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Population  121,879 (2001)
Languages spoken  Gujarati, Hindi
State  Gujarat
District  Panchmahal

Godhra is a Municipality in Panchmahal district in Indian state of Gujarat. It is the administrative headquarters of the Panchmahal district. Originally the name came from gou which means "cow" and dhara which has two meanings: one in Sanskrit which means "hold" or "land" and the other in Hindi which means "flow": It means the Land of the Cow.


Map of Godhra

Godhra is widely known in India and internationally for being the starting point of the 2002 Gujarat violence. Statewide religious riots between Hindus and Muslims began after the Godhra train burning incident near the Godhra railway station on 27 February 2002.

Narendra modi speech after godhra incident 2002 the so called riot period must see

Narendra modi is the ghost of godhra karan thapar slapped modi on his face


Godhra means the land of cows. In mythological terms it can be called as land which is used for the grazing of cow. Cows used to come here from Pavagadh for grazing.

A bronze of Lord Rishabhanath of AD 975 found at Akota mentions Gohadra kula, i.e., the school of Jain monks at Gohadra. The historical name of Godhra is "Godhrahk", which was established by Parmar king named Dhudhul Mandalik in A.D. 1415. Five hundred years ago, the respectable Saint Shrimad Vallabhacharya in his morning ritual speech gave the example of his dream city. He explained how the city which was seen in dream by her daughter was handed over by a Muslim resident to a Hindu family.


Mesri river, Ramsagar lake and in far east, Kanelav lake represents natures beauty.


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