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Fellner and Helmer

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Name  Fellner Helmer
Role  Politician
Party  Justicialist Party

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Education  Saint Thomas Aquinas University of the North

Fellner & Helmer was an architecture studio founded in 1873 by Austrian architects Ferdinand Fellner (April 19, 1847 – March 22, 1916) and Hermann Helmer (July 13, 1849 – April 2, 1919).


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They designed over 200 buildings (mainly opera houses and apartment buildings) across Europe in the late 19th century and early 20th century, which helped bind the Austro-Hungarian Empire together and cement Vienna as its cultural center. While most of the work stood in the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, others can be found from Switzerland to present-day Ukraine. Frequent collaborators for integrated exterior and interior art work include Gustav Klimt, Hans Makart, Theodor Friedl, and other significant artists.

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Ferdinand Fellner was born in Vienna in 1847. He studied at the Vienna University of Technology, but abandoned in the first year to help his sick father. After the death of his father in 1871 he overtook his office. He died in Vienna in 1916.

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Hermann Gottlieb Helmer was born in Harburg upon Elbe in Germany, and died in Vienna.

Theatres by Ferdinand Fellner

Fellner & Helmer allpixcom Fellner
  • 1871-72 Stadttheater, Vienna, Austria, (destroyed by fire in 1884). With Ferdinand Fellner the Older.
  • 1871-75 Timişoara National Theatre, Romania. With Ferdinand Fellner the Older.
  • Theatres by Fellner and Helmer

    Theatres designed by Fellner & Helmer

  • 1874-75 Népszínház, Budapest, Hungary (demolished 1965)
  • 1881-82 Mahen Theatre in Brno, Czech Republic, (the first theatre in Europe with electrical lighting)
  • 1881-83 "Stadttheater" in Liberec, Czech Republic
  • 1882-83 Szeged National Theatre, Hungary
  • 1883-85 Croatian National Theatre in Rijeka, Croatia
  • 1884-86 Theatre in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
  • 1884-87 Opera Theater, Odessa, Ukraine
  • 1885-86 Slovak National Theatre (as "Königliches Freistädtisches Theater"), Bratislava, Slovakia, 1886
  • 1886-87 Prague State Opera (as "Neues Deutsches Theater"), Prague, Czech Republic
  • 1887-88 Ronacher, Vienna, Austria (altered after fire)
  • 1888-89 Volkstheater (previously Deutsches Volkstheater), Vienna, Austria
  • 1890-91 Opera House, Zürich, Switzerland
  • 1891-92 Komische Oper in Berlin, Germany
  • 1892-93 State Theatre in Salzburg, Austria
  • 1892-94 Hessisches Staatstheater Wiesbaden, Germany
  • 1893-95 Tonhalle, Zürich, Switzerland
  • 1894-95 Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, Croatia
  • 1894-96 Iaşi National Theatre, Romania
  • 1895-96 Vígszínház in Budapest, Hungary
  • 1895-96 Katona József Theatre, Kecskemet, Hungary
  • 1896-97 Konzerthaus Ravensburg, Germany
  • 1898-99 Opernhaus in Graz, Austria
  • 1898-99 Stadttheater in Berndorf, Austria
  • 1899-00 Oradea National Theatre, (now in Romania, than in Austro-Hungary)
  • 1899-00 Deutsches Schauspielhaus, Hamburg, Germany
  • 1901-02 Stadttheater Fürth, Germany
  • 1902 Theater an der Wien, Vienna, Austria (altered 1960-61)
  • 1903-04 Wilam Horzyca Theatre in Toruń, Poland
  • 1904-05 Opera Theater, Chernivtsi, Ukraine
  • 1904-06 Ivan Vazov National Theatre, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • 1904-06 Cluj-Napoca National Theatre, (now in Romania, than in Austro-Hungary)
  • 1906-07 Theatre in Jablonec nad Nisou, Czech Republic
  • 1906-07 Stadttheater Gießen, Germany
  • 1906-09 Theatre in Mladá Boleslav, Czech Republic
  • 1908-09 Stadttheater, Baden bei Wien, Austria
  • 1909-10 Stadttheater in Klagenfurt, Austria (expansion 1996-98 by Günther Domenig)
  • 1909-1910 Stadttheater Teschen, Ö.-Schlesien / Cieszyn, Poland
  • 1910-13 Konzerthaus, Vienna, Austria
  • 1911-13 Akademietheater, Vienna, Austria
  • Other buildings

  • 1885 Palace Modello in Rijeka, Croatia
  • 1894 Palais Rothschild, Prinz-Eugen-Straße, Vienna, Austria
  • 1894-95 Palais Lanckoronski, Vienna, Austria
  • 1897 Castle, Žinkovy, Czech Republic
  • Colonnade Park (Czech: Sadová kolonáda) in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
  • Grandhotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
  • Hotel Slovan (as "Hotel Waldeck", 1893) in Plzeň, Czech Republic
  • Imperial bath (Bath I) in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
  • Market Colonnade in Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
  • Art Pavilion in Zagreb, Croatia, 1898
  • Palace of Justice in Suceava, (now in Romania, than in Austro-Hungary, 1885)
  • George Hotel, Lviv, Ukraine
  • Potocki Palace, Antoniny, Ukraine
  • Villa, 20 Mickiewicza Street in Toruń, Poland
  • Semmering: Hotel Panhans
  • Semmering (Niederösterreich) - Dependance Waldesruhe 1908
  • Semmering (Niederösterreich) - Dependance Fürstenhof
  • References

    Fellner & Helmer Wikipedia

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