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Country  India
District  Pathanamthitta
PIN  689625
Elevation  46 m
Population  32,399 (2001)
Area code  0468
State  Kerala
Time zone  IST (UTC+5:30)
Telephone code  0468
Literacy  94.7%
Local time  Wednesday 2:30 PM
Nearest city  Thiruvananthapuram
Weather  27°C, Wind SW at 10 km/h, 91% Humidity

Elavumthitta ഇലവുംതിട്ട (also Elavinthitta, Elavanthitta) is a small village in Pathanamthitta district of Kerala, India. The majority of its inhabitants are from Hindu and Christian backgrounds. The primary crops are rubber, coconut, black pepper and plantain. The terrain is hilly with plenty of paddy fields in between. It is the commercial centre of Mezhuveli and Chenneerkara panchayaths.


Map of Elavumthitta, Kerala


The average height of Elavumthitta is 150 feet (46 m) above mean sea level. The low lying water shed paddy fields around Elavumthitta is 100 feet (30 m) above mean sea level. There is a peak called Namakuzhy, 387 feet (118 m) above mean sea level 2 km. north of Elavumthitta. This peak can be considered as the highest spot in the area. There is a legend about this peak that the pandavas in exile visited this place and stayed here for a short while. There were giant size foot marks imprinted on rocks scattered above the hill believed to be of Bhima the mighty bare hand warrior of Mahabharat epic. And also there was a pit on the rock with perennial source of water; signs reinforcing the local beliefs.

Elavumthitta is the catchment area of two major rivers, the Sacred Pampa and Achankovil. The abundant rainfall in the region supplements these two rivers for keeping the river not drying in summer season, and in return the two rivers keep this region abundant in ground water and save Elavumthitta from droughts. Almost every house got open wells for its water requirement. People of Elavumthitta never experienced a drought or flood situation in their life. Pamba river is in the north, 8 km away and Elavumthitta is in a much higher elevation; hence there is no flood in this region. The same thing is with Achankovil river, which is 5 km away in the western side of Elavumthitta. Elavumthitta was abundant in Streams and lush green paddy fields. There was a time; one could stand on a higher spot and enjoy the sight of endless coconut tree tops spreading its leaves and swaying in gentle breeze, a very pleasant sight indeed.


Elavumthitta does not have its own rain gauge, but the area is in the close proximity of Pathanamthitta, which is 11 km. away and has a Rain gauge. The rain fall data for the past few years is given below in mm .

Sources (1) Agricultural Statics - (Website Panchayat levell statics-2011; Pathanamthitta District) (2) India Metrological Department

The average annual rainfall is calculated from the above data which comes to 2700 mm

History and Culture

Elavumthitta Market clebrated its centenary year in 2009. In the year of 1909 Mooloor S Padmanabha Panicker Who was a member of 'Sreemoolam Prajasabha' had established the Elavumthitta market in the 2 acres (8,100 m2) of land near the Elavumthitta Junction. He named the market as "Sreemoolam Rajagopalavilasam".[1]

Aswathy Festival

The most important annual festival for the people of Elavumthitta is the Celebration of Aswathy in the Malayalam month of meenam. No doubt Onam is the biggest festival of every Keralite, but this Asawathy celebration is exclusively for the People of Elavumthitta. Every child in Elavumthitta will be waiting for this occasion; the tips he gets now and then- let the sum may be a meager one- is kept as his secret treasure; reserved for this great day. He has to buy many items. The seasonal crops of cashew is of great help; cashew picked up from here and there is sold and the amount may be a pittance in today's standard, but the thrill of spending it in the aswathy fair is something one will remember till his death.

Cattle market

Elavumthitta market popularly known as Elavumthitta Chantha(ഇലവുംതിട്ട ചന്ത) celebrated its 100th year in September 2009. The Cattle market is open on the 9th and 22nd of every Malayalam month.
There is an important landmark in the middle of Elavumthitta- a huge banyan tree. How old the tree is, nobody knows, eight hundred years or more that is anybody's guess. Some say it is more than that. One thing is certain, that it gave shelter to generations of weary travelers, it witnessed the political changes of Kerala, listening fiery speeches of politicians who make makeshift stage on its platform now and then; unaffected by either political speeches or religious sermons; stand there majestically giving shelter to birds on its long branches with thick green foliage and feeding its seasonal fruits to the needy birds.

First Sivagiri Pilgrimage

With the blessings of Sree Narayana Guru, five young bloods of Elavumthitta started the first ’Sivagiri Theertdhadanam’ in the year 1932. In 1928 January 16 – the decision to start ‘Sivagiri Theerdthadanam’ was approved by Sri Narayana Guru
It was decided to start the first pilgrimage from Elavumthitta. The S N D P unit No.76 of Elavumthitta selected 5 youngsters for the pilgrimage. Those 5 `Manjakkilikal’ were:

  • P.K.Divakara Panicker - Son of Mooloor.S.Padmanabha Panicker
  • P.K.Kesavan - Plavunilkkunnathil
  • P.V.Raghavan - Ayathil Melepurathootu Veetil
  • M.K.Raghavan - Ayathil Edayilekizhakkethil
  • S.Sankunni - Thekkeveetil
  • The team was led by Sri.P.K.Divakara Panicker. This was a historical journey that led to the famous Sivagiri pilgrimage conducted every year. Now thousands of devotees are following their path. The pilgrimage has become an occasion of unity and peace.

    Mooloor S. Padmanābha Panicker

    Mooloor S. Padmanābha Panicker (Sarasa kavi Mooloor) was one of the great poets and a prominent social reform activist from Travancore. He was born at Panayannaarkavu, close to the town of Mannar in Central Travancore in 1869 (Malayalam year Kumbhom 27, 1044 ). He named his residence in Elavumthitta as 'Kerala Varma Soudham' as a mark of respect towards Kerala Varma Valiyakoyi Thampuran who was his close friend.

    Arts and Sports

    People of Elavumthitta had no entertainment in earlier days other than the "ASWATHI MAHOLSVAM" celebrated once in a year. Cinema halls were – you go in any direction- 10 to 20 km away. Convenient bus service to reach the cinema hall in time for the show or to come back from the show were not available then. Still some tough adventurists used to trek all the way to pathanamthitta, pandalam, kozhencherry, or Chengannur where ever the popular pictures were shown, and stealthily come back avoiding getting caught by the elders, in the early hours of the night after watching the movie. Surely the adventurism if found invited the ire of elders and scornful look of neighbors. Those were the days everyone had a right to admonish the young, be it a neighbor or a stranger, the action gets ready approval of the parents.

  • Mooloor Jyothis Arts & Sports Club, Ayathil (Affiliation No. C-001)
  • Azad Arts & Sports Club, Elavumthitta (Affiliation No. C-002)
  • Sariga Arts & Sports Club, Planthottathukala (Affiliation No. C-004)
  • Sangeetha Arts Club, Nediyakala (Affiliation No. C-006)
  • Sahridaya Vedi, Sahridaya Nagar (Affiliation No. C-007)
  • Janasakthi Sports Club, Nediyakala (Affiliation NO. C-008)
  • Suvarna Kala Samskarika Samithi, Ayathil (Affiliation No. C-010)
  • Soorya Arts &Sports Club,Muttathukonam
  • Dr Ambedkar Memorial Aksharakala Samskarika Kendram Poovanmala Junction.
  • Libraries in and around Elavumthitta

  • Dr. Ambedkar Memorial Aksharakala Samskarika Kendram Library.
  • Menon Smaraka Grandhasala,Nediyakala, Mezhuveli
  • Janatha Library and Reading Room, Muttathukonam -

    Educational institutions

  • Sreebuddha College of Engineering for Women
  • Salvation Army L P school, Thumpamon North -
  • This is the first School of Elavumthitta, established in the year 1903. It celebrated its Centenary year in 2003. The land for the school was donated by Sri.Neelakanta Pillai of Alakkatu. Incidentally he was also the first headmaster of the School. The school is located 1 km away from Elavumthitta market on the way side of Ramanchira road.

  • S N Giri S N D P H S S Chenneerkkara -
  • S N D P H S S, Muttathukonam North -
  • CMS high School, Kuzhikkala
  • Padmanabhodayam H S S, Mezhuveli
  • Gangadhara Vilasam L P School, Mezhuveli
  • Teachers Training Institute, Mezhuveli
  • Govt. Model L P School, Mezhuveli North
  • U P School, Mezhuveli North
  • S N Govt. L P School, Kooduvettikkal, Karithotta
  • Govt. Of India Women's I T I, Elavumthitta
  • Sarasakavi mooloor smaraka u p school,Chandanakkunnu
  • Ambedkar English Medium School,konganal buildings, near Melathemukku.
  • Mezhuveli Panchayat I T C
  • CMS U P School, Nallanikunnu
  • Sree buddha central schoolCBSC,Ayathil
  • Temples and Churches in and around Elavumthitta

  • Elavumthitta*Bhagavathy Temple
  • Elavumthitta Malanada
  • Ayathil Malanada
  • Mezhuveli Anandabhootheshawaram Temple
  • Aranmula Sree Parthasarathi Temple
  • Omalloor Raktha Kanda Swamy Temple
  • Pandalam Valiya Koickal Sree Dharma Sastha Temple
  • Kulakkada Sreemahadeva Temple
  • Christ The King Catholic Church Elavinthitta,Punalur Diocese. Established on 4 November 1936.Daily Mas-6.30AM; Sunday at 8.30AM
  • Kuzhikkala Marthoma Church
  • Manjinikkara Church
  • Bethlehem Marthomma Church
  • St. Paul's CSI Church Nallanikunnu
  • Malankara Catholic Church
  • Sehion Mar Thoma Church
  • Thabor Mar Thoma Church Pullamala
  • Jarusalem Mar Thoma Church Ayathil
  • Ebenezer Marthoma Church Chenneerkara
  • Writers / Litterateurs

  • Mooloor S Padmanabha Panicker
  • Kambisseri Karunakaran
  • Demographics

    Elavumthitta is flanked by the area of 4 panchayats. Following data is from the book 'Panchayat level Statistics 2006' published by Department of Economics & Statistics Thiruvananthapuram.

    Elavumthitta is spread in four Panchayats namely Mezhuveli, Chenneerkkara, Kulanada and Elanthoor. The total households in Elavumthitta is 7,988 and population is 32,399. The literacy of Elavumthitta area is 94.70%.

    Dairy farming is common here.


    Elavumthitta Wikipedia

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