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Night Market Life

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Written by  Tay Kaizhong
Opening theme  夜市人生 by Weng Liyou
First episode date  22 December 2009
Number of episodes  1,008
Genre  History
Directed by  Li Yuefeng
Country of origin  Taiwan
Final episode date  19 July 2011
Program creator  TransWorld Production Co.
Night Market Life YESASIA Image Gallery Night Market Life DVD Ep106120
Starring  Chen Meifeng Morning Chang Peng Chia-chia Jimmy Ni Wang Shi Xian Fon Cin Mike Lee Chiang Tsu-ping
Ending theme  1.問感情 by Cai Xiaohu 2.請你記得我的好 by Liu Xiangping 3. 落花泪 by Long Qianyu & Cai Xiaohu 4. 城里的月光 by Ou Liyi 5.商水的傍 by Weng Liyou 6.親愛的小孩 by Ou Liyi 7.女人香 by Cao Yayi 8.迷魂香 by Weng Liyou 9.胜者為王 by Wang Shixian 10.一片天 by Wang Shixian 11.用心 by Long Qianyu 12.不能講的秘密 by Weng Liyou 13.我是一片云 by Lin Shuquan 14.愛情哈哈 by Chen Xiaoyun 15.今生只為你 by Chen Shuiyi & Tang Li 16.海甲天 by Zhu Haijun
Similar  The Unforgettable Memory, The Spirits of Love, Feng Shui Family, Rookies' Diary, Lee Family Reunion

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Night Market Life (Chinese: 夜市人生; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Iā-chhī Jîn-seng) is a Taiwanese Hokkien television drama that began airing on Formosa Television in Taiwan on 22 December 2009. This is also known as the first HD drama ever broadcast on Formosa Television.


It stars Chen Meifeng, Morning Chang (張晨光), Peng Chia-chia (澎恰恰), Jimmy Ni (倪齊民), Wang Shixian (王識賢), Fon Cin, Mike Lee (李政穎) and Chiang Tsu-ping among others.

Night Market Life Night Market Life Concert Singapore Eventfinda

Very little of the show is actually set in a night market. Rather, the show is centered on several vendors at a night market whose children befriend each other and go their separate paths upon reaching adulthood. As the series' popularity grew, the story was expanded to span two generations of characters; the children of the first part are grown up in the second part, which began on 7 April 2010.

As of June 2011, the show airs in Taiwan every weeknight at prime time (20:00) with episodes which have ranged in length from 135 to 150 minutes including commercial advertisements. The producers received funding from the Government Information Office to produce the series in high definition. With admiration and some criticism, the show concluded on 19 July 2011, when the brand-new television drama of Formosa Television, Father and Son(Chinese: 父與子), was released. The Vietnamese dub "Doi Song Cho Dem" was broadcast on Vinh Long Television Station Channel (THVL) and is streamable on YouTube.The drama was shown on Singapore Channel, Mediacorp Channel 8 at 7pm showing on weekends succeeding The Spirits of Love.

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Night Market Life YESASIA Night Market Life DVD Ep1630 To Be Continued

The story takes place between 1991 and 2011 where children grow up from childhood in a Night Market to adulthood in the outside world. Cai Yue Xia (Alexandra) Chen Mei Fen) works as a Chinese Herb Soup hawker in her store at the Jin Hua Night Market. She has a husband, Li Qing Xiang (Lewis) (Louis Hsiao) who is a businessman. Together, they have a son, Li You Zhi (Jeremy) (Child: Liu Yi Qian, Adult: Wang Shih-Hsien) and a daughter, Li You Hui (Audrey) (Child: Peng Min Jia, Adult: Fon Cin). They are once happy family until Qing Xiang betrayed his wife and married He Nana (Agatha) (Zhang Qiong Zhi) and were blessed with a daughter named Li Xiao Xuan (Karen) (Child: Li Yu Feng, Adult: Chu Xuan). He Nana was not pleased that Qing Xiang did not gave her a right status, so she challenges Yue Xia and despises her two children. Qing Xiang is rather cowardice and not willing to help Yue Xia.

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Yue Xia divorces with Qing Xiang and married Jiang Yi Guan (Victor) who is the ex-husband of Fang Qia Qia (Odile), mother of Jin Da Feng (David), a parliamentarian in 1999 and wife of Jin Ju Fu (Jimmy). Yi Guan is a gang leader and he is assisted by Hei Ren (Joachim) and Bai Mu (Nicholas), but has a soft-heart when come to problems of Yue Xia's family and You Zhi and his classmates. Yue Xia's life gets even worse because of such fact makes Qia Qia seek her as her enemy. Meanwhile, Qing Xiang has a business partner, Ye Han Liang (Johnny), a fashion clothes seller, and the father of Ye Ru Yi (Cecilia). Qing Xiang and Han Liang have always against each other ever since their negotiation for co-business have failed. Xu Lai Fa (Lionel) comes from a poor family and have to sell chewing gum to make ends meet. He has a mother, Huang Mian Xiu (Dorie) who work so hard to earn income for the family and a father, Xu Bing Ding (Jason) who is a drunkard once a gambler. You Zhi, You Hui, Da Feng, Xiao Xuan, Ru Yi and Lai Fa are classmates when they are young and care for each other at all times as they grew up, they are known as the "golden six" because they are the most notable school choir club member. The School Choir Club was led by Jiang Yi Fan (Victoria), sister of Jiang Yi Guan until she dies when she give birth to Fan Jia Xin (Mirabel). One day, Yi Guan was sentenced to prison for 20 years after found guilty of killed Tie Zhi (Jaws).

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20 years later, all the six schoolmates lead their different path of life. Li You Zhi is just a common construction labour and often got into fight with gangsters whenever they approaches him and marries Fan Ke Xin (Natasha). Li You Hui and Li Xiao Xuan hold high positions at Yilida Bicycle Company, they often got into conflict wherever they are but Xiao Xuan was supported strongly at the back by Fang Qia Qia. Jin Da Feng opens his own company and becomes its CEO. Xu Lai Fa becomes a doctor and marries Ye Ru Yi, a makeup receptionist but he is highly ambitious until he left Ru Yi and marries Chen Chun Chun (Reanne). Both You Hui and Xiao Xuan declared their love to Jin Da Feng, caused Da Feng to be pushed into a love triangle affairs. Wu Yin Min and Fang Qia Qia cooperates together as gangster leaders and try to break down Li You Zhi and his friend's life. Xu Lai Fa loses his friends, his wife's and his money because of his greed and was dispose by many. So he uses Zhou Xiu Xiu (Marina) to seduce Chen He Qian in order to rise up again.

Ru Yi managed to give birth of her child and take care of her for the rest of her life. You Hui becomes vengeful and stops anything or anyone that gets into her path, this is especially after she divorces with Da Feng because he was in romance with Xiao Xuan. You Hui then snatched husband Yang Hao Tian (Felix) after that who is already in love with Chun Zhen (Leonore). Yang Hao Tian is heir to Yilida but due to him being seduced by You Hui, he left the bicycle company and established a new one called Shuda. This strained his relationship with his family. One day, Jin Da Feng started to become cruel heart and killed Fan Ke Xin one day in the latter's wedding with You Zhi, he is wanted by the police and is on the run. Meanwhile, both Lai Fa and Ru Yi found themselves both have Leukaemia and Cervix Cancer respectively. Lai Fa is taken care by Zhou Xiu Xiu and have regret in the process. As the series goes by, Li You Zhi saw Xu Lai Fa and Jin Da Feng's regret and desire to redeem their mistakes. Li You Zhi work with his friends together to overpower Ying Ming and Qia Qia and send them to justice. After Ying Ming and Qia Qia apprehended, Da Feng surrenders to the police while Ru Yi have her child taken care by Lai Fa's father and flew to United States with her father to receive treatment

Taiwan broadcast

As of June 2011, the show airs in Taiwan, country of origin of the drama every weeknight at prime time (20:00) with episodes which have ranged in length from 135 to 150 minutes including commercial advertisements. The producers received funding from the Government Information Office to produce the series in high definition. With admiration and some criticism, the show concluded on 19 July 2011, when the brand-new television drama of Formosa Television, Father and Son(Chinese: 父與子), was released.

Singapore broadcast

Due to local broadcast laws prohibiting radio or television broadcasts in Chinese dialects the show was dubbed into Mandarin when it aired on MediaCorp Channel 8 thus making it the first channel to broadcast the show in Mandarin. The drama was broadcast on weekends at 7:00pm starting on 27 February 2011 and ended on 25 December 2011.The second generation of the storyline started on 31 December 2011 and ended on 4 July 2015. Lee Family Reunion took over the weekend slot from 7pm.Due to local live show which is on every Saturday broadcast on 9pm. The show was broadcast on Saturday from 7pm to 9pm and on Sunday from 7pm to 10pm.

Star Awards 2011- 2014

It pre empted in the month of April as Star Award ceremony held on Sunday from 7pm - 10pm.

Star Awards 2015

The show was pre empted on 19 & 26 April 2015 for Star Awards 2015.Show 1 was shown on 19 April 2015,while Show 2 was shown on 26 April 2015.

Tentative everyday broadcast (2012)

There were plans for this drama to extend to every night broadcast after Journey to the West ends on 30 August 2012 as it is similar in view of the number of episodes. It has planned to broadcast every night at 7:00pm with 7-10 episodes shown each week and plans to end its run in November 2013. Many criticisms were being posted online when Love took over the everyday broadcast in July 2010 and also MediaCorp Channel 8 has planned for more Malaysian productions and other overseas drama serials to be broadcast. Furthermore, on 20 October 2014, there was a revamp of the evening primetime slot with current affairs programme Hello Singapore and drama serial 118. Thus, the drama was only aired on weekends and ended its run on 4 July 2015, marking a telecast of more than 4 years and 4 months on Channel 8, holding the record for the longest primetime drama airing.

Repeat telecast (2014)

The drama has taken over from Unique Flavor at the 04:00 SST timeslot in May 2014, when Unique Flavor finishes its repeat telecast. Ended Its ReRun on 29 April 2016 6AM

Vietnam broadcast

The Vietnamese dub "Đời Sống Chợ Đêm" was broadcast on Vinh Long Television Station Channel (THVL) (Vietnamese: Truyền Hình Vĩnh Long) and is streamable on YouTube. The show was aired on Vietface TV from 1pm-2:30pm (PT), however, it was fully aired as it was replaced with Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann. The show is also currently airing on E Channel.

Malaysia broadcast

The drama is broadcasting now in 8TV in original Hokkien language under the English title The Life Of Night Market for two episodes with one hour each from Monday to Friday, at 11:30 MST and 14:00 MST with a 30 minutes break of its Midday Mandarin News at 12:30 MST.




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