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Kingdom  Plantae
Family  Meliaceae
Rank  Genus
Order  Sapindales
Scientific name  Entandrophragma
Higher classification  Meliaceae
Entandrophragma Sapele photo Entandrophragma cylindricum G28463 ARKive
Lower classifications  Sapele, Utile

Entandrophragma is a genus of eleven species of deciduous trees in the mahogany family Meliaceae, restricted to tropical Africa. At least some of the species attain large sizes, reaching 40–50 m tall, exceptionally 60 m, and 2 m in trunk diameter. The leaves are pinnate, with 5-9 pairs of leaflets, each leaflet 8–10 cm long with an acuminate tip. The flowers are produced in loose inflorescences, each flower small, with five yellowish petals about 2 mm long, and ten stamens. The fruit is a five-valved capsule containing numerous winged seeds. In 2016 a specimen of Entandrophragma excelsum towering more than 80 m was identified at Kilimanjaro.


Entandrophragma Protabase Record


Entandrophragma Protabase Record
  • Entandrophragma angolense (Welw.) C.DC.
  • Entandrophragma bussei Harms ex Engl.
  • Entandrophragma candollei Harms
  • Entandrophragma caudatum (Sprague) Sprague
  • Entandrophragma congoense (De Wild.) A.Chev.
  • Entandrophragma cylindricum (Sprague) Sprague
  • Entandrophragma delevoyi De Wild.
  • Entandrophragma excelsum (Dawe & Sprague) Sprague
  • Entandrophragma palustre Staner
  • Entandrophragma pierrei A.Chev.
  • Entandrophragma spicatum (C.DC.) Sprague
  • Entandrophragma utile (Dawe & Sprague) Sprague
  • Uses

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    The timber of a few species is well known. These are traded under separate names and can be used more or less like mahogany, with that of Entandrophragma cylindricum perhaps closest to a mahogany-type wood. The wood has a density of 660 kg per cubic meter.

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    Entandrophragma Protabase Record
    Entandrophragma Mahogany videos photos and facts Entandrophragma angolense ARKive


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