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Kingdom  Plantae
Rank  Genus
Family  Thymelaeaceae
Order  Malvales
Gyrinops PNGTreesKey Gyrinops ledermannii Domke

Similar  Aquilaria, Gyrinops walla, Aetoxylon, Aquilaria hirta, Gonystylus

Wallapatta gyrinops walla by mr thilak kandegama

Gyrinops is a genus of eight species of trees, called lign aloes or lign-aloes trees, in the Thymelaeaceae family. They are native to Southeast Asia and the Indian Subcontinent.


Gyrinops PNGTreesKey Gyrinops ledermannii Domke

The genus Gyrinops is closely related to Aquilaria and in the past all species were considered to belong to Aquilaria.

Gyrinops Sri Lanka to conserve endangered Gyrinops walla or Walla patta

Agarwood production

Gyrinops Walla Patta Gyrinops walla Gaertn

Together with Aquilaria the genus is best known as the principal producer of the resin-suffused agarwood. The depletion of wild trees from indiscriminate cutting for agarwood has resulted in the trees being listed and protected as an endangered species.

Gyrinops 1bpblogspotcomi01m6ak9eWwU3nUirUGYIAAAAAAA

Projects are currently underway in some countries in southeast Asia to infect cultivated trees artificially to produce agarwood in a sustainable manner. In Indonesia, for example, there have been proposals to encourage the planting of gahara, as it is known as locally, in eastern Indonesia, particularly in the province of Papua.


Gyrinops WALLAPATTAGyrinops Walla by MrThilak Kandegama YouTube

  • Gyrinops caudata (Gilg) Domke
  • Gyrinops decipiens Ding Hou
  • Gyrinops ledermanii Domke
  • Gyrinops moluccana (Miq.) Baill.
  • Gyrinops podocarpus (Gilg) Domke
  • Gyrinops salicifolia Ridl.
  • Gyrinops versteegii (Gilg) Domke
  • Gyrinops walla Gaertn.

  • Gyrinops eaglewood agarwood in Papua New Guinea training programs and research


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