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Evolution (film)

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Genre  Comedy, Sci-Fi
Language  English
6/10 IMDb

Director  Ivan Reitman
Music director  John Powell
Country  United States
Evolution (film) movie poster
Release date  June 8, 2001 (2001-06-08)
Writer  Don Jakoby (story), David Diamond (screenplay), David Weissman (screenplay), Don Jakoby (screenplay)
Featured songs  Play That Funky Music, You Are So Beautiful
Genres  Comedy, Action Film, Science Fiction, Parody, Action/Adventure
Cast  David Duchovny (Dr. Ira Kane), Julianne Moore (Dr. Allison Reed, CDC), Orlando Jones (Prof. Harry Phineas Block), Seann William Scott (Wayne Grey), Ted Levine (General Russell Woodman), Dan Aykroyd (Governor Lewis)
Similar movies  Dan Aykroyd and Tom Davis appear in Evolution and Coneheads
Tagline  Coming to wipe that silly smile off your planet.

Evolution 2001 movie

Evolution is the change in heritable traits of biological organisms over successive generations due to natural selection and other mechanisms.


Evolution (film) movie scenes

Evolution, or Theory of Evolution, may also refer to:

Evolution (film) movie scenes
  • Evolution (term), accumulation of change over time, or other technical usage of the term in biology as well as in other disciplines

  • Evolution (film) movie scenes

    Evolution trailer hd

    Biological evolution

    Evolution (film) movie scenes
  • Evolutionary biology, the subfield of biology concerned with study of evolutionary processes that produced diversity of life on Earth
  • Modern evolutionary synthesis, the 20th century synthesis of ideas from various fields of biology (particularly genetics, cytology, systematics, botany, morphology, ecology, and paleontology) to provide the widely accepted account of evolution
  • Non-biological evolution

    Evolution (film) movie scenes
  • Beach evolution
  • Chemical evolution, disambiguation list of types of chemical evolution
  • Abiogenesis, transition from nonliving elements to living systems
  • Stellar nucleosynthesis, creation of chemical elements by stellar thermonuclear fusion or supernovae, as stars evolve (age)
  • Gas evolution reaction, process of gas bubbling out from solution
  • Oxygen evolution, process of generating molecular oxygen through chemical reaction
  • Cosmochemistry (or astrochemistry), study of chemical composition and origin of matter in universe, including complex organics
  • Differential evolution, a method of mathematical optimization of multidimensional functions
  • Directed evolution, a method used in protein engineering that mimics the process of natural selection
  • Ecological-evolutionary theory
  • Evolution of an idea
  • Evolution of language

  • Evolution (film) movie scenes
  • Evolutionary linguistics
  • Grammatical evolution
  • Language change
  • Evolution (film) movie scenes
  • Evolutionary art
  • Evolutionary computation, subfield of artificial intelligence that uses optimization techniques inspired by biological evolution
  • Evolutionary economics
  • Evolutionary epistemology
  • Evolutionary music
  • Evolutionary robotics

  • Evolution (film) movie scenes
  • Evolutionary developmental robotics
  • Galaxy formation and evolution
  • Landscape evolution model
  • Multilineal evolution
  • Pascendi dominici gregis, or evolution of dogma, the idea that certain fundamental Catholic dogmas can change with time
  • Postbiological evolution
  • Sociocultural evolution, term for theories describing how cultures and societies have developed over time
  • Software evolution
  • Spiritual evolution
  • Stellar evolution, the development of stars
  • Evolutionary track, the path a star follows across an Hertzsprung–Russell diagram of brightness vs temperature
  • Technological evolution
  • Time evolution, change of state brought about by the passage of time
  • Universal evolution, views on cosmological development
  • Companies

  • Evolution Aircraft, an American aircraft manufacturer based in Redmond, Oregon
  • Evolution Group, a British financial services business
  • Evolutions Television, a British television post-production company
  • Film and television

  • Evolution (1971 film), an animated short by Michael Mills
  • Evolution (2001 film), a 2001 film by Ivan Reitman
  • Evolution (2015 film), a 2015 French film
  • "Evolution" (Star Trek: The Next Generation), a 1989 episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • "Evolution" (Stargate SG-1), a 2-episode 2003 story of Stargate SG-1
  • Evolution (TV series), a 2002 documentary television series
  • Games

  • CycloDS Evolution, a Nintendo DS hardware for home brew games
  • Evolution, a 2010 card game published by Rightgames RBG
  • Evolution (party game)
  • Evolution Championship Series, a yearly fighting game tournament
  • Evolution Studios, a British video game developer
  • Evolution: The Game of Intelligent Life, a strategy game edited by Discovery Channel
  • Evolution: The World of Sacred Device, a 1999 video game
  • Pokémon evolution, a sudden change in form in the Pokémon universe
  • Literature

  • Evolution (Peel novel), a 1994 Doctor Who novel
  • Evolution (journal), a bimonthly scientific journal
  • Evolution (Baxter novel), a 2003 science fiction novel by Stephen Baxter
  • Evolution: The Modern Synthesis by Julian Huxley
  • Evolution: The Story of Life by Douglas Palmer
  • Albums

  • Evolution (Oleta Adams album), 1993
  • Evolution (Blood on the Dance Floor album), 2012
  • Evolution (Boyz II Men album), 1997
  • Evolution (Sabrina Carpenter album), 2016
  • Evolution (Teddy Charles album), 1955
  • Evolution (Dennis Coffey album)
  • Evolution (Decoded Feedback album)
  • Evolution (Edge of Sanity album), 1999
  • Evolution (The Hollies album), 1967
  • Evolution (JLS album)
  • Evolution (Journey album), 1979
  • Evolution (Tony MacAlpine album), 1995
  • Evolution (Martina McBride album)
  • Evolution (Malo album), 1973
  • Evolution (Grachan Moncur III album), 1963
  • Evolution (Nektar album), 2004
  • Evolution (Masami Okui album), 2006
  • Evolution (Slum Village album), 2013
  • Evolution (Twins album), 2003
  • Evolution (Paul van Dyk album), 2012
  • Evolution (Viper album), 1992, or the title song
  • Evolution (Infinite EP)
  • Evolution (Open Hand EP), 2000
  • Evolution (Subhumans EP)
  • Evolution: The Hits, a compilation album by Dead or Alive
  • Evolution, a 1993 album by Geoff Moore and the Distance
  • Evolution, a 2012 album by Pamela Williams
  • Evolution, a television news music package by Stephen Arnold Music
  • Evolution (Once Human album), 2017
  • Songs

  • "Evolution" (Ayumi Hamasaki song), 2001
  • "Evolution" (Korn song), 2007
  • "Evolution", a song by Cat Power from the album You Are Free
  • "Evolution", a song by State Radio from the album Let It Go
  • "Evolution (The Grand Design)", a song by Symphony X from their 2000 album V: The New Mythology Suite
  • "Evolution", a song by Roy Ayers from Mystic Voyage'
  • Festivals

  • Evolution Festival, a music festival held in Tyne and Wear from 2002 until 2013
  • Technology

  • Beagle 2: Evolution, the proposed successor to the Beagle 2 Mars lander
  • DTA Evolution, a French ultralight trike design
  • Evolution (marketplace), a black market operating on the Tor network
  • Evolution (software), email client and calendar software
  • Evolution engine, a motorcycle engine from Harley-Davidson
  • Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, a sports car
  • MCV Evolution, a single-deck bus
  • Other

  • Evolution (advertisement), a 2006 advertising promotion for the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty
  • Evolution (Guinness) or noitulovE, a 2005–2006 Guinness advertising campaign
  • Evolution (professional wrestling), a professional wrestling stable in WWE
  • Evolution (AJPW), a professional wrestling stable in AJPW
  • Evolution (ride), an amusement park ride
  • Evolution (Markus Schulz Radio show)
  • Evolution of spencer chamberlain s voice


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