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Country  Sweden
Population  381 (2014)
Municipality  Gotland Municipality
Time zone  CET (UTC+1)
Area  71.79 km²
Province  Gotland County
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Gothem is a settlement on the Swedish island of Gotland. Formerly a socken, on 1 January 2016, it was reconstituted into the administrative area Gothem District.


Map of 624 30 Gothem, Sweden


One of the largest Bronze Age cairns on Gotland, the Majsterrojr, is in Gothem. It is approximately 4 m (13 ft) high and 33 m (108 ft) in diameter and is surrounded by Bronze Age graves. It is situated on a small hill with stacks, that have also been used as building material for the cairn and the graves.

The medieval Gothem Church is located in the socken.


Gothem is the name of the socken, now district. It is also the name given to the small settlement close to the church in the socken, although that name is purely administrative and does not appear on maps. It is situated on the east coast of Gotland. One of Gotland's major streams, Gothemsån, has its outflow at Åminne in Gothem.

One of the asteroids in the asteroid belt, 10809 Majsterrojr, is named after the Majsterrojr cairn in Gothem.


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