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Eternal Happiness

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Genre  Costume drama
Final episode date  13 September 2002
Cast  Tavia Yeung, Joe Ma
First episode date  5 August 2002
Number of episodes  32
Networks  TVB, TVB Jade
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Written by  Chen Ruisheng (novel)Wong Kwok-faiTong Kin-ping
Starring  Michelle YeRaymond LamJoe MaTavia Yeung
Theme music composer  Gary ChanLam Yuen Ming
Opening theme  "Reincarnated Flower"(再生花) by Kelly Chen
Ending theme  "Remember to Forget"(記得忘記) by Raymond Lam
Languages  Cantonese, Standard Cantonese
Similar  Golden Faith, Twin of Brothers, Survivor's Law, Lost in the Chamber of Love, Face to Fate

Eternal happiness raymon lam

Eternal Happiness (Traditional Chinese: 再生緣; literally Reincarnated Fate) is a 2002 TVB television drama from Hong Kong based on a short story of the same name by Qing dynasty novelist Chen Duansheng. Eternal Happiness was produced by Poon Kar Tak and edited by Tong King Ping. The original broadcast was on the TVB Jade network with 45-minute episodes airing five days a week from August 5 to September 13 in 2002. Eternal Happiness was the highest rated drama in Hong Kong for the year 2002 eclipsing some other major productions such as Golden Faith and Where The Legend Begins. The formula of pairing up Raymond Lam and Michelle Ye paid dividends to TVB with both of them displayed great chemistry and turned on wonderful performance. Along with Tavia Yeung, Michelle is said to be Raymond's next most compatible partner on-screen which yielded another drama pairing them up together; Lofty Waters Verdant Bow. Soon, the RayMich phenomena died out when Michelle Ye left TVB for ATV and subsequently to the silver screen. On the other hand, Raymond continues to provide the spark with his other on-screen partners such as Linda Chung, Tavia Yeung and Charmaine Sheh.


Eternal Happiness Eternal Happiness

Once again, Eternal Happiness was the highest rated drama in 2002 with 41 average rating points peaking at 45. It was easily placed first in the ranking that year

Cast and characters

Note: Some of the characters' names are in Cantonese romanisation.
Eternal Happiness YESASIA Eternal Happiness Part I To Be Continued VCD Michelle

  • Michelle Ye as Mang Lai-kwan (孟麗君)
  • Raymond Lam as Wongpo Siu-wah (皇甫少華)
  • Joe Ma Tak-Chung as Temür Khan (奇渥溫鐵穆耳)
  • Rain Lau as Wing-lan (榮蘭)
  • Tavia Yeung as So Ying-suet (蘇映雪)
  • Myolie Wu as Lau Yin-yuk (劉燕玉)
  • Mok Ka Yiu as Mang Chi-yu (孟子儒)
  • Ursule Wong as Wai Ying-ngor (衛勇娥)
  • Lo Hoi Pang as Mang Si-yuen (孟士元)
  • Deno Cheung as Lau Fui-bik (劉奎璧)
  • Wi Kar Hung as Asong Gor (阿桑哥)
  • Law Lok Lam as Lau Chit (劉捷)
  • Natalie Wong as Princess Futjan (闊真郡主)
  • Lee Kwok Luen as Man Kan-tung (文近東)
  • Lee Kong Lung as Zhenjin (真金)
  • Helena Law as Queen Nanbie (南必皇后)
  • Kong Hon as Kublai Khan (忽必烈)
  • Liu Kai Chi as Khungjil (忽哥赤)
  • Chun Wong as Lai Yeuk-san (酈若山)
  • Kenneth Ma as Lai Ming-tong (酈明堂)
  • Mary Hon as Kakmaisi (格米思)
  • Gregory Rivers as Marco Polo (馬可孛羅)
  • Plot

    Eternal Happiness Eternal Happiness Review asian series

    Mang Lai-kwan's (Michelle Ye) father Mang Si-yuen (Lo Hoi Pang) was a royal doctor for the previous dynasty and a learned man, but he is set in his ways and believes that women should not be educated.

    Eternal Happiness YESASIA Eternal Happiness DVD Part 2 Ep1732 End DVD Joe

    Lai-kwan wants to seek knowledge and often dresses as a man to go to school. On her ventures, she meets the royal grandson Temür (Joe Ma Tak-Chung) who is traveling in disguise and also a straight-up young hero Wongpo Siu-wah (Raymond Lam) and the three become adopted brothers.

    Eternal Happiness YESASIA Eternal Happiness DVD Ep132 End US Version DVD

    Temür sees through Lai-kwan's disguise and knows she is a girl, but he does not reveal this; Lai-kwan also has feelings for Temür. Si-yuen decides to marry Lai-kwan to Wongpo Siu-wah, but at the same time, rich bully Lau Fui-bik (Deno Cheung) asks for Lai-kwan's hand in marriage. As the day of the marriage draws near, Lai-kwan decides to tell Temür about her feelings towards him, but Temür is summoned back to the courts and asks Siu-wah to take his place to meet her.

    When Lai-kwan sees Siu-wah instead of Temür, she is very disappointed and pushes Siu-wah away. Lai-kwan runs away and on her travels, dressed as a man, causes many laughs and much trouble, getting involved in many different situations. Lai-kwan's feelings develop for both Temür and Siu-wah and are forever changing between the two, especially when she finds out that Siu-wah is actually her fiance and Temür has become the emperor of the Yuan Dynasty.


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