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Name  Emelie Forsberg
Emelie Forsberg Emelie Forsberg The receipt
Born  December 11, 1986 (age 29) (1986-12-11)

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Emelie Tina Forsberg (born December 11, 1986) is a Swedish athlete specialized in Trail running (Skyrunning, Mountain running) and Ski mountaineering. She has won repeated victories in different disciplines, including European and World Championships.


Emelie Forsberg How Emelie Forsberg Became a World Class Trail Runner in 3

Said of Forsberg: "Known for her incredible strength, endurance and break neck downhill running, she has also become an inspiration to men and ladies all over the world by her infectious passion and love of life which she daily shares via social media. No matter how hard the race, no matter how tough the conditions are, no matter how bad she is feeling, Emelie is guaranteed to provide a smile."

Emelie Forsberg Emelie Forsberg in the Dolomites Markus Berger

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Childhood and youth

Emelie Forsberg Emelie Forsberg Blog

Emelie Forsberg grew up in the small village Noraström in Kramfors Municipality, some 40 km (25 mi) north of Härnösand on Sweden's High Coast. Her father died when she was new-born and according to Forsberg her mother had a tough time combining work, studies and taking care of her two daughters. Orienteering, trekking, climbing, skiing, foraging for mushrooms and berries were an integral part of her life since she was very young.

Emelie Forsberg Emilie Forsberg Ski Mountaineer And Skyrunning Sensation

In a 2017 public lecture Forsberg stated that between 15 and 20 years of age she defined herself as a climber. She moved to the Swedish mountains at age 18 and worked as a waitress in the Storulvån Mountain Lodge in the Åre Ski Area, where she convinced her boss to send her to a baking course. While living in Storulvån Forsberg ran in the mountains in her spare time for love of nature, for the fun of it and as a means of transportation.

Early career

Emelie Forsberg Talking Suunto amp Photoshoots with Emelie Forsberg RunTramp

Forsberg's first serious trail race was the Swedish Fjällmaraton in 2009. She had borrowed a backpack from a friend and brought a chokolate mud cake that she had baked. Before the last big ascent she stopped for 20 minutes and ate the cake, got new energy and won the race. Two years later she was back, did not stop to eat en route and improved her time by 30 minutes. In 2014 when an established world class runner Forsberg was back again, improved her time by another 30 minutes and set a new course record.

In 2011 Forsberg worked at the Turtagrø Hotel in Hurrungane on the outskirts of Jotunheimen National Park in Norway. In May 2012 she was invited to run in an international trail event, Zegama-Aizkorri Mendi Maratoia, where she finished in 3rd place. Her following trail event in July 2012, the Dolomites Skyrace, she won. Says Forsberg: "It was insane. It was cool to realize that what I had been doing in my solitude in the Swedish mountains was a big sport in the Alps". Forsberg moved from Storulvån to Tromsø in Norway, in order to study at the University of Tromsø, and run in the mountains there.

Prior to late 2012 Forsberg had no serious competition experience in ski mountaineering. Her first race was in Chamonix on December 9 where she placed third. Forsberg: "I was just back form The North Face 50 mile race in San Francisco and had maybe 3 days of skiing on a pair of Kilians old skis and said yes to join the race. Yeay! Oh man it was so fun! I didn´t really understod how the binding worked (I was a telemarker and a x country skier!)so I lost my skis in the uphill, I lost my skins and so many more small mistakes. But I enjoyed it, I had fun and I pushed hard." In late December she placed second in a Swedish race in Åre after losing her ski skins and running one out of eight laps on foot. Shortly after, in January 2013, she won the Norwegian Championship by seven minutes over her closest rival, upon which she embarked on another round of skiing so that she was not available for interviews after her victory. She followed up with Alpiniski later in the same month. In early February she became French champion in the vertical event and a week later won bronze medals in the sprint and vertical events at the World Championships.

Professional career

In the Skyrunning World Series Forsberg has been especially successful in the Ultra Series where she won every race in 2013-2015 except for the 2014 Trofeo KIMA where she took a wrong turn when four hours into the race and half an hour below the course record time; she descended 500 metres (1,600 feet) and had to ascend again, losing one hour, then worked her way back up the field to 2nd position. Apart from her favored ultra distance Forsberg runs races varying from the vertical kilometer to 100 miles (160 kilometres), usually finishing in the top five when not winning, and often competing on consecutive days or three days in a row, as in the 2015 the Rut where she ran the vertical kilometer on Friday, the Sky 25 km (16 mi) distance on Saturday and finishing off with the Ultra 50 km (31 mi) distance on Sunday, comfortably winning and setting a new course record.

Forsberg runs 10 km in 36 minutes. She is also a strong uphill runner as witnessed by her results in vertical kilometer races. But her real strength is downhill running where she constantly outruns her competitors and sets new records. Says Forsberg: "I’m so comfortable in that terrain so it doesn’t feel fast at all. Training helps and also I think it makes a lot of difference that I have always just played outside running on trails, rocks etc." Forsberg claims that she has only fallen twice while running, once during the 2014 Transvulcania race where she fell running uphill after being pushed from behind and sustained a hand and arm injury that required immediate medical care, once on a road when running with her boyfriend.

In ski mountaineering Forsberg's greatest achievement is in her own opinion winning the biennial Trofeo Mezzalama in 2015 with team mates Axelle Mollaret and Jennifer Fiechter, barely three minutes ahead of world champions Laëtitia Roux, Mireia Miró Varela and Séverine Pont-Combe and a full hour and a half ahead of the bronze laureats. Said Forsberg a few days later: "I almost feel like I could finish my career." As in Skyrunning she competes in all ski mountaineering distances, as well as team events. She is also able to transition fast from winter to summer events and vice versa; one week after winning the 2015 Trofeo Mezzalama race on skis she won the 73 km (45 mi) Transvulcania by half an hour for her first Skyrunner World Series win of the season. Forsberg herself keeps a low profile; in a 2013 interview she answered the question "What are your strengths in ski mountaineering?" thus: "Hmm. I don't have any direct strengths. I'm a bit mediocre both uphill and downhill, I'd say."

Forsberg is a member of the Salomon team that she joined in 2012, and is actively involved in the company's product development for trail running. In 2014 Forsberg and Kilian Jornet initiated and organized the first edition of the Tromsø Skyrace in Tromsø, Norway, part of the Skyrunner® World series from 2015. Forsberg does not have a trainer. Says Forsberg: "I like best to control everything myself. Moreover, there is no coach who thinks it is a good approach to compete in two seasons. So I go on my own."

ACL surgery

During the 2016 European Championships of Ski Mountaineering Forsberg broke her cruciate ligament on February 5 after a fellow competitor ran over her skis from behind. She had to abandon a season that had started better than ever, with Forsberg leading the International Ski Mountaineering Federation's World Cup Individual discipline. Prior to this serious injury Forsberg claimed that she had only been injured once (in the Transvulcania incident where she was pushed from behind running uphill), which she credits to taking good care of herself. Forsberg: "And also my love for pastries!". The ACL recovery process has been the subject of many Facebook and blog postings on Forsberg's part, including both rehab training and philosophy. Forsberg: "I think it's important to recognize hopelessness sometimes, but only for a short period of time, so it is important to seize the little hope that is there."

After her ACL surgery in early February 2016 Forsberg made her comeback in mid-June with three local Norwegian races where she ran uphill and walked downhill. On July 23 Forsberg won the Kendall Mountain run in Colorado and on August 5 the Blåmann Vertical in Tromsø, Norway, that is part of the Skyrunner World Series. On August 28 Forsberg was back on the top international skyrunning scene after winning the biennial Trofeo KIMA on her third attempt; in 2012 and 2014 she finished 2nd.

Two weeks after the skiing accident Forsberg started to practise yoga as one path to recovery. In August 2016 she announced in an interview: "I now go to India to do a course of 200 hours to become a teacher of Yoga. I think it will be something intense."


In April 2017 Forsberg announced that she and Kilian Jornet would attempt to climb Cho Oyu, an Himalayan peak of 8,188 meters, with a light and fast style spending only two weeks away from home. As preparation the pair slept for two weeks in an altitude tent simulating an altitude of 5,500 to 6,000 meters, and trained for a week at 4,000 meters in the Alps. After 10 days at base camp a summit attempt was made but Forsberg turned around at 7,700 meters due to worsening weather. Jornet continued but is not sure whether he reached the summit since visibility was near zero. She then returned directly to Europe to start the skyrunning season while Jornet stayed to make an attempt on Mount Everest. After her first race Forsberg commented on social media: "... it was still emotional from being awake the whole night waiting for Kilians message saying he was down. Well, cheers to the start of the season, from now it can only be better!"


Forsberg has competed for the following teams and clubs:

  • Turtagrø Turlag, Norway, 2009 (a mountain lodge where Forsberg worked)
  • STF Kebnekaise, Sweden, 2010 (a mountain lodge where Forsberg worked)
  • IKSU, Sweden, 2010 (a general sports club at the University of Umeå)
  • Dynafit, 2011 (a team sponsored by a sports equipment manufacturer)
  • Fjällframfart SK, Sweden, 2012 - (a sports club for alpine sports affiliated with the Swedish Climbing Federation)
  • Salomon, 2012 - (a team sponsored by a sports equipment manufacturer)
  • Öbacka LK, 2016 - (a local running club close to where Forsberg was born)
  • Måndalen IL, 2016 - (a local club where Forsberg lives)
  • Swedish National Team - Ski mountaineering, 2013 - (selected by the Swedish Climbing Federation)
  • Swedish National Team - Ultratrail, 2016 - (selected by the Swedish Athletics Association)
  • Motivation and values

    Forsberg in 2016: "I have started to take pride in being a strong athlete, because 2012 I didn’t think at all that I was strong. I just did what I loved and I happened to be good at it. For me now it’s important to know that I can improve, have the motivation for it, and make a plan of how to get my athletic goal fulfilled. Now I also know how hard it is to be a professional athlete, you need to be motivated and never give up!" "Racing has only been a part of my life since four years, but nature and my passion for being outside– running/skiing/climbing/picking berries/walking/having a picnic/ gardening/farming–has always been there and I would not let anything take away my passion for that. That’s who I am… That is who I define myself as. I don’t define myself as a racer or competitor. But yes, I love winning, of course, it’s big, but at the same time it doesn’t matter at all."

    In 2015 Forsberg wrote a blog entitled "Relationship mind, body and soul" that was widely cited in media for its balanced approach to food and weight in competitive running. Forsberg's concluding remark: "Love your hips, breasts, butt and belly. The fat keeps you warm. And healthy." Forsberg says that she follows no restricted diet and takes no food supplements. Forsberg: "I believe everything is good for you in small amount and as natural as possible."

    Forsberg is a vegetarian and is fond of gardening. In the garden plot of the house on the outskirts of the valley in Chamonix that Forsberg shared with her boyfriend Kilian Jornet she cultivated green beans, pumpkin, squash, radish, beetroot, various salads, broccoli, cauliflower, and some herbs. Forsberg "It's a dream I've had a long time, to be half self-sufficient and I think about the ecological impact. Thanks to my lifestyle as it looks now, I can give it priority." On the small farm in Måndalen the opportunities for gardening are even better and Forsberg has expanded her ambitions in this area. She also devotes a separate Instagram account to the subject: "Måndalen Country living" (see External links below].

    Personal life

    In February 2016 Forsberg and Kilian Jornet bought a house in Måndalen in the Norwegian county Møre og Romsdal. Prior to that the couple lived in a remodelled old mill in the hamlet Montroc outside of Chamonix in France. Both make a living from skyrunning and ski mountaineering.

    Forsberg started studies to become a forester in 2005 but decided that the curriculum was not what she had anticipated. Four years later she instead started to study for a Masters degree in biology at University of Umeå in Sweden and University of Tromsø in Norway. Her Masters deposition is on hold while she concentrates on training and racing professionally. At the University of Umeå Forsberg participated in the school's program for elite athletes, designed to facilitate academic studies in parallel with intensive training and competition. She loves to bake and eat buns after working a while as a baker. At times her recipes appear on her blog under the heading Recipes from a mountain lover. Forsberg is very active on social media and has over 130 000 followers on Facebook (May 2017).

    On 7 September 2013 Forsberg and Kílian Jornet were rescued by the PGHM (Peloton de Gendarmerie de Haute Montagne) on the Frendo spur of the North Face of Aiguille du Midi in the Mont Blanc massif close to Chamonix, France, in degenerating weather and with inadequate equipment for the situation. Both were extremely apologetic afterwards.

    Forsberg's sister Evy Tess Therese Forsberg is an accomplished sportswoman who has competed on the Scotland women's national rugby sevens team and become European Weightlifting Champion.


    The following list includes Forsberg's results in skyrunning. Some of the early events are not skyrunning, but rather traditional trail runs. These are included for the sake of completeness.

    Some races are denoted as VK and others as vertical km; in both cases it means that runners go up a steep hill with 1,000 metres (3,300 feet) vertical elevation difference between start and finish.


  • 1st, Fjällmaraton 44 km (27 mi), Sweden
  • 2010

  • 1st, Björkliden Arctic Mountain Marathon (BAMM) 70 km (43 mi), Sweden, over two days, with Linda Berg
  • 47th, Lidingöloppet 30 km (19 mi), Sweden
  • 3rd, Molden Opp, VK, Norway
  • 2011

  • 1st, Fjällmaraton 44 km (27 mi), Sweden (2nd victory)
  • 1st, Salomon Trail Tour Åre 10.9 km (6.8 mi), Sweden
  • 1st, Björkliden Arctic Mountain Marathon (BAMM), Sweden, 70 km (43 mi) over two days, with Linda Berg (2nd straight victory)
  • 2nd, Besseggløpet 14 km (8.7 mi), Norway
  • 1st, Drakloppet 10 km (6.2 mi), Sweden
  • 17th, Lidingöloppet 30 km (19 mi), Sweden
  • 2012

  • Winner of the World Championship in the Skyrunner® World Series
  • Winner of Salomon Trail Tour Sweden (2nd straight victory)
  • 1st, Salomon Trail Tour Kristianstad 21 km (13 mi), Kristianstad, Sweden
  • 1st, KolmårdsTrailen 21 km (13 mi), Sweden
  • 1st, Skatås Ryggar 21 km (13 mi), Sweden
  • 1st, Salomon Trail Tour Sälen 21 km (13 mi), Sweden
  • 3rd, Salomon Trail Tour Spring Cross 12 km (7.5 mi), Sweden
  • 2nd, Yorkshire Three Peaks Race 37 km (23 mi), UK
  • 3rd, Zegama-Aizkorri Mendi Maratoia 42 km (26 mi), Spain
  • 1st, Kilian's Classik 45 km (28 mi), France
  • 1st, Dolomites SkyRace 22 km (14 mi), Italy (new record)
  • 5th, Giir di Mont 35 km (22 mi), Italy
  • 1st, Pikes Peak Marathon 42 km (26 mi), Colorado, USA (new downhill record)
  • 2nd, Trofeo KIMA 52 km (32 mi), Italy
  • 3rd, Cavalls del Vent 82 km (51 mi), Spain (later renamed Ultra Pirineu)
  • 1st, 26th Mt. Kinabalu Climbathon 33 km (21 mi), Borneo, Malaysia
  • 2nd, Grand Trail des Templiers 73 km (45 mi), France
  • 1st, The North Face Endurance Challenge 50 mi (80 km), San Francisco, USA
  • 2013

  • Winner of the World Cup in the ultra skyrace series
  • European Champion in skyrunning (Dolomites SkyRace)
  • European Champion in ultra distance skyrunning (Trans D'Havet)
  • 2nd, World cup of skyrunning
  • 1st, Salomon Trail Tour Sälen 21 km (13 mi), Sweden (2nd straight victory)
  • 1st, Drakloppet 10 km (6.2 mi), Sweden (2nd victory)
  • 1st, Transgrancanaria marathon 42 km (26 mi), Spain
  • 1st, Transvulcania 73 km (45 mi), Spain
  • 2nd, European Championship in Vertical km (Dolomites Vertical Kilometer)
  • 1st, Zegama-Aizkorri Mendi Maratoia 42 km (26 mi), Spain
  • 2nd, Marathon du Mont Blanc 42 km (26 mi), France
  • 1st, Ice Trail Tarentaise 65 km (40 mi), France (new course record)
  • 1st, Dolomites SkyRace 22 km (14 mi), Italy (2nd victory, also 2013 European Championship in skyrunning distance skyrunning)
  • 1st, Trans D'Havet 80 km (50 mi), Italy (also 2013 European Championship in ultra distance skyrunning)
  • 1st, Matterhorn Ultraks 46 km (29 mi), Switzerland
  • 1st, UROC 100 km (62 mi), Colorado, USA
  • 3rd, Limone Extreme 23.5 km (14.6 mi) Italy
  • 2nd, Grand Raid de la Réunion (aka La diagonale des fous) 100 mi (160 km), Réunion, France
  • 3rd, The North Face Endurance Challenge 50 mi (80 km), San Francisco, USA
  • 1st, Eideløpene VK, Norway
  • 2014

  • Winner of the Skyrunning World Series Ultra distance (2nd straight victory)
  • World Champion in ultra distance skyrunning (Mont-Blanc 80K race)
  • 2nd, Grimpée du Semnoz 16.5 km (10.3 mi), France
  • 4th, Zegama-Aizkorri Mendi Maratoia 42 km (26 mi), Spain
  • 1st, Mont-Blanc 80 km (84 km in 2014), France (also 2014 World Championship in ultra distance skyrunning)
  • 1st, Resegup Skyrace 22 km (14 mi), Italy
  • 1st, Run Richmond Park 10 km (6.2 mi), London, UK (not a skyrunning race)
  • 1st, Ice Trail Tarantaise 65 km (40 mi), France (2nd victory)
  • 2nd, Dolomites SkyRace 22 km (14 mi), Italy
  • 1st, Giir di Mont 35 km (22 mi), Italy
  • 5th, Matterhorn Ultraks 46 km (29 mi), Switzerland
  • 1st, Fjällmaraton 44 km (27 mi), Sweden (3rd victory, new course record)
  • 1st, Ottfjället upp 7 km (4.3 mi), Sweden (new course record)
  • 2nd, Trofeo Kima 52 km (32 mi), Italy
  • 1st, The Rut 50K, 50 km Montana, USA
  • 16th, Limone Extreme 23.5 km (14.6 mi), Italy
  • 2nd, Chandolin 2 x VK, Switzerland
  • 2015

  • Winner of the World Cup in the ultra skyrace series (3rd straight victory, participated in 5 ultra series races; won all)
  • European Champion in ultra distance skyrunning (Ice Trail Tarentaise)
  • 3rd, Transvulcania Vertical km, Spain
  • 1st, Transvulcania 73 km (45 mi), Spain (2nd victory)
  • 4th, Zegama-Aizkorri Mendi Maratoia 42 km (26 mi), Spain
  • 1st, Verticale du Môle Vertical km, France
  • 1st, Samoëns Trail Tour Verticale du Criou Vertical km, France
  • 1st, Samoëns Trail Tour Trail Découverte 18 km (11 mi), France
  • 8th, Mont-Blanc Vertical KM
  • 2nd, Mont Blanc 10 km, France
  • 1st, Mount Marathon Race 5 km (3.1 mi), 921 metres (3,022 feet) vertical return, Alaska, USA (new upphill, downhill and total records)
  • 9th, Face de Bellevarde Vertical km, France
  • 1st, Ice Trail Tarentaise 65 km (40 mi), France (3rd straight victory, also 2015 European Championship, Ultra skyrunning)
  • 14th, Dolomites SkyRace Vertical km, Italy
  • 4th, Dolomites SkyRace 22 km (14 mi), Italy
  • 1st, Blåmann Vertical km, Norway
  • 1st, Tromsø Skyrace 45 km (28 mi), Norway
  • 1st, Glen Coe Skyline 53 km (33 mi), Scotland (2nd overall)
  • 4th, The Rut - Lone Peak Vertical km, Big Sky Resort, Montana, USA
  • 5th, The Rut - 25 km (16 mi), Big Sky Resort, Montana, USA
  • 1st, The Rut - 50 km (31 mi), Big Sky Resort, Montana, USA (2nd straight victory, new course record after racing three days in a row)
  • 1st, Ultra Pirineu 110 km (68 mi), Bagà, Spain
  • 2nd, Altitrail de Chalin 12 km and 2,365 m (7,759 ft) vertical, Switzerland
  • 2016

  • 8th, Dalsnibba Run (Norwegian: Nibbeløpet) 21 km (13 mi), Norway (first competitive event after ACL surgery in February)
  • 3rd, Lomseggen Upp Vertical km, Norway
  • 7th, Besseggløpet 14 km (8.7 mi), Norway
  • 1st, Kendall Mountain Run 19 km (12 mi), Colorado, USA
  • 1st, Blåmann Vertical km, Norway (2nd straight victory)
  • 2nd, Stranda Fjord Trail Race 33 km (21 mi), Norway
  • 1st, Trofeo KIMA 52 km (32 mi), Italy
  • 1st, Trail de l'Arclusaz 26.7 km (16.6 mi), France
  • 2017

  • 1st, Åndalsnesløpet 5 km (3.1 mi), Norway
  • 6th, Zegama-Aizkorri VK, Spain
  • 8th, Zegama-Aizkorri Mendi Maratoia 42 km (26 mi), Spain
  • 2nd, Dalsnibba Run (Norwegian: Nibbeløpet) 21 km (13 mi), Norway
  • 1st, Mefjellet Opp, Vertical km, Norway
  • 1st, Salomon 27K 27 km (17 mi), Sweden
  • 2nd, Blåmann Vertical km, Norway
  • 1st, Klauva Opp, Vertical km, Norway (course record)
  • 4th, Skåla Opp, 1.8 vertical km, Norway
  • 2nd Ultra-Trail Orsières - Champex - Chamonix (OCC) 56 km (35 mi), France
  • 3rd Salomon Mamores VK, Scotland
  • 1st Glen Coe Skyline 55 km (34 mi), Scotland (new course record)
  • Ski mountaineering

    The following list includes Forsberg's results in ISMF ski mountaineering races.

    Fastest Known Time (FKT)

  • Grand Teton, Wyoming, USA, Women's FKT up and down, 3h51m, August 11, 2012
  • Mont Blanc, France, Women's FKT up and down, 8h10m, 2013
  • Matterhorn, Italy, Women's FKT up and down, 5h52m, 2013
  • Kebnekaise, Sweden, Women's FKT up and down, 2h00m40s, 7 July 2014. Until 5 August 2014 this was also the Allround FKT.
  • References

    Emelie Forsberg Wikipedia

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