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George Bournoutian

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Occupation  Professor
Name  George Bournoutian
Role  Author

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Born  September 25, 1943 (age 72) (1943-09-25) Isfahan, Iran
Education  University of California, Los Angeles
Books  A Concise History of the Armenian People

Professor george bournoutian lecture at uc irvine feb 19 2014

George A. Bournoutian (Persian: جورج بورنوتیان‎‎, 25 September 1943, Isfahan, Iran) is an Iranian-American professor, historian, and author of Armenian descent. He is a Senior Professor of History at Iona College and the author of over 28 books, particularly focusing on Armenian history. He has taught Iranian history at UCLA, and Armenian history at Columbia University, Tufts University, New York University, Rutgers University, the University of Connecticut, Ramapo College, and Glendale Community College. He is currently the Visiting Professor of Armenian History at Columbia. Bournoutian is one of the 40 editors of the Encyclopaedia Iranica as well.


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George Bournoutian was born in Isfahan, Iran into an Armenian family. He grew up in Iran, and he received his High school diploma from the well-known Andisheh (Don Bosco) institution in Tehran. He immigrated to the United States in 1964. He received his M.A degree in 1971 and his Ph.D. in History (Armenian and Iranian studies) in 1976 at UCLA (“Eastern Armenia on the Eve of the Russian Conquest”, also published as a book in 1982, and 1992).

He is a member of the Middle Eastern Studies Association, Association for the Advancement of Slavic Studies, Iranian Studies Association, Armenian Studies Association and Association for Armenian Studies.

George Bournoutian is also an avid world traveler. He is fluent in Armenian, Persian, Russian, and Polish, and has a reading command of French and Azeri. He also accompanies his senior and graduate students on annual trips to Armenia and Transcaucasia, the Middle East (mostly Iran), Africa, Southeast Asia.


  • Recipient NDEA Title VI Fellowship (1973-1975)
  • Recipient of IREX Fellowship (USSR, 1973-1974
  • Recipient of Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellowship (Columbia University, 1978-1980)
  • Ranked top merit award seven years at Iona College
  • Recipient of twenty publication and research grants (1990-2010)
  • Recipient of numerous travel and research grants from Iona College
  • Degrees

    George Bournoutian's degrees;

  • B.A. (UCLA, 1970); M.A (UCLA, 1971); Ph.D. (UCLA, 1976). History
  • B.A. Thesis: “The Armenian Community of Isfahan (Iran) in the 17th Century.”
  • Published in 2 parts in The Armenian Review in 1971-1972.

  • M.A. Thesis: “The Rise of National and Political Consciousness among the Armenian, Georgian and Turko-Tatar Peoples and Their Role in the Russian Revolution of 1905-1907.” Published in The Armenian Review in 1973.
  • Ph.D. Thesis: “Eastern Armenia on the Eve of the Russian Conquest.”
  • Publications

  • From Tabriz to St. Petersburg: Iran's Mission of Apology to Russia in 1829. Mazda Pub, April 2014
  • A History of the Armenian People: Prehistory to 1500 Ad (1993) Mazda Publishers
  • The 1823 Russian Survey of the Karabagh Province: A Primary Source on the Demography and Economy of Karabagh in the Early 19th Century. 2011, 467pp. Topic: Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan; second edition, 2012.
  • Mawgez Tarikh al-Sha`b al-Armani. Arabic translation of no. 17 below, Cairo, 2012
  • Hay Zhoghovrdi Hamarod Patmut`yun. Armenian translation of no. 17 below, Yerevan, 2012
  • Ermeni Tarihi. Turkish Translation of no. 17 below, Istanbul, 2011.
  • Arak`el of Tabriz: Book of History (One-volume revised edition of number 14 above) [2010], xiii+637 cloth.
  • A Brief History of the Aghuank` Region, 1702-1723 (Esayi Hasan Jalaleants`) [2009]. History of Ganje and Karabagh by Catholicos Esayi. xi+125 paper. Topic: History/Armenia, Iran, Azerbaijan.
  • Arak`el of Tabriz, Book of History (2010). Revised version and second edition of no. 12 below.
  • Jambr (Simeon of Erevan) [2009]. History of the Armenian Church to 1780 by Catholicos Simeon of Erevan. xv+519 paper. Topic: History/Armenia, Iran, Russia.
  • The Travel Accounts of Simeon of Poland (2007). Travel journal of an Armenianfrom Poland to Italy, Egypt, Syria, Holy Land, and Turkey. xiv+373, paper.Topic: History/Ottoman Empire, Armenian Diaspora in the Middle East, Western and Eastern Europe.
  • Historia Sucinta del Pueblo Armenio (2007) Argentina.Spanish translation of no. 17 below. ix+505, paper. Buenos Aires.
  • Tigranes II and Rome (2007). English translation of H. Manandyan’s classic work. xi+202, paper. Topic: History/Iran, Armenia and Rome in the first century BC.
  • The History of Vardapet Arak`el of Tabriz (2 vols.), 2005-2006. The most important primary source on the political and socioeconomic conditions of the territory of Armenia in the 17th century - Critical Text. xix+1-280; xx+281-619, paper, OOP. Topic: History/Armenia, Iran, Armenian Diaspora
  • Two Chronicles on the History of Karabagh (2004), by Mirza Adigozal Beg and Mirza Yusuf. xvi+298, paper. Topic: History/Armenia, Iran, Azerbaijan.
  • Tarikh-e Qarehbagh (Tehran): Persian translation of no. 22 below. xiii+176, paper (2004).
  • The Chronicle of Deacon Zak`aria of K`anak`er (2004), Chronicle of the Abbot of Hovhannavank Monastery on the condition in Armenia.xii+359, paper. Topic: History/Armenia, Iran, Georgia.
  • The Journal of Zak`aria of Agulis (2003), journal of an Armenian silk merchant from Armenia who traveled to Europe via the Ottoman Empire. vii+243, paper. Topic: History/Armenia, Iran, Georgia, Ottoman Empire.
  • A Concise History of the Armenian People (various editions). 2002-2012. ix+521, paper and cloth.
  • Armenians and Russia: A Documentary Record, 1626-1796 (2001) OOP. Documents from the Archives of Russia, Armenia, and Georgia. xiv+512, cloth. Topic: History/Russia, Iran, Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan.
  • History of the Wars, 1721-1738 (1999) by Abraham of Erevan. vi+111, paper.Topic: History/Iran, Armenia, Ottoman Empire, Afghanistan.
  • The Chronicle of Abraham of Crete (1999) by Catholicos Abraham of Crete. vi+190, cloth. Critical Text. Topic: History/Iran-Armenia.
  • Russia and the Armenians of Transcaucasia: A Documentary Record, 1797-1889 (1998): Documents from the Archives of Russia, Armenia, and Georgia. xv+578, cloth. Topic: History/Armenia, Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Daghestan.
  • A History of the Armenian People, Vol. II: 1500 to the Present (1994). viii+237, paper. Reprinted with corrections 1996, revised third edition 1998. OOP. Used as main text at a number of universities. Topic: History/Armenian.
  • A History of Qarabagh (1994) Mirza Jamal Javanshir. vi+157+62, cloth. (includes facsimile of original manuscript), OOP. Topic: History/Azerbaijan-Armenia-Iran-Russia.
  • A History of the Armenian People, Vol. I: Pre-History to 1500 A.D. (1993). xviii+174, paper. Reprinted with corrections in 1995, third edition 1997. OOP. Used as the main textbook at UCLA, Rutgers, Tufts, CSU-Fresno etc. Topic: History/Armenia.
  • The Khanate of Erevan under Qajar Rule, 1795-1828. Persian Studies Series,number 13, Bibliotheca Persica, Iran Center, Columbia University, New York, 1992, pp. xxvii+355, cloth. OOP. Selected by Choice.Topic: History/Armenia, Russia, Iran, and Ottoman Empire.
  • Eastern Armenia in the Last Decades of Persian Rule, 1807-1827. Studies in Near Eastern Culture and Society, number 5, Von Grunebaum Center, UCLA, Undena, 1982, pp. xxii+290, cloth and paper. OOP. Topic: History/Armenia, Russia, Iran.
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