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Encantadia (2005 TV series)

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Created by  Suzette Doctolero
Original language(s)  Filipino, Enchanta
First episode date  2 May 2005
Spin-off  Etheria
8.6/10 IMDb

Country of origin  Philippines
No. of episodes  160
Final episode date  9 December 2005
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Genre  ActionAdventureDramaFantasyRomance
Starring  Sunshine DizonIza CalzadoKarylleDiana ZubiriDingdong DantesJennylyn MercadoYasmien KurdiMark Herrasand others
Cast  Dingdong Dantes, Sunshine Dizon, Karylle, Iza Calzado, Diana Zubiri

Encantadia the kiss

Encantadia is a Filipino fantasy television series (locally known as telefantasya) produced by GMA Network. It is the first installment of the Encantadia series. The pilot episode was aired on May 10, 2005. Its last episode was aired on December 9 of the same year to give way to its second book, Etheria. The series garnered both popular and critical recognition at home and abroad, including winning the 2005 Teleserye (Television Series) of the Year at the Los Angeles-based Gawad Amerika Awards.


Encantadia (2005 TV series) Encantadia TV Series 2005 IMDb

Reruns of Encantadia were aired on Fox Filipino and worldwide via GMA Life TV.

The requel of the series is currently being aired.


Encantadia is a term coined from the Filipino words "enkanto", "enkanta", "enkantada", or "enkantado" (which was in turn derived from the Spanish term encant(ad){o/a}) which means enchanted beings endowed with supernatural powers.

In the show, Encantadia is a vast enchanted realm comprising four divided kingdoms where different mythical entities thrive. These four kingdoms—Adamya, Sapiro, Lireo, and Hathoria—bear the four precious stones that holds the land's balance. The tranquility and future of Encantadia rests on the four gemstones of water, earth, air and fire; each being carefully kept by the bearers from each kingdom. But when the Hathors, from the kingdom of Hathoria, threaten to accumulate all the gems from the other bearers, hostility and the great Lirean war sweep over the realm. It is a battle of three kingdoms against one.

Encantadia (2005 TV series) 8 Original Encantadia Stars Where Are They Now Juan Republic

The story unfolds in Lireo, the kingdom where Ynang Reyna (Queen Mother) Minea lives with her daughters Amihan, Alena, Danaya, and Pirena. The four Sangg'res are tasked to be the new keepers of the brilliantes. Their skills in war and their powers as the royalty of the diwatas are believed to be the strength of Lireo. As long as the gemstones are kept properly, the balance of nature in Encantadia remains. But this story tells viewers that powers can also break precious relationships as Pirena had plotted the downfall of her own sister Amihan, who won the competition for the Lirean crown, and the other Sangg'res Danaya and Alena took Amihan's side.This resulted into the War of the four Gems

With this situation, Lira, the long lost daughter of Amihan returned to Encantadia and tried to fulfill her mission of mending the broken relationships of the strong-willed gemstone keepers.


The world of Encantadia was created when the three major bathaluman (deities) Arde, his brother Emre and Ether were cast out of the heavens (not to be mistaken for the "heaven" of Judeo-Christian canon) for remaining neutral during the first civil war.

They arrived in a strange, uninhabited land and claimed it for themselves. The three bathaluman decided to name the new world Encantadia.

Working together, the three deities transformed the barren land into a paradise, populating it with both offspring and creations like the many creatures that inhabit the Encantadian wilds to ease the pain of their exile.

Relations between the three masters of Encantadia were genial at first and the beings of Encantadia lived in harmony and unity devoid of malice, until Ether and Arde fell in love. Enraged at the two for succumbing to their baser instincts and violating the terms of their exile, Emre cursed them by turning Ether into a giant snake. Arde was banished to limbo, transformed into a dragon tasked to forever safeguard the boundaries between the world of the living and Devas, the world of the dead. Emre likewise left Encantadia, leaving Ether to fend for herself.

Abandoned and cursed, Ether raged for many days. Because of her horrific and feral form, most of the citizens of Encantadia grew to fear Ether and shunned her. Others, in awe of her new power and pity of her plight, came to worship the bathaluman, who in turn granted them her power and protection. They became the first citizens of Etheria.

With the creation of Etheria, other kingdoms were soon established, namely Sapiro, Adamya and Hathoria. Lireo as a separate, sovereign nation would not be established until after Etheria's fall several centuries later.

The fictional world of Encantadia

  • Sapiro - A kingdom in the north of Encantadia; protector of the gemstone of earth.
  • Adamya - A territory in the south of Encantadia; protector of the gemstone of water.
  • Hathoria - A kingdom in the west of Encantadia; protector of the gemstone of fire.
  • Lireo - A kingdom in the east of Encantadia and is home to the royal blood diwatas; protector of the gemstone of air.
  • Main characters

    The story revolves around the four Sang'gres of Lireo, the center of worship in Encantadia - Pirena, Amihan, Alena, and Danaya.

    The Sang'gre's of Lireo

    Sang'gre means royal blood in Enchanta, the language used in fictional world of Encantadia. Here are the list of Sang'gre's of Lireo:

  • Ynang Reyna Minea (Dawn Zulueta) is a queen of the Diwata kingdom of Lireo, and the mother of main characters Pirena, Amihan, Alena, and Danaya.
  • Pirena (Sunshine Dizon) the keeper of the Jewel of Fire. She is the smartest and most skillful among the Sang'gres. Outwardly cold, Pirena is consumed by the belief that she can rule Lireo much better than Minea. Impulsive and willful, Pirena will get what she wants. She is the most ambitious, scheming, manipulative, envious and selfish among the siblings. Because they share so many of the same personality traits, she always ends up quarrelling with the youngest of the brood, Danaya. Pirena was gifted with the power to create and control fire which is only boosted by the Jewel of Fire. Aside from that, she can also Shapeshift and take the form of any humanoid that she wishes.
  • Amihan (Iza Calzado) the second among the four daughters of Ynang Reyna Minea, is the keeper of the Jewel of Air and the mother of Lira whom she had with Ybarro, also known as Prince Ybrahim, the heir to the fallen kingdom of Sapiro. Amihan is the mother-figure among the Sang'gres. She is also the most skillful warrior among her siblings as she was mentored and influenced by Raquim,her father. Like her mother Mine-a, she has a soft heart for those she loves, especially her family. This quality of hers has often been abused by others, especially Pirena. She is regal and majestic, often exhibiting a queenly aura of power and nobility. Amihan possesses the power to control and manipulate air, the Jewel of Air has boosted this ability of hers. Due to her elemental power, Amihan is also able to fly.
  • Alena (Karylle) is the third among the four daughters of Queen Mine-a and the keeper of the Jewel of Water. She is by nature a kind-hearted person and is the most romantic among the four sisters. Alena is also the lover of Ybarro and mother of Kahlil. Alena has the ability to control waters which is strengthened by the Jewel of Water but she is more keen to use the power of her voice. It has been said that she possesses a voice that can put people in a trance or even kill.
  • Danaya (Diana Zubiri) is the fourth and youngest daughter of Ynang Reyna Minea, is the keeper of the Jewel of Earth. Danaya is the fearless and most lawful one among the Sang'gres. She is a feisty and cunning fighter whose loyalty to the throne and laws of Lireo is absolute. Because of her relative youth, she is prone to mischief and petty arguments (especially with her niece Lira), but always has her heart (and mind) in the right place. Receives the care and affection of Aquil, General of the Lireo Military. Danaya has the ability to control earth but more in the form of its flora, though she is seen using both. Aside from this, she also has the power to shapeshift into any animal she wishes.
  • Lira/Milagros (Jennylyn Mercado) is the only daughter and sole heiress apparent to Amihan, who became Queen of Lireo and her father was King Ybrahim of Sapiro. She was hailed by her grandmother former queen Minea as Encantadia's luntiae or savior. The culture in Encantadia is ancient and Lira, although an Encantadian herself, was raised in the modern human world. She sometimes speaks Taglish, which puzzled many Encantandians because they barely understand it. She is also the mother of Cassandra. Her Ashti(Aunt) Danaya gave her the blessing of protection from Pirena whilst her Ashti(Aunt) Alena gave her the blessing of a beautiful voice.
  • Mira (Yasmien Kurdi) is the sole daughter of Pirena from an unknown father. She was the infant her mother switched from Amihan's true heir, Lira. Because of this, Mira grew up and was known as Lira and was deemed as the future heiress apparent to Queen Amihan. She took pride of these perquisites and had always exuded an ambitious and pompous stance. She grew up armed with brilliance as a warrior and a swordsman true to any Sang’gre. She was a keen follower of Lireo's laws and exhibited zealotry for her kind.
  • Jake Cuenca as Sang'gre Kahlil
  • Main cast

  • Sunshine Dizon as Pirena
  • Iza Calzado as Amihan
  • Karylle as Alena
  • Diana Zubiri as Danaya
  • Dingdong Dantes as Ybarro/Ybrahim
  • Jennylyn Mercado as Lira/Milagros
  • Yasmien Kurdi as Mira
  • Mark Herras as Anthony
  • Supporting cast

  • Pen Medina as Hagorn
  • Alfred Vargas as Aquil
  • Polo Ravales as Hitano
  • Cindy Kurleto as Cassiopea
  • Girlie Sevilla as Gurna
  • Bobby Andrews as Asval
  • Arthur Solinap as Muros
  • Leila Kuzma as Agane
  • Marky Lopez as Wantuk
  • Michael Roy Jornales as Apek
  • Extended cast

  • Nancy Castiglione as Muyak
  • Benjie Paras as Wahid
  • John Regala as Apitong
  • Brad Turvey as Axilom
  • Gerard Pizzaras as Bandok
  • Juliana Palermo as Lavanea
  • Diane Sison as Mayne
  • Romnick Sarmenta as Avilan
  • Jey Gumiran as Cleu
  • Antonio Aquitania as Alipato
  • Sunshine Garcia as Agua
  • Margaret Wilson as Aera
  • Cheska Garcia as Aure
  • Lloyd Barredo as Abog
  • Pinky Amador as Carmen
  • Irma Adlawan as Amanda
  • Jay Aquitania as Banjo
  • Gayle Valencia as Dinna
  • Ehra Madrigal as Gigi
  • Vangie Labalan as Manang Rosing
  • Dino Guevarra as Carlos
  • Juan Carlo Dizon as Chao
  • Denise Laurel as Marge
  • Allan Paule as Dado
  • CJ Ramos as Bono
  • Nicola Sermonia as Young Pirena
  • Kristine Mangle as Young Amihan
  • Abigael Arazo as Young Alena
  • Julianne Gomez as Young Danaya
  • Dominic Gacad as Young Apitong
  • Phytos Ramirez as Young Anthony
  • Special participation

  • Dawn Zulueta as Ynang Reyna Minea
  • Richard Gomez as Raquim
  • Ian Veneracion as Armeo
  • Al Tantay as Arvak
  • Production

    The series was created by GMA Network, the same network that produced the Fantasy-themed series Mulawin and Darna. It was directed by Mark Reyes and Gil Tejada, Jr., and written by Suzette Doctolero.

    The series was originally intended as GMA Films' entry to the 2004 Metro Manila Film Festival but they later decided to make Encantadia a daily fantasy soap opera.

    According to Mark Reyes, the sets of Encantadia are located in various places in the Philippines. The Adamya set is located at Calatagan, Batangas. The cave set of Hathoria is located at the Kalinawan Cave in Tanay, Rizal. Lireo's forest is located at Daranak Falls and Batlag Falls in Rizal. A 1,900 square meter warehouse in Pasig serves as an indoor set with an improvised pond. This warehouse is also a setting change for Lireo, Sapiro, Hera Andal, Hera Sensa and others. The Sapiro set is located inside the historic walled city of Intramuros (Old Manila) in the heart of Manila.


    On May 2, 2005, based on AGB Nielsen Philippines, Encantadia's pilot episode was received by a huge 45.9% rating in Mega Manila and peaked with a 51.7% rating after its highly successful run. It is considered as GMA's most successful local show to date.


    On November 2005, Mister Donut in the Philippines offered free pillows with pictures of Pirena, Amihan, Alena and Danaya after purchasing a dozen doughnuts. An Encantadia board game is being sold in various bookstores in the Philippines. Other merchandise such as coin banks, notebooks, etc. are also being sold.

    Home media

    On March 4, 2008, GMA Records released all the episodes of Encantadia on DVD. The 160 episodes are divided into 12 volumes of DVDs.


    Encantadia was rebooted in 2016 on GMA. In the remake, it has been confirmed that Marian Rivera will play the role of Ynang Reyna, which was previously played by Dawn Zulueta.

    On April 4, 2016, the four new sang'gres of Encantadia were revealed live on 24 Oras. Amihan, the keeper of the wind gem, originally played by Iza Calzado, portrayed by Kylie Padilla. Gabbi Garcia takes on the role of Alena, the keeper of the water gem, who was originally played by Karylle. Newcomer Sanya Lopez is Danaya, the youngest of the sisters and the keeper of the earth gem, played by Diana Zubiri in the original series. Glaiza de Castro is the keeper of the gem of fire, Pirena, originally played by Sunshine Dizon. Other cast members also appeared after the announcement.


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