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Gisele Yashar

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Portrayed by  Gal Gadot
Occupation  Liaison Weapons expert
Played by  Gal Gadot
Last appearance  Furious 7
Created by  Chris Morgan
Gender  Female
Nationality  Israeli
Significant other  Han
First appearance  Fast & Furious
Gisele Yashar gisele yashar gal gadot joins the crew as what
Movies  Fast & Furious, Fast Five, Fast & Furious 6, Furious 7
Similar  Han, Roman Pearce, Mia, Tej, Letty

Gisele Yashar (Hebrew: ג'יזל ישׁר‎‎) is a fictional character of the The Fast and The Furious film franchise who appeared in Fast & Furious, Fast Five, and Fast & Furious 6. She was portrayed by Gal Gadot.


Gisele Yashar 20 Hottest Girls of the 39Fast and Furious39 Movies Gisele Yashar

Fast & Furious

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Gisele served as drug trafficker Auturo Braga's liaison. She is first seen asking for Dominic Toretto's license and thumb print. After she processes them, she gives Toretto's license back, along with her phone number. She is heard on the radio getting Toretto, undercover FBI agent Brian O'Conner (who arrested a member of Braga's cartel), and the rest of Braga's cartel to the other side of the US/Mexico border. During the botched arrest of Braga, Toretto saves her life. She is last seen when she returns the favor by telling him where Braga is going to be.

Fast Five

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Gisele is recruited for the Rio heist as a weapons expert, as it is revealed she is a former Mossad agent. During the heist, she is disguised as a prisoner who drove the garbage truck with the safe with $100 million. She is last seen with Han driving down a highway and is dating Han at the end of the film.

Fast & Furious 6

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Gisele and Han are seen living in Hong Kong when they are recruited for a job to catch Owen Shaw by DSS Agent Luke Hobbs. During a shootout she kills one of Shaw's henchmen, Ivory, as he was escaping. During the tank heist, Han saves her from being crushed. During the plane battle, she fights Adolfson and sacrifices herself to save Han and shoots Adolfson, whom Han killed as revenge for Gisele's death.

Furious 7

Gisele is seen in a photo when Dominic retrieves Han's belongings after his death in Japan and places it on the photo stand at his funeral and in flashbacks. She appeared in a deleted scene, she was the one who saved Letty's life from the fourth film, bringing her to the hospital, when Letty was seriously injured in a car accident.


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