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Website  www.4tis.com/clique/
Active until  1983
Members  Dani Dothan Ovad Efrat
Origin  Tel Aviv, Israel (1980)
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Years active  1980–1983, 1988, 1999–present
Associated acts  Jean Conflict, Ur Kasdim
Past members  Eli Avramov Jean-Jacques Goldberg Uzi Binder Rona Vered Jasmin Even
Albums  Live in Tel-Aviv, Olam Tzafuf, Ima Ani Lo Rotze Lehigamel, Hakol Mushlam
Genres  Israeli rock, Post-punk, New wave
Record labels  NMC Music, Columbia Records
Similar  Dani Dotan, Rami Fortis, T‑Slam, Jean Conflict, Rockfour

HaClique (AKA The Clique/HaClick/The Click/Haklik) (Hebrew: הקליק) is an Israeli rock band founded in 1980 composed of remaining members Dani Dothan (Vocals), and Ovad Efrat (Bass).


The band was originally around for three years, but they reunited twice; once in 1988, in which they recorded and released their live album, and again in 1999, releasing the resulting mini-album in their 2002 box-set.

They became well known in Israel for songs like "Incubator", "Golem", "Ani Avud", "Al Tadliku Li Ner" and "Kol Haemet". In all, they released two albums, a live album, a mini-album, a box-set and three singles.


In the beginning, Dani Dothan and Eli Avramov had joined Jean-Jacques Goldberg and Ovad Efrat in an attempt do something different from the mainstream music of the time. They came up with the band name one fateful day on a 3 day acid trip when reading a newspaper article humor and social stigmatism in European "cliques", calling themselves HaClique. The first two songs attributed to the band were by Dothan and Avramov: "One With Experience" and "Step Out to the World". These would later be released in 1995 on the compilation "קצת אחר 3".

In 1980, the four of them, along with guitarist Uzi Binder, recorded the songs "Tzaleket Ktana" and "Makom Belibech", which were released as a 7" record. The first few live shows were at cinema "Paris" in Tel-Aviv.

In 1981, their first record, Ima Ani Lo Rotze Lehigamel, was released. It included the songs "Yeled Mavchena", "Ima Ani Lo Rotze Lehigamel", "Golem" and "Incubator". These songs describe the test tube birth of a child up to his death. The record wasn't a great success but with about a thousand copies sold it made the charts in Israel.

In 1982, HaClique joined with Rami Fortis and Ronen Ben Tal of Chromosome and Jean Conflict. The purpose was to play at the connection festival in Eilat. Although this came to nothing, they continued to appear together at club "Linguini" in Tel Aviv for three months.

In 1983, their second album, Olam Tzafuf, was released which included the songs: "Kol Haemet", "Mondina", "Hey Yaldon", "Yalda Mefuneket", "Ani Avud", "Al Tadliku Li Ner" and "Bear Hug". This record mentioned relations between homosexuals, which had been unseen before in Israeli music. At the same time, a single from the album, "Al Tadliku Li Ner" was released, about the Lebanon War.

That same year, the band played mainly in Tel Aviv at the club, Dan Cinema but also appeared a few times in Jerusalem and Haifa. They found success but some members thought that they would not get the exposure they deserved without compromise. Due to this disagreement, HaClique went into hiatus for a while.

In 1988 the band reunited and recorded a live album, Live In Tel-Aviv, at 'Real Time', releasing it as a limited edition vinyl record. In 1995, Dani Dothan recorded a solo album All of the Forbidden Loves under the record label "The Third Ear". Ovad Efrat and Eli Avramov played on the record.

In 2002, the band released a box set containing their two previous studio albums Ima Ani Lo Rotze Lehigamel, Olam Tzafuf and a new album, Hakol Mushlam, including the songs: "Eretz Israel 2000" and "Hakol Mushlam". Three promo CD singles were also released to promote the box-set; "Incubator", "Al Tadliku Li Ner" and "Eretz Israel 2000".

In 2004 the band announced new live dates at "Barbie" in Tel Aviv with keyboardist Jasmin Even. And on 28 December 2006, band member Jean-Jacques Goldberg died after a two-year struggle with cancer. Guitarist Eli Avramov died at 61 on 24 November 2015, after battling a serious illness. This now leaves only two permanent surviving members of the group.


  • Dani Dothan (Lead Vocals, Lyrics) (born 5 May 1954 in Jerusalem)
  • Ovad Efrat/'Obi Pepper' (Bass) (born 1 April 1956 in Jaffa, Tel-Aviv)
  • Former members

  • Eli Avramov (Rhythm Guitar, Music) (born 25 July 1954 in Jerusalem – died 24 November 2015)
  • Jean-Jacques Goldberg (Drums) (born 22 October 1955 in Belgium – died 28 December 2006 in Marseilles)
  • Uzi Binder (Lead Guitar) (1979–1980) (born 24 July 1957)
  • Rona Vered (Keys/Synth) (1982–1983)
  • Jasmin Even (Keys) (2005–2006) (born 12 December 1978)
  • Albums

  • Ima Ani Lo Rotze Lehigamel (1981)
  • Olam Tzafuf (1983)
  • Live In Tel-Aviv (1988)
  • Hakol Mushlam (2002) – appeared only in the Box set
  • Hakufsa (Box Set collecting and re-mastering their first two albums) (2002)
  • CD Singles

  • Milim Zolot (Three Versions) (1998)
  • Incubator (Hakufsa promo CD single) (2002)
  • Al Tadliku Li Ner (Hakufsa promo CD single) (2002)
  • Eretz Israel 2000 (Hakufsa promo CD single) (2002)
  • Songs

    Ima ani lo rotze lehigamel1981
    Sheled umlal1981
    Tzaleket ktana1981


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