavi Gokhale/Sasatrabudhe
  • Shashank Ketkar as Shreerang Gokhale (Shree)
  • Rohini Hattangadi as Bhagirathi Gokhale (Aai Aaji)
  • Manoj Joshi asRamakant Gokhale
  • Prasad Oak as Lakshmikant Gokhale (Kanta)
  • Suhita Thatte as Narmada Gokhale
  • Leena Bhagwat as Sharayu Gokhale
  • Supriya Pathare as Indraini Gokhale (Indu)
  • Purnima Talwalkar as Kaveri (Baby Aatya)
  • Smita Saravade as Saraswati (Saru Mavshi)
  • Rohan Gujar as Rohan Sahatrabudhe (Pintya)
  • Radhika Deshpande as Geeta
  • Atul Parchure as Mahanand Borkar (Boss)
  • Sachin Deshpande as Manish
  • Asha Shelar as Shashikala Sahastrabudhe (Kala)
  • Manoj Kolhatkar as Mr.Sahastrabudhe,(Baba)
  • Reception

    The show became popular amongst the women audiences. The lead actors Pradhan and Ketkar won best actress and best actor awards respectively at the Zee Marathi Awards in 2013. The show won a total 11 awards in various categories at this award function. The mangalsutra Pradhan wore in the show, with three lines, became a fashion and was also sold on EBay. The lead actors Pradhan and Ketkar got married in real life in February 2014 at Pune. The show completed more than 808 episodes and concluded on 24 January 2016.


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