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Wakiso District

Local time
Saturday 6:17 AM

Central Uganda

1,180 m

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21°C, Wind S at 6 km/h, 90% Humidity

Points of interest
Uganda Wildlife Educatio, Spennah, Sports Beach Entebbe, Entebbe Botanical Garden

A holiday destination entebbe town

Entebbe is a major town in Central Uganda. On a Lake Victoria peninsula, approximately 37 kilometres (23 mi) southwest of the Ugandan capital, Kampala, it was once the seat of government for the Protectorate of Uganda prior to independence, in 1962. Entebbe is the location of Entebbe International Airport, Uganda's largest commercial and military airport, best known for the dramatic rescue of 100 hostages kidnapped by the resistance group of the PFLP-EO and Revolutionary Cells (RZ) organizations. Entebbe is also the location of State House, the official office and residence of the President of Uganda.


Map of Entebbe, Uganda

Entebbe kampala road uganda


The word came from Luganda language e ntebe which means 'seat' / 'chair'. Entebbe was the seat of the colonial governor in the early 1900s, when the country was a British protectorate, and is now the location of the official office and residence of the President of Uganda, hence the name. Entebbe is the seat of power in the country.


Entebbe sits on the northern shores of Lake Victoria, Africa's largest lake. The town is situated in Wakiso District, approximately 37 kilometres (23 mi) southwest of Kampala, Uganda's capital and largest city. The municipality is located on a peninsula into Lake Victoria, covering a total area of 56.2 square kilometres (21.7 sq mi), out of which 20 km2 (7.7 sq mi) is water. The coordinates of Entebbe are:0°03'00.0"N, 32°27'36.0"E (Latitude:0.0500; Longitude:32.4600).


During the 2002 national census, Entebbe's population was estimated at about 55,100 people. In 2010, the Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS) estimated the population of the town at 76,500. In 2011, UBOS estimated the population of Entebbe at approximately 79,700. On 27 August 2014, the national population census put Entebbe's population at 69,958.


"Entebbe", in the local Luganda language, means a "seat" and was probably named that because it was the place where a Baganda chief sat to adjudicate legal cases. It first became a British colonial administrative and commercial centre in 1893 when Sir Gerald Portal, a colonial Commissioner, used it as a base. Port Bell went on to become Kampala's harbour. Although no ships dock there now, there is still a jetty, which was used by Lake Victoria ferries. Entebbe is perhaps best known to Europeans as the home of Entebbe International Airport, the main international airport of Uganda, which was first opened in 1929. Entebbe airport was the scene of a hostage situation and a rescue operation in 4 July 1976, when soldiers from an elite unit of the Israeli army freed over 100 hostages following a hijacking by a group of Palestinian and German militia. It was also from this airport that Queen Elizabeth II departed Africa to return to England in 1952 when she learned of her father's death and that she had become Queen. The city of Entebbe also hosted final resolution talks to end the M23 rebellion.

Tourist attractions

  • The extensive National Botanical Gardens, laid out in 1898, are located in Entebbe.
  • Entebbe is the home of the Uganda Virus Research Institute (UVRI)
  • Entebbe is the location of the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) The Centre also serves as the national zoo. The entrance to the Centre is located near the jetty. Foreign visitors have noted the seeming incongruity of wild monkeys sitting in the trees over the Centre's paths.
  • Entebbe is the location of Nkumba University, one of the more than thirty licensed institutions of tertiary education in Uganda.
  • State House, the official residence of the President of Uganda, is located in Entebbe.
  • Entebbe is also home to the historical site in Kigungu where the first catholic missionaries Brother Amans and Father Mon Maple Lourdel landed to establish the catholic faith in Uganda.
  • Entebbe is home of the oldest golf course in East Africa called Entebbe Golf Club, which was established in 1900. Entebbe Golf Club is surrounded by the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre, (formerly Entebbe Zoo), on its south side.
  • Government and infrastructure

    The head office of the Ministry of Works and Transport is in Entebbe.

    The head office of the Ugandan Civil Aviation Authority is on the property of Entebbe International Airport.

    Other points of interest

    Other points of interest within the city limits or close to its edges include the offices of Entebbe City Council and several branches of foreign and indigenous commercial banks. The supermarket chain, Nakumatt, planned to open a store in Entebbe in 2012. In 2014, the American fast-food chain KFC opened a franchise in the town.


    Entebbe experiences tropical rainforest climate (Af) according to the Köppen climate classification as the city has no real dry season throughout the year. The driest season is January with precipitation total 65 millimetres (2.6 in), while the wettest season is April with precipitation total 256 millimetres (10.1 in). The temperature is moderated by the altitude. The hottest month is February with average temperature 22.8 °C (73.0 °F), while the coolest month is July with average temperature 20.6 °C (69.1 °F).


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