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Hemidactylus brookii

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Kingdom  Animalia
Suborder  Sauria
Family  Gekkonidae
Scientific name  Hemidactylus brookii
Higher classification  House geckos
Order  Scaled reptiles
Subphylum  Vertebrata
Infraorder  Gekkota
Genus  Hemidactylus
Phylum  Chordata
Rank  Species
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Similar  House geckos, Reptile, Geckos, Hemidactylus flaviviridis, Common house gecko

Hemidactylus brookii, commonly known as Brooke's house gecko, is a widespread species of gecko.



The specific name, brookii, is in honor of British adventurer James Brooke.


Hemidactylus brookii Brook39s House Gecko Hemidactylus brookii iNaturalistorg

Snout somewhat longer than the distance between the eye and the ear-opening, nearly twice the diameter of the orbit; forehead concave; ear-opening small, oval, vertical, about one third the diameter of the eye; on the occiput very small round tubercles. Rostral quadrangular, with a median cleft; nostril bordered by the rostral, the first upper labial and three nasals, the upper not in contact with its fellow. Eight to ten upper and seven to nine lower labials; mental large, triangular; two or three pair of chin-shields, median forming - a suture. Scales of the throat granular. Body covered with small granules, intermixed with large keeled trihedral tubercles, arranged in 16-20 longitudinal series, the keels of the outer ones indistinct; the diameter of the largest tubercles on the flanks exceeds the diameter of the ear-opening. Ventral scales larger than those on the throat, cycloid, imbricate. Male with 7-20 femoral pores on each side. Tail depressed, annulate, with rows of 8 or 6 spine-like tubercles, below with a series of transversely dilated plates. Limbs granular, the upper part of the hind limb with large keeled tubercles; digits free, dilated, the free distal joint long, 3-6 lamellae under the inner, 6-8 under the median toes.

Hemidactylus brookii CalPhotos Hemidactylus brookii Brook39s House Gecko

Yellowish-brown above with irregular dark spots; one or two dark lines on the side of the head, passing through the eye; lips with dark bars. Lower parts white ; all the scales finely dotted with dark brown. Young specimens have cross lines of white tubercles on the back; those on the tail all white.

Length of head and body 58 mm.; tail 60 mm.

Geographic range

Hemidactylus brookii hemidactylus brookii Gallery
  • brookii
  • Senegal, Togo, Angola, Cape Verde, Tanzania, Gambia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Ghana, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Mali, Central African Republic, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Sudan (Dagana + Goree Dondo/Cuanza River Atakpame).
  • India (Himalaya), Bhutan, Thailand (HR 33: 322), Maldives, Malaysian Peninsula, Sri Lanka, Myanmar (= Burma) (Tsagain), Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia (Borneo).
  • Mexico, Honduras, Haiti, Antilles, Cuba, Hispaniola, Puerto Rico, Port-Au-Prince, Trinidad, Colombia
  • angulatus: Sudan, Uganda, south to Tanzania, west to Senegal. Zanzibar, Pemba Island.
  • Type locality: West coast of Africa = Gabon [angulatus]
  • leightoni: Venezuela (Zulia), Colombia
  • Type locality: "Ada Foah (Guinea)" [= Ghana] [Hemidactylus guineensis PETERS 1868]

  • Hemidactylus brookii Hemidactylus brookii
    Hemidactylus brookii Hemidactylus brookii Wikipedia


    Hemidactylus brookii Wikipedia