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Hexane and hexene

Hexene is an alkene with a molecular formula C6H12. The prefix "hex" is derived from the fact that there are 6 carbon atoms in the molecule, while the "-ene" suffix denotes that there is an alkene present—two carbon atoms are connected via a double bond. There are several isomers of hexene, depending on the position and geometry of the double bond in the chain. One of the most common industrially useful isomers is 1-hexene, an alpha-olefin. Hexene is used as a comonomer in the production of polyethylene.


Hexene How many CC bonds are there in Hexene What is the structural

Constitutional isomers of c6h12 hexene


The following is a partial list of hexenes.

Hexene Difference between hexane hexene in terms of their chemical bonds
Hexene cis2Hexene 95 SigmaAldrich
Hexene cis3Hexene 950 SigmaAldrich


Hexene Wikipedia

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