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Hakol Mushlam

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Released  2002
Release date  2002
Genre  Electronic music
Artist  HaClique
Producer  HaClique
Recorded  1998, September 2001, 2002
Label  Incubator Records, NMC Records, L.A.4 Records
Hakol Mushlam (2002)  Hakufsa (The Box) (2002)

Hakol Mushlam (Hebrew: הכל מושלם‎‎, Everything's Perfect) is a 2002 mini-album by Israeli rock band HaClique, it was only included in their box-set, Hakufsa and is a collection of unreleased recordings made in 1998, 2001 and 2002.

Track listing

  1. "Hakol Mushlam"
  2. "Shir Hemshech (Haolam Mamshich Lehistovev)"
  3. "Eretz Israel 2000"
  4. "Sivuv Hagalgal"
  5. "Milim Zolot"


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