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Flamenco (1995 film)

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Director  Carlos Saura
Screenplay  Carlos Saura
Writer  Carlos Saura
Language  Spanish
7.4/10 IMDb

Genre  Documentary, Music
Country  Spain
Flamenco (1995 film) movie poster
Release date  Spain: 16 June 1995 United States: 25 April 1997
Music director  Antonio Carmona, Jose Miguel Carmona, Juan Carmona
Cast  Manolo Sanlucar, Joaquin Cortes, Enrique Morente, Mario Maya, Merche Esmeralda
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Flamenco 1995 by carlos saura part 1 of 10

Flamenco is a 1995 Spanish documentary film directed by Carlos Saura with camerawork by cinematographer Vittorio Storaro. The film is entirely musical and dancing vignettes, composed and photographed on a sound stage.


Flamenco (1995 film) movie scenes

Flamenco 1995 by carlos saura part 8 of 10


Flamenco (1995 film) Flamenco 1995 By Carlos Saura Part 8 of 10 YouTube

Flamenco is a documentary that includes performances from some of the best flamenco singers, dancers and guitarists. Helped by cinematography by Vittorio Storaro, director Carlos Saura brings with this film the "Light of Flamenco to the World".

Flamenco (1995 film) Flamenco 1995 Torrents Torrent Butler

As a hall fills with performers, a narrator says that flamenco came from Andalucia, a mix of Greek psalms, Mozarabic dirges, Castillian ballads, Jewish laments, Gregorian chants, African rhythms, and Iranian and Romany melodies. The film presents thirteen rhythms of flamenco, each with song, guitar, and dance: the up-tempo bularías, a brooding farruca, an anguished martinete, and a satiric fandango de huelva. There are tangos, a taranta, alegrías, siguiriyas, soleás, a guajira of patrician women, a petenera about a sentence to death, villancicos, and a final rumba. Families present numbers, both festive and fierce. The camera and the other performers are the only audience.

Flamenco (1995 film) Flamenco 1995 MUBI

This film shows a world of flamenco—singing, dancing and guitarplaying melded into an intense, enclosing and dramatic space. Song, guitar and dance are blended in inventive ways. They are performed sometimes a cappella, extending the guitar playing in subtle and intense "solos" accompanied often by hand-clapping or knuckles rapped on a table. These dancers have learned the technique but they make the flamenco their own. Here we see children dancing with their parents; and grandparents demonstrating that flamenco imbues the spirit with a graceful power that does not age. At the end, we see the form of flamenco symbolically passed through a class of aspiring dancers.


Flamenco (1995 film) Top 25 films of 1997 open due date Page 3 Box Office

Performances by: Paco de Lucía, Joaquín Cortés, Manolo Sanlúcar, Lole y Manuel, La Paquera de Jerez, Fernanda de Utrera, José Menese, Enrique Morente, José Mercé, Farruco y Farruquito, Ketama, Manzanita, Maria Pagès and many others at the old Seville train station.

DVD release

Flamenco (1995 film) Amazoncom Flamenco La Paquera de Jerez Merche Esmeralda Manolo

Flamenco was issued on DVD by New Yorker Video in December 2003, in Spanish with English subtitles. The lyrics of the songs are translated in the subtitles (the only "dialog" in the film).

Flamenco (1995 film) Flamenco 1995 By Carlos Saura Part 2 of 10 YouTube
Flamenco (1995 film) Flamenco Flamenco de Carlos Saura TRAILER YouTube


Flamenco (1995 film) Wikipedia
Flamenco (1995 film) IMDb Flamenco (1995 film)

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