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Gustavo Alatriste

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Gustavo Alatriste


Viridiana Alatriste

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July 22, 2006, Houston, Texas, United States

Silvia Pinal (m. 1961–1967), Sonia Infante (m. ?–1982), Ariadna Welter (m. ?–1960)

Ariel Award - Golden Ariel

Viridiana, The Exterminating Angel, Simon of the Desert, Mexico - Mexico - ra - ra - ra, Aquel famoso Remington

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Gustavo Alatriste (1922–2006) was a Mexican actor, director, and producer of films. He was married from 1961 through 1967 to the actress Silvia Pinal. They had one daughter, actress Viridiana Alatriste (1963–1982).


Gustavo Alatriste Gustavo Alatriste el cineasta de la crtica social

He was married several other times, to actresses Ariadne Welter, and Sonia Infante—the latter for 18 years) and had more than 20 other children, most of them in Mexico City and Guadalajara. Multiple sons have his name.

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He began his career producing Luis Buñuel's Viridiana (1961), which starred his then-wife, actress Silvia Pinal. The film, considered one of the greatest in Cinema of Spain, was the first of three films by the trio.

Gustavo Alatriste Recuerdan a Gustavo Alatriste con proyecciones del filme

In the eighties, Alatriste was named vice president of the Mexican CANACINE film organization.

Gustavo Alatriste Gustavo Alatriste el amigo mexicano de Buuel Masaryk Tv My Web

Alatriste died of pancreatic cancer on 22 July 2006 in Houston, Texas, although it was not made public until July 25, leading to confusion about the true date. La Crònica de hoy gives the date and time of death as Saturday, 22 July at 11:45pm, according to Alatriste's ex-wife Sonia Infante. It was actually 11:45AM, according to medical records.

Gustavo Alatriste ALATRISTE Rodrguez Gustavo

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  • La casa de Bernarda Alba (1980)
  • La grilla (1980)
  • Human (1976)
  • Tecnologías pesqueras (1975)
  • Quien resulte responsable (1971)
  • La güera Xóchitl (1971)
  • Simón del desierto (1965)
  • El ángel exterminador (1962)
  • Viridiana (1961)
  • Director

  • La combi asesina (1982)
  • Historia de una mujer escandalosa (1982)
  • Toña, nacida virgen (Del oficio) (1982)
  • Aquel famoso Remington (1981)
  • La casa de Bernarda Alba (1980)
  • La grilla (1979)
  • En la cuerda del hambre (1978)
  • México, México, ra, ra, ra (1975)
  • Las tecnologías pesqueras (1975)
  • Los privilegiados (1973)
  • Entre violetas (1973)
  • Victorino (Las calles no se siembran) (1973)
  • Human (1971)
  • Q.R.R (Quien resulte responsable) (1970)
  • Los adelantados (Citintabchén)
  • Actor

  • Historia de una mujer escandalosa (1982)
  • Aquel famoso Remington (1981)
  • Victorino (Las calles no se siembran) (1973)
  • Writer

  • Aquel famoso Remington (1981)
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