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Flavio Caballero

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Name  Flavio Caballero

Role  Actor
Flavio Caballero Flavio Caballero es Anbal Ramn el guardin de Jackeline
Movies and TV shows  Time Out, Decisiones, The Face of Analia
Similar People  Maricarmen Regueiro, Hilda Abrahamz, Emma Rabbe, Caridad Canelon, Hugo Vasquez

Flavio Caballero - Biografía

Flavio Caballero (born January 6, 1952) is a well known Colombian actor. He is a native of Tuchin.


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Flavio Caballero who was born in Cartagena, Bolívar in October 6 of 1952, grew up with two childhood dreams: he wanted to become both a hair dresser and an actor. When he was in high school, he became more interested in hair styling, and he was an medium average student, becoming able only to attend a public careers school, where he pursued a career as a hair stylist and fashion designer.

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Eventually, he began losing interest in that career, focusing instead on becoming an actor. Caballero began to study acting at the Instituto de Extras de television y Novelas.

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Caballero established himself in Caracas, Venezuela, where he kept trying to get a job as a soap opera extra, at the Instituto de Extras de Television y Novelas. He also studied cake making in Quibdo (Colombia) and Venezuela.

In 1970, Caballero made his debut, acting in an Italian-Spaniard-French production, Il Corsaro Nero ("Black Pirate"). Caballero proceeded to act in more than two theatre plays, and, in 1976, he appeared on Venezuelan screens for the first time, in a film named El Rebaño de los Angeles ("Angel's Herd")as an extra. In 1982, Flavio made his telenovela debut, acting in La Señorita Perdomo ("Ms. Perdomo"). He commented in that role, noticing that somehow reminded him of the dead of his brother who was infected with the AIDS virus due to his homosexuality and drug abuse, that also eas rampant at his household at the time. That soap opera was the first of three produced by Radio Caracas Television that Caballero would participate in, including ("Adventurer"), and 2002's Mi Gorda Bella ("My Beautiful Fat Girl").

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Perhaps Caballero's most important career year was 1989, when starring in Amanda Sabater alongside Maricarmen Regueiro. Caballero played Ivan Moros due to a sudden sickness by the main actor in the soap opera. Amanda Sabater was an heiress whose father was Diego Sabater. However, and unknown to the two main characters in the soap opera, Diego was really Ivan's father and not Amanda's. This soap opera was shown in Mexico, Puerto Rico and (among Hispanics) in the United States having not reaching a high rating and being known as a third class soap opera.

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Caballero was under contract with RCN Television of Colombia as a secondary role extra in some soap operas.


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  • 1984: Leonela as Manaue Guerra
  • 1988: Señora as Anselmo Itriago
  • 1991: El Desprecio as Raúl Velandró
  • 1999: "Luisa Fernanda" as Ignacio Riera
  • 2002: Mi gorda bella as Juan Angel
  • 2004: "Estrambotica Anastasia" as Aquiles Borofski
  • 2006: "La viuda de blanco" as Justino Brinon
  • 2008: "El Rostro de Analia" as Nelson Lares
  • 2008: "Valeria" as Alfredo Galan
  • 2011: "El Joe "La Leyenda"" as Anibal Ramon
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