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Halanaerobium hydrogenoformans

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Domain  Bacteria
Family  Halanaerobiaceae
Phylum  Firmicutes
Order  Halanaerobiales
Class  Clostridia
Genus  Halanaerobium
Rank  Species
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Similar  Tetragenococcus, Carboxydothermus hydrogenoformans, Salinibacter ruber, Tetragenococcus halophilus, Halomonas

Halanaerobium hydrogeninformans is alkaliphilic bacterium that capable of biohydrogen production at (pH 11 and 7% (w/v) sodium chloride salts) and 33˚c, it commonly found in haloalkaline lakes.


H. hydrogeninformans was first discovered by Melanie Mormile, professor of biological sciences at Missouri university for science and technology and her team, from Soap Lake, Washington.


Halanaerobium hydrogeninformans is obligatory anaerobic, Gram negative, non motile, non-sporulating, elongated rod bacterium, that can tolerate the extreme conditions of both high salinity and alkalinity of its environment, with optimal growth at pH 11, 7% NaCl. It belongs to phylum Firmicutes, it can ferment a variety of 5- and 6-carbon sugars derived from hemicelluloses and cellulose including cellobiose, and forms the end products hydrogen, acetate, and formate.

Genome structure

The H. hydrogeniformans genome sequence was determined through a combination of Illumina and 454 technologies. The total genome size is 2,613,116 bp. The genome is 33.1% G+C and contains 2,295 candidate protein-encoding gene models. The genome contains four separate rRNA operons, each containing a 5S, a 16S, and a 23S rRNA gene, with 99.9 to 100% identity between 16S rRNA genes.


As the price of fossil fuels increases and reserves diminish, biofuel production is seen as a viable contribution to current. as well as future energy demands, Halanaerobium hydrogeninformans can use several pure sugars for hydrogen production, Hence, this bacterium can potentially increase the efficiency and efficacy of biohydrogen production from renewable biomass resources.


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