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Friedhof Heerstraße

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14052 Berlin, Germany

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Friedhof Heerstraße

Vicco von Bülow, Klausjürgen Wussow, George Grosz

Waldfriedhof Dahlem, Dorotheenstadt cemetery, Städtischer Friedhof III, Weißensee cemetery, Georg Kolbe Museum

Gemeinschaftsgrabst tte waldfriedhof heerstra e berlin

The Friedhof Heerstraße cemetery is located at Trakehnerallee 1 (Trakehner avenue No.1), district of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf in Berlin, Germany, beneath the Olympiastadion. It covers an area of 149,650 square meters.


The cemetery was originally named and planned for the local residents of Villenkolonie Heerstraße. It was laid out between 1921-24 around the Sausuhlensee (Wild boar's lake). Created by landscape architect Erwin Barth as a forest cemetery, the chapel was designed by Erich Blunck.

Today's cemetery does not reflect its original design. In 1935/36 the original plans for extending the cemetery were dropped and the land was appropriated for landscaping related to the 1936 Summer Olympics; the fact that the non-denominational cemetery contained a number of Jewish graves bolstered the Nazis' need to keep the cemetery out of sight. Another problem for the Olympic organizers was that the cemetery chapel could be seen from the sports fields; accordingly the roof was lowered and other changes made to its design.

In 1948 the war-damaged chapel was rebuilt following the 1936 design alterations.

From the beginning this cemetery was open to all: Christians, Jews, Muslims, and even suicides. Its idyllic location on the lake attracted many prominent people whose graves are located there.

Graves of prominent people

Those graves marked by an asterisk (*) are Ehrengrab des Landes Berlin (Honoured Grave: the city of Berlin pays all fees)

  • Alfred Abel (1879–1937), actor (Metropolis) and director
  • Conrad Ansorge, composer and pianist
  • Hermann Bamberg* (1846-1928), Berlin honorary citizen
  • Ottomar Batzel, local politician
  • Marcus Behmer* (1879-1958), drawer
  • Arnold Berliner* (1862-1942), physicist
  • Leo Blech*, composer and conductor
  • Werner Bloch*, Stadtältester, city-oldest
  • Michael Bohnen, chamber singer
  • Karl Bonhoeffer*, physician, mental specialist
  • Alfred Braun*, broadcast pioneer
  • Ferdinand Bruckner*, writer
  • Erich Buchholz* (1891-1972), painter, drawer
  • Horst Buchholz (1933-2003), actor
  • Paul Cassirer* (1871-1925), art dealer
  • Christian Chruxin (1937-2006), designer
  • Theodor Däubler* (1876-1934), poet
  • Alexander Dehms* (1904-1979), Stadtältester
  • Frida Deman-Leider*, chamber singer
  • Günter von Drenkmann*, president of the Court of Appeal, murdered
  • Bill Drews* (1870-1938), Prussian Minister of the Interior
  • Werner Düttmann, architect and sculptor
  • Tilla Durieux*, actress
  • Fritz Dylong*, Stadtältester
  • Edyth Edwards* (1899-1956), actress
  • Leonore Ehn* (1888-1978), actress
  • Alexander Engel (1902-1968), actor
  • Erich Fiedler (1901 -1981), actor
  • Max Jakob Friedländer (1867-1958), art historian
  • Curt Goetz*, actor and writer, with Valérie von Martens
  • George Grosz*, painter and drawer
  • Wolfgang Gruner, Stachelschwein
  • Käthe Haack, actress, with her daughter Hannelore Schroth, actress
  • Thea von Harbou*, writer, also film scripts
  • Maximilian Harden*, journalist and writer
  • Alfred Helberger* (1871-1946), painter
  • Hilde Hildebrand (1897-1976), actress
  • Walter Höllerer (1922-2003), literature scientist
  • Karl Hofmann (1870-1940), chemist
  • Arno Holz*, writer
  • Hermann Jansen*, architect
  • Franz Teddy Kleindin de:Franz Teddy Kleindin (1914-2007), Jazz musician, composer ("Klarinettenzauber"), arranger
  • Hans-Werner Kock (1930-2003), Journalist, local TV moderator
  • Georg Kolbe*, sculptor
  • Willi Kollo, tenor
  • Viktor de Kowa*, actor, with his Japanese wife Michiko Tanaka, actress, singer
  • August Kraus* (1868-1934), sculptor and painter
  • Eduard Künneke, composer, with his daughter Evelyn Künneke, singer
  • Helene Lange*, early women's lib fighter
  • Horst H. Lange, jazz researcher
  • Leopold Langstein* (1876-1933), child physician
  • Melvin J. Lasky, American, writer, editor of a famous periodicals de:Der Monat and Encounter,
  • Karl Heinz Martin*, director of the Hebbel-Theater
  • Günter Meisner (1926-1994) actor
  • Hermann Minkowski* (1864-1909), mathematician and physicist, with Oskar Minkowski* (1858-1931), internalist
  • Hans Joachim Moser (1889-1967), music scientist
  • de:Hermann Müller (Leichtathlet) (1885 -1947), marathoner, walker, 2 world records, some medals, f.e. in Athens 1906
  • Albert Panschow*, Stadtältester
  • Josef Pelz von Felinau, writer
  • Werner Peters (1918-1971), actor, (Der Untertan) and film producer
  • Günter Rexrodt (1941-2004), politician (FDP)
  • Joachim Ringelnatz*, writer, poet
  • Ulrich Roski (1944-2003), Liedermacher
  • Oscar Sabo (1881-1969), actors, with Oscar Sabo jun. (1922-1958)
  • Oskar Sala (1910-2002), composer
  • Willy Schaeffers, Kabarettist (honour grave in 2001 denied)
  • Edith Schollwer (1904-2002), actress and according to gravestone the last Insulanerin
  • August Scholtis*, writer
  • Hannelore Schroth (1922-1987), actress
  • Johann Heinrich Schultz (1894-1970), physician, inventor of the autogenous training
  • Carl Schuhmann* (1869-1946), sportsman, many medals
  • Leonard Steckel* (1901-1971), actor and theatre director
  • Georg Süßenguth, architect
  • Katharina Szelinski-Singer (1918-2010), sculptress
  • Jakob Tiedtke (1875-1960), actor
  • Family grave of Franz Ullstein, with nude pair by Josef Thorak
  • Kurt Wegner* (1898-1964), local politician
  • Paul Wegener*, famous actor
  • Grethe Weiser*, actress, buried as Grethe Weiser-Schwerin
  • Dorothea Wieck (1908-1986), actress, best known for her role in Mädchen in Uniform
  • Agnes Windeck (1888-1975), actress
  • Jürgen Wohlrabe (1936-1995), politician, film lender
  • Augusta von Zitzewitz, painter
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