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Feng Shui Family

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Genre  Romance Xiangtu drama
Original language(s)  Taiwanese Hokkien
First episode date  17 July 2012
Network  Formosa Television
Language  Taiwanese
Country of origin  Taiwan
No. of episodes  426 1117 (60 minutes)
Final episode date  5 March 2014
Number of episodes  426
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Directed by  Wang Wei (王為), Liao Fei-hung (廖斐鴻)
Producer(s)  Lu Hua-pin (呂華濱), Hsiao Ta-lu (蕭大陸)
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Feng Shui Family (Chinese: 風水世家; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Hong-suí Sè-ka) is a Taiwanese-language television drama that began airing on Formosa Television in Taiwan on 17 July 2012 to 7 March 2014. The show aired in Taiwan every weeknight at prime time (20:00). The series was one of the longest running Taiwanese television dramas, with 426 episodes.


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Feng Shui Family 20130311Feng Shui Family170 YouTube
  • Taiwan — Formosa Television (17 July 2012)
  • Malaysia — Astro Hua Hee Dai (10 June 2013)
  • Singapore — E City (19 February 2014, dubbed in Mandarin)
  • Vietnam — THVL Channel 1 (2 July 2014, dubbed in Vietnamese as Phong Thủy Thế Gia)
  • Cast

    Feng Shui Family 20130215Feng Shui Family154 YouTube
  • Chang Shu-wei as Ben, Lin Ming-ming's boyfriend
  • Chung Chia-chen as Lin Li-chu, Ben's mother
  • Chen Mei-feng as Lin Li-hua, Lin Li-chu's sister
  • Su Yen-pei as Tsai Hsiao-ping, Lin Ming-te's girlfriend
  • You An-shun as Tsai Fu-cheng, Tsai Hsiao-ping's father
  • Shara Lin as Ye Chia-yen
  • Chang Yung-hua as Ye Tsai-tien, Ye Chia-yen's father
  • Chen Sung-yung as Chen Yung, Lin Chen Mei-mei's brother
  • Wang Chung-huang as Wang Chin-hu
  • Chang Chien as Chang Hsiao-chien, Wang Chin-hu's wife
  • Eison as Wang You-chiang, Wang Chin-hu's son
  • Weng Chia-ming as Chiang Tai-shan
  • Kao Chih-hung as Monkey
  • Bao Bao as Fatty
  • Chang Tsai-Hsing as Hsing

  • Feng Shui Family 20121203 Feng Shui Family100 YouTube
    Feng Shui Family


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