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Deported (film)

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Director  Robert Siodmak
Music director  Walter Scharf
Country  United States
6.2/10 IMDb

Genre  Crime, Drama
Running time  1h 29m
Screenplay  Robert Buckner
Language  English
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Release date  1950 (1950)
Writer  Robert Buckner (screenplay), Lionel Shapiro (story)
Cast  Märta Torén (Countess Christine di Lorenzi), Jeff Chandler (Vic Smith), Claude Dauphin (Vito Bucelli), Marina Berti (Gina Carapia), Richard Rober (Bernardo Gervaso), Silvio Minciotti (Armando Sparducci)
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Tagline  What Happens to Gangsters When They're...

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Deported is a 1950 American film noir crime film directed by Robert Siodmak starring Märta Torén and Jeff Chandler. about an American gangster sent back to his home country who falls in love with a widowed countess.


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A U.S. gangster (Jeff Chandler) deported back to his native to Italy woos a countess (Märta Torén) in a plot to bring loot into the country.


  • Märta Torén as the Countess di Lorenzi
  • Jeff Chandler as Vittorio Mario Sparducci alias "Vic Smith"
  • Claude Dauphin as Bucelli
  • Marina Berti as Gina
  • Richard Rober as Bemardo Gervaso
  • Silvio Mindotti as Armando Sparducci
  • Carlo Rizzo as Guido Caruso
  • Mimi Aguglia as Teresa Sparducci
  • Adriano Ambrogi as Father Genaro
  • Michael Tor as Ernesto Pampilone
  • Erminio Spalla as Benjamino Barda
  • Dino Nardi as Donadi
  • Guido Celano as Aldo Brescia
  • Tito Vuolo as Postal clerk
  • Production

    The movie was originally called Paradise Lost '49 and was to star Dana Andrews, who had been in Sword in the Desert, also produced by Robert Buckner, Andrews became unavailable and Victor Mature and John Garfield were discussed as possible alternatives.

    Eventually the lead role was assigned to Jeff Chandler after he had impressed Universal Studios with his performance in Sword of the Desert, and his successful loanout to 20th Century Fox for Broken Arrow. "I don't know why I got it," Chandler said of the role, joking that "maybe it's because I'm saving them money."

    Chandler had to secure a three-week leave of absence from Our Miss Brooks on radio to make the film.

    Much of the film was shot in Italy on location in Naples, Siena and Tuscany over five weeks in late 1949. Only two actors were imported from America, Chandler and Märta Torén, with the rest coming from either Italy or France. Filming began early in 1950.

    Chandler's second daughter was born during the making of the film.

    Writer-producer Robert Buckner praised filming on location in Italy. He said Universal had set aside $300,000 in frozen currency to make the film, but he ended up using only $117,000. He said that if Chandler had not been required to return to the US to fulfil a radio commitment, requiring three weeks filming in a studio in Hollywood, another $100,000 could have been saved.

    The movie is said to be based on a famous Italian gangster, Lucky Luciano. Chandler denied this, saying the character he played was a small-time gangster, "and what happens after he lands is quite different from what happened to Luciano. I understand Luciano was really disappointed when our producer, Robert Buckner, mentioned this to him."


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