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Eagle River (Colorado)

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Progression  Colorado
Length  97 km
Mouth  Colorado River
Bridges  Red Cliff Bridge
Basin size  945 sq mi (2,450 km)
Basin area  2,450 kmĀ²
Country  United States of America
Eagle River (Colorado) wwwcoloradofishingnetimagesfishtailsfteagle3jpg
Main source  Confluence of East Fork and South Fork
River mouth  Confluence with Colorado River 6,122 ft (1,866 m)
Discharge  Average rate: 577 cu ft/s (16.3 m/s)
Sources  South Fork Eagle River, East Fork Eagle River

The Eagle River is a tributary of the Colorado River, approximately 60.5 miles (97.4 km) long, in west central Colorado in the United States.

Map of Eagle River, Colorado, USA

It rises in southeastern Eagle County, at the continental divide, and flows northwest past Gilman, Minturn, Avon. Near Wolcott, it turns west, flowing past Eagle and Gypsum, and joins the Colorado at Dotsero, in western Eagle County.

The Eagle is navigable by typical small river craft upstream to Vail in most years. Its flow ranges from 200 cu ft/s (5.7 m3/s) in late summer of dry years to 7,000 cu ft/s (200 m3/s) during spring runoff.

Acid mine drainage from the abandoned Eagle Mine has entered the river.


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