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Gotland National Conscription

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Active  1811–1887
Branch  Swedish Army
Size  Regiment
Country  Sweden
Type  Infantry
Gotland National Conscription

The Gotland National Conscription (Swedish: Gotlands nationalbeväring) was a Swedish Army infantry regiment that traced its origins back to the 19th century. It was split into two new regiments in 1887. The regiment's soldiers were recruited on the island of Gotland.



The regiment was created in 1811 when it was decided to organize Nationalbeväringen på Gotland (later Gotlands nationalbeväring) after having experienced the Russian occupation of the island in 1808–1809. The unit was 6,781 men strong and consisted of three artillery companies and 43 companies of infantry and rangers. The soldiers of the regiment were conscripts Gotlands nationalbeväring was reformed into two separate units, the Gotland Infantry Regiment and the Gotland Artillery Corps, in 1887.

Organisation 1861

Northern battalion (which in 1870 consisted of 5,040 men) consisted of the following companies:

  • Fårö company: Fårö socken
  • Rute company: Rute, Fleringe and Bunge socken
  • Forsa company: Lärbro, Hellvi and Tingstäde
  • Bals company: Othem, Boge, Hejnum and Bäl
  • Lina company: Hörsne, Bara, Gothem and Norrlanda
  • Stenkyrka company: Stenkyrka, Hangvar and Hall
  • Lummelunds company: Martebo, Lummelunda and Väskinde
  • Halla kompani: Dalhem, Ganthem and Halla
  • Visby battalion (which in 1870 consisted of 1,690 men) consisted of the following companies:

  • Visby jäger company
  • Visby infantary company
  • Endre company: Endre, Hejdeby, Barlingbo and Ekeby
  • Dede company: Roma, Björke, Follingbo and Akebäck
  • Bro company: Bro, Fole, Lokrume, Källunge and Vallstena
  • Stenkumla company: Stenkumla, Västerhejde, Träkumla, Vall and Hogrän
  • Eskelhems company: Eskelhem and Tofta
  • Middle battalion (which in 1870 consisted of 1,730 men) consisted of the following companies:

  • Sanda (Banda) company: Sanda, Västergarn and Mästerby
  • Klinte company: Klinte and Fröjel
  • Hejde company: Hejde, Väte and Atlingbo
  • Sjonhems company: Sjonhem, Viklau, Vänge, Buttle and Guldrupe
  • Östergarns company: Östergarn, Gammelgarn and Ardre
  • Thorsburgs company: Kräklingbo, Ala and Anga
  • Garda company: Garda, Etelhem, Alskog and Lye
  • Southern battalion (which in 1870 consisted of 2,350 men) consisted of the following companies:

  • Närs kompani: När och Lau
  • Burs kompani: Burs och Stånga
  • Fardhems kompani: Fardhem, Linde, Lojsta, Levide och Gerum
  • Hablingbo kompani: Hablingbo, Silte, Eksta och Sproge
  • Hemse kompani: Alva, Hemse, Rone och Eke
  • Havdhems kompani: Havdhem och Näs
  • Gröttlinge kompani: Grötlingbo och Fide
  • Hoburgs kompani: Öja, Hamra, Vamlingbo och Sundre
  • The number of conscripts amounted to 8,496 men and the officer corps comprised 111 men. The state cost for the conscripts amounted to 139,562 riksdaler and 92 öre, of which the military accounted for 2,000.

    Name, designation and garrison

    Gotland National Conscription's name, designation and garrison:


    The military commanders of Gotland 1811-1886. After Lennart Reuterskiöld withdrawal as military commander the post of military commander and county governor came to be united until 1873, then the posts were separated into two. Both Rudolf Cederström and Lennart Reuterskiöld were military commander and vice county governor.

  • 1810-08-22 - 1811-11-03 - Rudolf Cederström
  • 1811-11-03 - 1812-08-31 - Lennart Reuterskiöld
  • 1812-08-31 - 1817-03-26 - Carl Fredric Aschling
  • 1817-03-26 - 1831-06-30 - Jacob Cederström
  • 1831-06-30 - 1849-11-23 - Michael Silvius von Hohenhausen
  • 1849-11-23 - 1858-07-17 - Gustaf Jacob af Dalström
  • 1858-07-17 - 1862-05-13 - Gillis Bildt
  • 1862-05-13 - 1873-09-20 - Henrik Gyllenram
  • 1873-09-20 - 1884-04-09 - Ernst von Vegesack
  • 1884-04-09 - 1895-07-29 - Herman von Hohenhausen
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