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Feldkirch, Vorarlberg

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Postal code

458 m


Time zone

Area code

30,659 (1 Apr 2009)

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14°C, Wind N at 8 km/h, 49% Humidity

Points of interest
Schattenburg, Wildpark Feldkirch, Katzenturm, Palais Liechtenstein, Tosters - Austria

Feldkirch ( [ˈfɛltkɪʁç]) is a medieval city in the western Austrian state of Vorarlberg on the border with Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It is the administrative center of the district Feldkirch. After Dornbirn, it is the second largest town in Vorarlberg in terms of population, with slightly more inhabitants than the state capital Bregenz. The westernmost point in Austria lies in Feldkirch on the River Rhine, at the tripoint border of Austria, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein.


Map of Feldkirch, Austria


The beautiful medieval town, which remains well preserved to this day, was mentioned as a city for the first time in 1218, after Count Hugo von Montfort built the "Schattenburg", a castle which still is the major landmark of Feldkirch. Other sights in the town include the cathedral of St. Nikolaus from the late Gothic period. Feldkirch was the birthplace of Rheticus, and is currently the seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Feldkirch. From 1651–1773 and from 1856–1979, Feldkirch was the home of the Jesuit school Stella Matutina.

March 1799 saw two clashes between the forces of the First French Republic and Habsburg Austria. On the 7th, Nicolas Oudinot with 9,000 French soldiers defeated Friedrich Freiherr von Hotze with 6,000 Austrians. The Battle of Feldkirch occurred on 23 March when André Masséna and 12,000 Frenchmen were beaten by Franz Jellacic and 5,500 Austrians.

Town subdivisions

  • Feldkirch (3199 inhabitants)
  • Levis (2372 inhabitants)
  • Altenstadt (4889 inhabitants)
  • Gisingen (8622 inhabitants)
  • Nofels (3808 inhabitants)
  • Tosters (5397 inhabitants)
  • Tisis (4958 inhabitants)
  • Transport

    Feldkirch has had its own local bus network since 1993, which currently consists of 8 lines including buses to the north of neighbouring Liechtenstein. The bus system works together with Vorarlberg's bus system which provides several supra-regional lines starting and ending in Feldkirch. There's an additional line called "nightline" which connects different bars and discos all around Feldkirch. The nightline plies till about 4 o'clock am on weekends.

    Feldkirch railway station lies on the main railway line through the Vorarlberg.


    As of 15 May 2001, 13,146 employees were employed by 1,464 companies in Feldkirch, including 5 large companies each employing more than 200 people.

    The following companies are based in Feldkirch:

  • Bachmann Electronic
  • Vorarlberg Milch
  • Lingenhöle Technologie
  • Stadtwerke Feldkirch
  • KSW Tankstellen- und Industrieanlagenbau
  • Gebäudereinigung Bauer
  • Landeskrankenhaus Feldkirch
  • Schools

  • Bundesgymnasium und Bundesrealgymnasium Feldkirch (founded in 1649)
  • Bundeshandelsakademie und Bundeshandelsschule Feldkirch
  • Bundesoberstufenrealgymnasium und Bundesrealgymnasium Schillerstrasse (GYS)& Musikgymnasium Feldkirch www.gys.at
  • Bundeshandelsakademie und Handelsschule Feldkirch
  • Institut St. Josef
  • Musikschule der Stadt Feldkirch
  • Vorarlberger Landeskonservatorium
  • Pädagogische Hochschule des Bundes in Vorarlberg
  • Notable people

  • Bartholomäus Bernhardi (1487–1551), Lutheran theologian
  • Wolf Huber (c. 1485-1553), painter (Danube school) and architect
  • Georg Joachim Rheticus (1514–1574), mathematician and astronomer
  • Karl Bleyle (1880–1969), musician and composer
  • Elmar Fischer (born 1936), bishop of the Feldkirch diocese
  • Bernhard Leitner (born 1938), artist
  • P. Georg Sporschill SJ (born 1946), pastor known for his social engagement for orphans and street children in Romania and Moldova and work with the homeless in Vienna.
  • Wiltrud Drexel (born 1950), ski racer
  • Günther Freitag (born 1952), novelist
  • Herbert Bösch (born 1954), politician and MEP
  • Natalie Uher (born 1968), Playmate (Playboy September 1984) and actress (Emmanuelle 6 (1988))
  • Hans Weingartner (born 1970), author, director and film producer (famous for the international hit The Edukators starring Daniel Brühl and Julia Jentsch).
  • Feldkirch Festival

    Feldkirch is the home of an annual Summer Festival, founded in 2002 by Thomas Hengelbrock and directed since 2007 by Philippe Arlaud.

    Sport clubs

  • VEU Feldkirch
  • TC-ESV Feldkirch
  • Tennisclub Swietelsky Blau-Weiss Feldkirch
  • TSV Altenstadt
  • SC Tisis
  • FC Blau-Weiß Feldkirch
  • Baseball- and Softballclub Feldkirch Cardinals
  • Metafund Baskets Feldkirch (Basketball)
  • HC Blau-Weiß Feldkirch
  • Sportbillardclub Feldkirch
  • Schiverein Tisis
  • Volleyballclub SSK Feldkirch
  • Twin towns

  • Whitby, Ontario, Canada
  • References

    Feldkirch, Vorarlberg Wikipedia