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Gaston Méliès

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Name  Gaston Melies

Role  Film director
Gaston Melies cinewikiwikispacescomfileviewgastonmeliesjp
Died  April 9, 1915, Ajaccio, France
Spouse  Hortense-Louise de Mirmont (m. 1907–1915)
Parents  Johannah-Catherine Schuering, Jean-Louis-Stanislas Melies
Siblings  Georges Melies, Henri Melies
Movies  A Trip to the Moon, The Immortal Alamo, Playing Cards, Hinemoa, The River Wanganui
Similar People  Georges Melies, Francis Ford, H G Wells, Jules Verne, Edith Storey

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Gaston Méliès ([meljɛs]; February 12, 1852 – April 9, 1915) was a French film director who worked primarily in the United States. He was the brother of the famous film director Georges Méliès.


Gaston Méliès Itinraires Le Voyage cinmatographique de Gaston Mlis Tahiti

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Gaston and the third and elder Méliès brother, Henri, ran the family shoe factory in Paris. They landed a contract with the French War Ministry that looked to make them both wealthy. Unfortunately, the price of leather increased sharply, and they were unable to meet their costs. The factory shut down and the Méliès lost their business.

Gaston Méliès Le Voyage cinmatographique de Gaston Mlis dans les Mers du Sud et

Georges Méliès had produced films in France, which had become popular around the world. Some distributors began infringing Méliès work, especially in the United States. Georges Méliès asked his brother Gaston to go the United States and guard Georges's copyrights.

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Gaston Méliès arrived in New York City in 1902, formed the American branch of the Star Film Company, and began distributing his brother's films. By 1903, Gaston began making films himself, mostly documentaries. The films were not successful. In the summer of 1907, Gaston Méliès returned to France take care of some business with Georges. On September 11, 1907, he married Hortense-Louise de Mirmont, an elder sister of Lucien Reulos' wife, who was one of Georges Méliès' first collaborators. The new couple left Paris a few days after their marriage and travelled from Le Havre to New York on the ship La Savoie, where they arrived September 28, 1907.

Gaston Méliès Gaston Mlis and His Lost Films Of Singapore BiblioAsia

In need of warmer winters to allow for year-round film production, Méliès moved the Star Film Company to San Antonio, Texas, and leased twenty acres including a two-story house and large barn that became the "Star Film Ranch" movie studio. He acted in two of his movies playing a priest in The Immortal Alamo (1911) and The Kiss of Mary Jane (1911).

Gaston Méliès Gaston Mlis and His Lost Films Of Singapore BiblioAsia

In April, 1911, Gaston moved the company to Santa Paula, California, following the trend of other movie studios to relocate in California.

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In 1912 and 1913 Méliès travelled with his family and a film crew of over 20 people in the South Pacific, New Zealand, Australia, Tahiti, Southeast Asia and Japan in search of exotic subjects for his films. For the summer of 1912 and well into 1913 Gaston sent footage back to his son in New York, but it was often damaged or unusable. Gaston was no longer able to fulfill Star Film's obligation to Thomas Edison's company. Gaston lost $50,000 and had to cease production. He went to California, sold the American branch of Star Films to Vitagraph Studios, and then returned to Europe. He and his brother Georges (who blamed Gaston for his own financial difficulties) never spoke to one another again.

Gaston Méliès Georges and Gaston Mlis

Méliès and his wife moved to Corsica in the winter of 1913. He died in Corsica on April 9, 1915 of "shellfish poisoning." He was buried on April 14, 1915 in Saint-Vincent Cemetery in Montmartre, Paris, in a tomb belonging to his second wife's family, De Mirmont.


Gaston Méliès Marie Georges Jean Mlis 1861 1938 Genealogy

Unless otherwise referenced, the following information is adapted from the research of Paul Hammond. All films were released by the Star Film Company.


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In the table below, "SFC" refers to the numbers used for film listings in the Star Film Company catalogues; Hammond's research identifies the catalogue numbers for the first three of Gaston Méliès's films. Film length is given in meters and feet.


The following films, all one-reelers, were made between 7 April 1910 and 25 July 1912 in Texas and California.


The following are the films made between July 1912 and May 1913 on Méliès's Pacific travels.


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