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Françoise Yip

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Chinese name  葉芳華 (traditional)
Origin  Toronto, Canada
Chinese name  叶芳华 (simplified)
Name  Francoise Yip

Pinyin  Ye Fanghua (Mandarin)
Role  Actress
Birth name  Francoise Fong-Wa Yip
TV shows  Blood Ties, Freedom
Francoise Yip wearing black sando

Jyutping  jip6 fong1 waa4 (Cantonese)
Nominations  Hong Kong Film Award for Best Supporting Actress, Hong Kong Film Award for Best New Performer
Movies  Rumble in the Bronx, Black Mask, The King of Fighters, Blade: Trinity, Romeo Must Die

Born  September 4, 1972 (age 48) North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Similar  Anita Mui, Marc Akerstream, Bill Tung


Françoise Fong-Wa Yip (葉芳華; born September 4, 1972) is a Canadian actress.


Jet li aaliyah vs francoise yip

Early life and education

Françoise Yip wearing light make up

Yip was born in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, and was raised in Toronto, Ontario. Her father is a Canadian of Chinese descent and her mother is French Canadian. At an early age, Yip began studying both piano and dance, excelling on the piano. Although she won many awards, competitions, and kudos, she passed up an opportunity to study music full-time to pursue a degree in Political Science. It was during her years at university that, at the urging of a friend, Yip began modeling. Despite early success, her career as a model didn't last long, as she moved into acting.


Françoise Yip wearing red top while her arms upward

Her best-known roles are the redeemable bad girls in Jackie Chan's Rumble in the Bronx and Jet Li's Black Mask. The critical and financial success of Rumble in the Bronx (and its subsequent number-one box-office bow in the United States) made Yip an instant success and garnered her two Hong Kong Film Award nominations. She continued to do movies and star in TV, but her roles were less known or temporary. The characters she plays often get killed or serve as a background character.

Françoise Yip in her black outfit while holding a gun

Yip appeared in the television series Andromeda as two different characters. Her first character was arrested, and her final character was murdered. She did two movies with Jet Li, the first as a lead romantic interest in Black Mask and the second in Romeo Must Die, but this time she played a Chinese gangster motorcycle assassin killed by Jet Li and Aaliyah. An unfortunate aspect of her career is that none of the TV shows she starred in lasted beyond a full season, and if she did have a starring role in a movie it was a straight-to-video or TV film. She appeared in the film Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem, and guest-starred in the Canadian TV show Blood Ties.

Françoise Yip in a swimming pool while wearing white top

Françoise Yip's fierce look while wearing white top and brown skirt

Françoise Yip in her black lingerie


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