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Release date
11 June 1993

Gokulam is a 1993 Tamil-language romance film directed by Vikraman. The film features Bhanupriya, Jayaram and Arjun Sarja in lead roles. The film had musical score by Sirpy and was released on 11 June 1993.


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Chellappa (Jayaram) lives in a village owning a photo studio along with his friends Raju (Vadivelu) and Chinni Jayanth. Mary (Bhanupriya) comes to the village and rents a house opposite to Kalyan Kumar’s house. Kalyan Kumar’s house is named "Gokulam" where he lives with his wife (Janaki) and a daughter Uma (Yuvasri).

Kalyan Kumar also has a son named Kannan (Arjun Sarja) but has been abandoned by the family members for marrying a girl without the family’s consent. But the family regularly receives money order from Kannan. Although Kalyan Kumar has changed his mind and accepted Kannan, he still does not return home. Everyone in Gokulam thinks that it is only Kannan’s wife who does not allow him to reunite with his family.

Mary gets close to Gokulam family members and attends singing classes from Kalyan Kumar. Mary helps everyone in the family as and when required. Chellappa falls in love with Mary and proposes her. But Mary tells her flashback to Chellappa which shocks him.

Mary’s original name is Gayathri and she sings well. Gayathri and Kannan love each other. Gayathri is a rich girl but has no parents or relative except for a guardian (Jaishankar) who has plans to get his son Vasanth (S. N. Vasanth) married to Gayathri. But Gayathri informs Jaishankar about her love towards Kannan for which he agrees immediately. Gayathri feels happy. Kannam requests the wedding to happen after a few days as he has to take care of his poor family. He says that his sister’s wedding should happen first.

Gayathri agrees for this and an engagement is planned between them on Gayathri’s birthday, but Vasanth gets furious knowing about this and decides to kill Kannan. Vasanth sends a few thugs to kill Kannan. Kannan fights them, but gets stabbed at his back. He comes to the function and dies in front of Gayathri.

Jai Shankar hands over his son Vasanth to police and is jailed. Gayatri cries and feels bad that Kannan lost his life only because of loving her and decides to help Kannan’s family. Kannan has already informed his family about his love which they didn’t agree. Gayathri writes a letter to Kannan’s parents that he has married against his parents’ wishes.

Gayathri comes to Kannan’s village in the name of Mary and sends money order to Kannan’s parents every month in the name of Kannan which makes them believe that their son is living in Chennai along with his wife. She also writes letters in the name of Kannan to his parents. Chellappa feels proud of Gayathri and promises not to inform anyone about her real identity.

Kannan’s sister Uma’s wedding is arranged. But Gayathri comes to know that Uma earlier had a lover (Raja Ravinder) who ditched her and now is blackmailing her about revealing their old photographs taken together to everyone which will impact her marriage. Gayathri decides to help Uma and she goes to Raja Ravinder’s home alone in search of the photographs. She finds the photos and burns them into ashes. Suddenly the guy comes and tries molesting Gayathri but Chellapa comes and rescues Gayathri. Crowd gathers around and Raja Ravinder lies that he has an illegitimate relationship with Gayathri which shocks her. But Gayathri could not reveal her real purpose of visiting his home at night as that would affect Uma’s wedding. Finally Gayathri accepts the blame and everyone ditches her for her morally incorrect behavior.

The village people ask Gayathri to vacate immediately but she requests them to allow her to stay for one day so that she can attend Uma’s wedding and them leave. Despite opposition, Gayathri attends Uma’s wedding, but is insulted by Kalyan Kumar. Dejected Gayathri leaves the village immediately and she has decided to accept a previous offer of going on a world tour performing stage shows along with his friend.

Chellappa informs Kalyan Kumar about all the truth and they realize their mistake. Kalyan Kumar and Chellappa rush to Gayathri’s house, but she has left before that. Finally the movie ends showing Kalyan Kumar waiting in the village railway station daily morning for Gayathri’s return.


  • Bhanupriya as Mary / Gayathri
  • Jayaram as Chellappa
  • Arjun Sarja as Kannan (guest appearance)
  • Kalyan Kumar as Kannan's father
  • Vadivel as Raju, Chellappa's friend
  • Chinni Jayanth as Chellappa's friend
  • Major Sundarrajan
  • Jaishankar as Gayatri's guardian
  • S. N. Vasanth as Vasanth
  • Dubbing Janaki as Kannan's mother
  • Sindhu as Mary
  • Raja Ravindra
  • Yuvasri
  • Singamuthu
  • Pazhanisamy
  • V. S. Gopalakrishnan
  • Oru Viral Krishna Rao
  • Ramesh Khanna as Ramesh (guest appearance)
  • Soundtrack

    The film score and the soundtrack were composed by film composer Sirpy and lyrics written by Pazhani Bharathi. The soundtrack, released in 1993, features 8 tracks.


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